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Wolf Want

The day before Bella's wedding and Jacob is still missing. Also will include the day of the wedding and more. Jake ends up in Alaska and meets someone who will change his life forever. please review of the sparkle bunneis will eat your twilight books!!!!!!!!! readers dont let the first chapter discourage you... the second is wayyyyyyyy better. and please please please review i really want ti know what other people think of my story!!! Chapter three is finally here its not as long as the second one but at least it is here. story banner

None of the characters belong to me they are all property of Stephenie Meyer.

3. Suprises

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Jacob’s POV

I ran the sounds of many feet followed. I was confused anyone who wasn’t another werewolf could keep up with me. I had eliminated vampires from my possible list of what could be after me, there was no acid smell burning my nose. I stopped in a small clearing of trees and waited, the trees and bushes around me rustled and I let out a growl. My growl let off abruptly as I saw the thing least expected walked through the trees.

Wolves of assorted colors and sizes walked, teeth barred in to the clearing surrounding me. I could tell just by their size that they weren’t normal wolves. They looked very much like my pack but there was one exception. There was one wolf that towered over the rest, it was almost all black but there were tips of white on its ears. I was shocked, the gargantuan wolf was even larger then Sam.

Two of the wolves walked back in to the trees. When they emerged again I almost died of shock. Both of them were girls. They were carrying a pair of cutoff jeans and a white t-shirt and set it down in front of me without saying a word. I grabbed the clothes in my mouth and walked off in to the trees in the opposite direction. I let in a deep breath as I changed back; it felt so much better than my constant wolf form.

I walked back out in to the clearing carrying the shirt; I threw it on the ground and crossed my arms over my bare chest. The giant wolf also walked back in to the trees and it was several minutes before anything else happened. Then another great surprise, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. My eyes grew wide and my jaw must have dropped to the forest floor. The girl had dark skin and hair, and deep brown eyes. She was tall but her face was grave like she had never smiled in her life. She also had tons of scars everywhere and she even had a crescent moon one across her face under her eye. The scar looked so familiar.

She scowled at me and yelled angrily,

“Who are you and what are you doing here!”

I was in shock first to find out that she was a girl, and second like I said before she was probably the most beautiful non-vampire girl that I had ever seen. I even had to admit her looks even surpassed Bella. Ouch. I really didn’t want to think about her. Well anyway while I was standing there looking like a complete idiot the girl started yelling at me again.

“Hey stupid! Are you going to answer me or just stand there with your mouth open didn’t your mother teach you any manners”

I finally closed my mouth and thought of what to say. I was so confused. I had never heard of a werewolf pack like ours ever. Some of the other wolves vanished into the trees and I could only see that about three of them were guys. Finally I spoke;

“Where am I?”

“Alaska” the girl said coldly glaring at me as if I was a vampire or something stuck to the bottom of her shoe.

Then finally she grabbed my arm and said

“Come with us”

Bella’s POV

Light streamed through my open window waking me up. I looked towards the window and smiled, my topaz angel smiled back at me. And then he spoke,

“Good morning my beautiful wife”

I stared at my finger the wedding ring that had once belonged to Edward’s mother rested there. I was so use to Edward being my vampire boyfriend instead of husband that his statement shocked me. Just then a horrible burning smell reached my nose and I jumped out of my bed, ran out of my room, and raced down the stairs. As soon as I reached the kitchen I burst out laughing. Running around the kitchen stabbing helplessly at burning food and surrounded by smoke was Charlie. He looked at me and smiled then said sheepishly

“I was trying to surprise you Bells”

Still laughing I helped him get rid of the smoldering pancakes. (At least that’s what I thought they were.) Then Charlie broke the silence

“I wanted to make breakfast for you before you left”

Then it hit me Edward and I were supposed to be packing for college and leaving today.