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Wolf Want

The day before Bella's wedding and Jacob is still missing. Also will include the day of the wedding and more. Jake ends up in Alaska and meets someone who will change his life forever. please review of the sparkle bunneis will eat your twilight books!!!!!!!!! readers dont let the first chapter discourage you... the second is wayyyyyyyy better. and please please please review i really want ti know what other people think of my story!!! Chapter three is finally here its not as long as the second one but at least it is here. story banner

None of the characters belong to me they are all property of Stephenie Meyer.

2. The Wedding

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Bella's POV

I felt a cold hand shake my shoulders. I immediately sat up. Alice was looking at me excitedly, her golden eyes sparkling and said.

“Bella, get up! Today is the day of the wedding".

I sat upright immediately and looked at the clock, 4:30 the green glowing letters of the clock showed. Angrily I pulled the covers over my head and flopped back down on the pillow. Suddenly the quilt flew off my bed and Alice was shoving me toward the closet door.

“Get moving." she said her voice filled with excitement .

Alice shoved a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in my hands and forced me towards the bathroom door. I felt my self being pushed inside and then through the door I heard Alice's voice saying,

"Hurry up and shower, we're going to be late".

"Yeah late at 4:30 in the morning", I grumbled.

After I had showered I pulled my dripping wet hair into a messy pony tail and opened the door. It was as if all of my family was standing there waiting for me. I was attacked by hugs and hand shakes. As I looked up my eyes came in contact with my mother's eyes which were wet with tears, Alice came back ready to take me away.In the kitchen I hastily swallowed a bowl of cereal and flew out to Alice's car the Porsche. I looked longingly ay my truck as we sped down the street and out of sight.

The sky was still dark as we pulled into the Cullen's house and from there I was escorted to Alice's bathroom where beaming faces awaited me.Esme and yes, even Rosalie were there to help out in probably the hardest makeover of there extraordinarily long lives. The large bathroom was soon filled with the scent of hairspray and other products. Hours passed and the cosmetics were flying off the counter at a frantic pace.

Finally it was time to put on the dress.I looked in the mirror and gasped, I looked wonderful. My hair was curled and pinned up on my head, and the dress was a beautiful as the day I first saw it. I looked at the clock, it read 1:35 almost and hour away from the wedding.The hour flew past so fast it felt like it was just thirty seconds later.

The large doors of the Cullen's great room were in front of me and muffled music was flowing slowly through. Suddenly Charlie was by my side and the doors were opening. I almost laughed next to Edward was Emmet looking very solemn holding a bible wearing a black suit.Then I saw a sight that took my breath away, Edward looked stunning. His hair finally flattened and his wonderful crooked smile on his face.

Edward's POV

She looked amazing; I almost forgot to breathe (which would have looked very un-natural). My angel came closer and closer.

Bella's POVHis golden eyes came nearer every step but I still had a long walk.

Edward's POV

I wished she was here next to me instead of traveling at a snail's pace at Charlie's side.

Bella's POV

Finally after what seemed an eternity I reached him looking as glorious as ever. His eyes seemed sad though as if I were already writhing in pain due to vampire transformation. All throughout the ceremony I almost tuned out, all my brain had time for was Edward. I almost jumped when Emmet said till death do you part and smiled. Edward was already technically dead.It seemed like a split second later Edward and I were kissing passionately and the wedding was over.

Edward smiled and said what had struck me as funny.

"Till death do we part? I might just count as dead already."

I walked around to various guests and then saw one person who I hadn't seen in almost a year. Emily scars and all was smiling at me. I walked over to speak with her.

"So how's Sam and the rest of the pack"

"Good except for...." she trailed off looking sad.

"Still no sigh of Jake?" I guessed.

She nodded looking sad and then said,

"I wonder what he's doing now"

Jake's POV

Life could be hard to a giant werewolf lost in Alaska. And yes I am speaking from experience. I was starving a dead rabbit that lay in front of me with a ring of bloody tooth marks around its neck disgusted me rather than providing me with a meal. I would get a ride back to Forks as a human but there was one major problem, no clothes.

The dead rabbit in front of me seemed to be smiling in a grotesque kind of way. I shuddered and looked away, gross. I wasn't about to eat that! But slowly I gave in to my hunger and devoured the rabbit. Just as I had swallowed I regretted my action. Ick that was the single most disgusting thing that I had ever done, besides the time I kissed Bella without her permission. Of course I liked it but it bugged Bella so that was a mistake I would probably never make again. The thought of kissing a leech made me sick. But I was talking about Bells, the girl who had been there for me even when I wasn't allowed to be there for her. My hunger dulled I finally drifted of to sleep.

Sam's POV

The morning of the wedding I woke up early to make sure Emily wasn't going. I know that's going a little too far but I just couldn't let her go on to leech territory. Running to Emily's house as fast as my feet could carry me I finally reached it. I groped for the key and shoved it in the lock. The sky was still inky black like it was the night before. As I opened the door I called out for her.


“She’s not here", a male's voice called out from the darkness.

"Paul is that you?" I asked the bodiless voice.

"Yeah", as that was said a tall form came out of the darkness.

"Why are you here?" I asked."The same reason why you are here", Paul replied.

"To keep her from going out there to its territory"

I rolled my eyes Paul was always trying to make up for the fact that he always causes trouble in the pack with his constant of breaks of rage. I sighed Emily had won and I had lost what a surprise. Then Paul said,

"At least we won’t have to deal with the leeches ever again"

I smiled imagining what life would be like for the pack if they left. I guess I could let it slide this one time. Besides this was the one way of saying goodbye to the menace of the blood suckers once and for all.