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Emmett and Rosalie's Wedding

Basically this is just a fanfic I wrote about Emmett and Rosalie's wedding. All the characters obviously belong to Stephenie Meyer. Hope you like it, I will be writing more!

I've had to use a bit of artistic license here and there, because I have no idea what a real vampire wedding would be like!

1. The Ceremony

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Emmett and Rosalie's Wedding

"So is it any different to a- er- human, wedding?" I asked, looking into Edwards butterscotch eyes.

He chuckled. "No, not really, Bella, but I suppose you'll notice some differences." He took my hand and we walked to his shiny silver Volvo.

"How far away is it?"

"Not very, but we're running part of the way." I groaned at this and he grinned crookedly.

I'd underestimated how far ‘not very' was. If we'd been in my truck, it would have taken a day, but of course at Edwards supersonic speed, it took little over an hour. We came to a stop at the edge of a dark green forest.

"No!" I screamed, as Edward threw me over his back. I close my eyes as he ran. I didn't want to have nausea at the wedding.

Suddenly he stopped. I dared look, and began to marvel at our surroundings; we were at the beginning of a glorious, golden beach, atop a high sand dune. Edwards skin was sparkling in the midday sun.

I closed my eyes again as he proceeded to run down the sand dune and onto the beach. When he stopped, he lowered me carefully to the floor.

Now, the sight was truly breathtaking. The sun glinted off the aquamarine sea, and off the seven vampires that surrounded me. I didn't know such a place existed.

"Do you like it?" teased Edward, smiling.

"It's gorgeous," I laughed.

I looked from person to person, drinking them in. Rosalie and Emmett stood at a makeshift alter, holding hands and talking softly. Rosalie looked stunning in a pale gold, floor length silk dress. Her long hair waved down her back, bright in the sunlight, and her pale skin sparkled. Emmett's brawny body had been stuffed into a smart black tuxedo, he was smiling, also drinking Rosalie in.

Carlisle and Esme were by the sea, Carlisle smart in a tuxedo with a blue shirt, Esme soft and womanly in a blue dress, her brown hair tied in a loose bun. As I watched them together, laughing, I hoped that one day Edward and I could be like that, without a care in the world.

Suddenly Alice came running (or dancing, I can never tell) up to us towing Jasper. Jasper was in another tuxedo, looking more film star like than ever. Alice was wearing a cute short red dress, with red flowers in her black hair.

"Hi Bella, Edward!" she laughed, "We're just about to start."

"Bella is feeling a little nauseous from the run." Edward laughed, winking at Jasper. Alice took my hand and pulled me to the seats gathering the alter. She sat down next to me, and Jasper on her other side. Edward of course, sat on my other side.

Carlisle was suddenly at the alter, ready to begin. We all became quiet, watching with baited breath.

"Here are two vampires, waiting to be joined.

Decided on spending their eternal life, together.

Through happiness and joy, sadness and grief.

They will be united, a couple forever."

At this Emmett held up his right hand, and Rosalie gave him hers. Her twirled her round and then kissed her as his new wife. Carlisle took two rings from his pocket, one dark silver, the other a diamond set in white gold. They placed the rings on each others fingers and then kissed once more. They smiled at each other, and then everyone cheered, including me.

"Wow, that was so beautiful," I sighed, smiling at Edward.

"Yes, I told you there would be a few differences." He smiled and took my hand again. "Shall we dance?"

I looked up to notice that Jasper and Alice, Emmett and Rosalie, and Carlisle and Esme were now dancing. I groaned softly and he lifted me up to dance too, wanting to hate it, but I couldn't resist the charm of a vampire in the midday sun.