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The story of Jasper's life.
Starts in his human days and goes through the darkest times of his life to the very brightest points (Alice heehee)
My second story. It's like The Final Sunrise but about Jasper this time not Alice. Anyway, it's not a great summary but please read and review!

Disclaimer: I’m only going to say this once because I always forget to put it at the top of every chapter but, sadly, I don’t own any of this. That’s right I own El Zilcho. Especially not Jasper (sob). Only the wording and possibly a few little scenes are mine. Everything else belongs to the one and only Stephenie Meyer.

1. Prologue

Rating 4/5   Word Count 531   Review this Chapter

My heart pounded. I’d never felt so nervous in my entire life. I gripped the gun in my hands tighter, that helped stop my hands from shaking. I ran through all my training over and over again in my head. I started to doubt myself. Maybe Mother was right; barely seventeen was too young to go to war. But my father had always been supportive of that decision and I wasn’t going to let him down now. I knew what I was doing. Training had been easy; I had shown an aptitude for fighting right from the start. My first battle was not going to be my last as well. I wasn’t going to lose my nerve and get myself killed. I fixed the thought of my family in my head, my parents, my little sister. I wasn’t going to allow them or our lives to be destroyed just because the people from the north wanted to fight us. I didn’t care about the reasons for this war; I just wanted to protect my family and the place I’d grown up in. These thoughts gave me determination. I was going to see this through and I was going to survive. It also gave me the strength to kill my enemy. *** That first battle I know I will never forget. I learnt two things that day. The first was that I was a natural at fighting. It was easy. In fact I was almost unnaturally good at it. I was probably the youngest man fighting that day and I was probably the best too. I put my very swift ascension through the ranks down to a mixture of my charm and my undeniable combat skills. I learnt quickly too which helped. I had soon mastered battle strategy, which made me an invaluable officer in the Confederate Army. The second thing I learn that day was that I didn’t like it. Despite the fact that I believed in what I was fighting for I never enjoyed it. I never hesitated. That would have got me killed and these men were here only to ruin the lives of those I loved. But I never enjoyed it as some did. It was necessary and I was needed so I did it. But I always tried not to remember the faces of my victims or the families they must have left behind. That day is probably my clearest human memory besides the day I was changed. I looked back on it more than any other memory in the years to come. It reminded me who I was as a human more than any other. It reminded me of the values I had held before I was a monster. Back then I had been prepared to kill but only in defence of those things I held to be important. That was something I later held onto. That I only ever took lives out of necessity not ever out of enjoyment. It was a fine line but it held a great amount of gravity for me at a time when I had little to sustain me and nothing to hope for.