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Best Friends Forever

I always wondered why Bella never missed her friends from other places she lived. I know it said she always seemed different from people and all that stuff but what if there was a different reason? Something and someone that left a mark on her life that would never fade. This is a one chapter story about Bella's best friend.

I do not own Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse. You all probably know that but I'm saying it anyways. All of the characters belong to the amazing Stephenie Meyers. So please read and enjoy this story!

1. Chapter 1

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Best Friends Forever

Edward sat watching Bella as she filled out page after page of the notebook with stories, feelings, and memories. Their wedding, and Bella’s transformation into a vampire, was only a week away. They now sat in Bella’s bedroom as she wrote down everything she wanted to remember about her human life. Suddenly her hand stopped, holding the trembling pen above the page. Her eyes filled with tears.

“Bella, what is it?” Edward asked, taking her hands into his.

“First day of school, 2nd grade,” she whispered.

“What?” he asked with concern.

“Edward,” she looked into his golden eyes, “would you like to know why I haven’t had a real best friend since the 8th grade until I moved here?”

Edward pulled Bella into a hug and whispered, “What happened.”

There was a distant look in her eyes as she began.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was the first day of the school year and seven year old Bella Swan skipped through the door of Fay Galloway Elementary school in Las Vegas, Nevada. She’d lived here since kindergarten. She wore a light blue shirt with a big, sparkly, purple butterfly on the front and a matching skirt. The laces of one of her white tennis shoes were undone and they trailed on the floor threatening to trip her.

Somehow the usually clumsy girl managed to make it to Mrs. Southwick’s class without falling once. Her pink Barbie backpack bounced up and down as she raced through the classroom searching for the desk with her name tag on it. When she found the right seat she sat down, placed her new Powerpuff Girls lunchbox on the desk, and swung her legs impatiently as she waited for class to start.

Soon the class was full of giggling, talking, little kids. All of the seats were full besides the one next to Bella. She was busy scribbling out the name Isabella on her name tag and writing Bella in her crooked, messy writing when the last girl entered the room and sat at the only empty desk.

The girl reached out and tapped Bella on the shoulder. She had light golden brown hair pulled into curly piggy tails. A few faint freckles sprinkled across her cheeks and pudgy little nose. She was smiling and Bella noticed that she was missing two teeth. It reminded Bella of her own loose tooth and she wiggled it wither her tongue.

“Hi, I’m Morgan,” the girl said.

Bella noted the girls’ messily painted pink fingernails and lips smothered with bright red, sticky, cherry flavored Chap Stick. She smiled back and replied, “Bella.”

“Wanna be my best friend?” Morgan asked, “I just bought two necklaces. One says ‘Best’ and the other one says ‘Friends’. They cost me one whole dollar!”

“Ok!” exclaimed Bella excitedly. She stuck out her hand and Morgan dropped the ‘Friends’ necklace into it.

“Best friends forever!” Morgan giggled.

Four Years Later

“I can’t believe we’re in 6th grade!” Morgan exclaimed.

“I know! Middle school at last,” Bella said.

They had both changed a lot in the last four years. Morgan wore her beautiful hair, golden blond now that the brown had completely faded, down around her face. Her lip gloss was not smeared on. It was a light, shiny, glossy lip gloss put on with careful accuracy. She wore pale, natural looking eye shadow too.

Bella was much more mature. She was prettier, still not gorgeous, but pretty. Her school bag was the kind with only one strap you hung on your shoulder and she wouldn’t be caught dead with a Powerpuff Girls lunchbox.

“Oooooh, look at Max Bennett!” Bella squealed, “He grew his hair out a little.”

They stood watching the cutest guy in school walk by. As he passed he noticed them and stopped. Both of the girls were nearly hypervenalating, their eyes wide.

“Hey Bella.” He smiled at her then glanced at Morgan and gave her a quick nod. “Morgan.”

Her face fell slightly but perked back up immediately. Max talked with Bella until the bell rang. As soon as he was out of earshot they both were giggling and jumping up and down with excitement.

“I can’t believe it,” Morgan said, “Max Bennett is totally into you!”

Bella just laughed.

“What?” Morgan asked.

“You’ve got to be the best friend ever. Thanks for being happy for me,” Bella replied.

“Of course!” Morgan assured her.

Four Months Later

Brittany Eastmund was walking down the hallway straight for Bella and Morgan. Her hips swung and her head was held high. She was the preppiest, most popular girl in school and she looked down on everyone. Boys’ heads followed her everywhere. She was in 7th grade but even the 8th graders knew not to mess with her.

Her long, strawberry blond hair danced up and down at her waist as she walked. Her bright blue eyes were full of authority and her full lips were pulled up into a confident, I’m-better-then-you, smile. She was followed by the crowd that was always with her. They came to a stop in front of Morgan and Bella.

“Hey Morgan!” Brittany gushed, “I was wondering if you could come to my sleepover party on Friday night.”

“What about Bella?” asked Morgan.

“Brittany rolled her eyes. “Sorry, no losers allowed,” she sneered, “If you want to come you’ll have to ditch that clumsy dork.”

“Excuse me?” snapped Morgan, fury leaping into her hazel eyes, “I don’t care how great you think you are because nobody talks about Bella Swan like that. So go have your stupid party. Let me clue you in on something else. NONE of those people really like you. They like your money and your popularity. None of your hundreds of boyfriends like you for who you are either. They like your beauty and fame. At least I have a real friend. We watch each others backs and are always there when the other stumbles and needs help. We have a great time together so you know what? I pity you Brittany. Until you realize that the world doesn’t revolve around only you you’ll never have real friends.”

Brittany stood with her mouth hanging open as Morgan hooked her arm around the equally shocked Bella’s arm and marched away. Nobody had ever stood up to Brittany Eastmund like that. That short speech from Morgan Johnson would change her life for the better.

First day of 8th grade

Bella looked around impatiently. Where was Morgan? She glanced at the clock. The tardy bell would ring in one minute and fifteen seconds. She sighed and ran to science class. Maybe Morgan was sick or something.

At lunch Bella got a call on her brand new cell phone as she stood in the lunch line. Her other friends were all talking and she had to interrupt the story Melissa was telling her with quick apologies.

“Hello?” she said into the phone.

“Bella?” It was Renee’s voice.

“Hey mom,” Bella said, “what’s going on?”

Her mom burst into tears on the other side of the phone line. Terror crept through Bella. What had happened?

“It’s Morgan. She missed the bus and had to walk to school. On her way she was h-h-hit by, by a drunk d-d-driver. She’s dead. Her mother wanted m-m-me to call you and see if y-y-you wanted to go to, to the h-hospital.”

Bella’s heart stopped. Her brand new phone slipped through her finger and smashed against the hard cafeteria floor. The screen cracked, buttons popped out, and it broke in half. Bella didn’t care about the phone though.

Her heart restarted, thumping too fast against her chest. It hurt. She turned and ran. Her bag fell and spilt its contents on the ground but she kept running.

“Bella!” someone, it sounded like Shay, called.

Bella just kept running. The only thought in her head was, ‘she’s not dead, she’s not dead, she’s not dead’. Bella didn’t realize were she was going until she burst into the hospital. She raced up to the lady at the front desk.

“Yes?” the lady asked kindly.

“I need to see Morgan,” Bella panted.

“Ah you must be Bella Swan. Mrs. Johnson is expecting you. It’s room 269,” the lady pointed, “and I’m sorry about your loss.”

The fear seeping through Bella’s body turned to a flaming anger.

SHE’S NOT DEAD YOU IDIOT!!!” Bella screamed.

She snatched a pen off the desk and chucked it at the shocked lady. Then she turned and ran again. When she reached room 269 she flung open the door. Mrs. Johnson, Morgan’s mom, was sitting in a chair crying.

Morgan lay in the bed. Her face was bandaged, bruised, and paper white. She wasn’t breathing. Bella realized that she was on the ground but she didn’t remember falling. The hard floor hurt her knees. Everything spun like she was on a merry-go-round being pushed to fast. Bella felt sick to her stomach as she clutched the doorframe. She heard distant voices shouting her name but the seemed completely insignificant because only one thing was on Bella’s mind. Morgan was dead.

A sob broke free of her chest. Her eyes closed and she whispered Morgan’s name. Everything seemed suddenly close and loud. Bella blacked out.

At the funeral Bella cried the entire time. The sobbing girl stood up and sang. The song sounded beautiful despite her tears. She had never liked Hannah Montana and it might seem completely inappropriate for a funeral but this song was perfect for Morgan. It was ‘True Friend’.

“We signed our cards and letters BFF. You've got a million ways to make me laugh. You're lookin' out for me, you've got my back. It's so good to have you around. You know the secrets I could never tell, and when I'm quiet you break through my shell. Don't feel the need to do a rebel yell 'cause you keep my feet on the ground. You're a true friend, you're here til the end. You pull me aside when something ain't right, talk to me now and into the night 'til it's alright again.You're a true friend. You don't get angry when I change the plans. Somehow you're never out of second chances. Won't say "I told you" when I'm wrong again. I'm so lucky that I've found a true friend. You're here 'til the end. You pull me aside when something ain't right talk to me now and into the night 'til it's alright again. True friends will go to the ends of the earth 'til they find the things you need. Friends hang on through the ups and the downs cause they've got someone to believe in. A true friend, you're here 'til the end. You pull me aside when something ain't right, talk to me now and into the night. No need to pretend. Oh, You're a true friend. You're here 'til the end. You pull me aside when something ain't right, talk to me now and into the night 'til it's alright again. You're a true friend. You're a true friend. You're a true friend.” She sang.

Her mom and her moved to Pheonix, Arizona the next month.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Eighteen year old Bella snapped back to reality. Edward was holding her close as she cried. She looked up and found his lips with hers. Morgan was and always would be the best friend she’d ever had.