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The story starts after Edward and Bella are married, and he has changed her into a vampire. Carlisle gave her sedatives so she was asleep all through the transformation. She wakes up in the cullens house.


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter One-Bella’s POV

I was up at the window the moment I heard the velvet voice. I might not have been a vampire (yet) but I could still get quite a good speed as long as it was Edward I was running towards.

As he slipped in through my window, I felt the familiar heart-stopping sensation at his loveliness. It was inconceivable that such a god could be meant for me, no matter what he said to the contrary.

“I keep waiting for it end” I confessed, as he sat down, silently of course, on my low bed.

“What?” My heart did that jumping-up-and-down thing, yet again. Would I ever get used to it? Somehow I doubted it.

“For you to wake up, and realise that I’m nowhere near good enough for you”

He chuckled, sending shivers down my spine.

“I’m serious! You must be delusional.”

He raised one perfect eyebrow.

“Have I ever told you that you don’t see yourself clearly?”

“I think so… Have I ever listened?”

His easy crooked smile set my heart off on a new series of acrobatics.

“I doubt it” He stood up, slowly for him, and put his ice-cold arms around me. I shivered pleasurably, and wondered if I would ever enjoy being warm again.

“I love you.” He whispered, and bent his head to kiss me, inhaling deeply.

My world was complete.

When I woke up, his arms were still around me. I knew they were Edward’s, I knew every contour of his body, I knew even his fingerprints by heart. But there was one crucial difference. They no longer seemed cold.

Something else was different too. My heart didn’t start beating overtime at his touch. In fact, it didn’t seem to be beating at all.

It wasn’t.

My eyes were still closed, as if I was trying to hang on the last sleep I would ever have. But that was stupid. I had what I wanted. I was a vampire now, and Edward and me would be together forever. But still, the nagging doubt stuck in my head. What if we aren’t? It said. What I I’m too changed? What if he doesn’t want me anymore?

I forced my eyes open, wondering distantly what colour they were, and gazed up into Edward’s golden ones. And then I knew that all my doubts had been for nothing. He would always want me, just I like I needed him. The minor matter of me changing species was nothing to us. He could have been an armadillo and I a sloth, and it would have still meant nothing. We were Edward and Bella. Romeo and Juliet had nothing on us.

Edward’s POV

She was beautiful; even more beautiful than she had been before. Her eyes were a rich burgundy colour, and her face, now as pale as mine, stood out against her dark hair. If my heart had been beating, it would have speeded up. I didn’t know what to say, the words seemed stuck in my throat. How ironic that I should feel so human, in the first moment that neither of us were.

I let go of her cold hand, and reached up to stroke her face. It was so glorious no longer to have to be careful, to be able to touch her as much as I wanted, and never fear for her again.

She stood up, still moving as if in a dream.


“Oh Bella”

“Am I still me? I fell so different”

She tried to walk towards me, and tripped over Carlisle’s stethoscope.

“Oh crap! I was hoping to escape the clumsiness once I was a vampire!”

We looked at each other then, I mean, really looked, and burst out laughing.

Bella’s POV

We ran to the meadow. I was still revelling in my newfound speed, realising that Edward had never run anywhere near as fast as he could when carrying me before. My hair streamed horizontally behind me. Branches whipped past in a blur. All I could think about was the sheer exhilaration of the speed… and the fact that Edward was running beside me. For the first time ever, I could keep up. I was even drawing ahead slightly. Soon, sooner than before, I saw the glow of the meadow through the trees, and then we burst out of the forest. When we left the house, I had been too dazed to notice the weather, and since then we had been running in the thick gloom of the forest. But it was sunny, for once in Forks, and I could see my skin sparkling like diamonds in the light. It still didn’t look as beautiful as Edward’s. But it was much, much closer.

The meadow was still beautiful, but it paled next to his magnificence. Our magnificence. We slowed, moving as one now.

Edward POV

For a while we just sat staring at each other. After all, I had her new, changed face to memorize, and she had new eyes with which to memorize mine. After a while I spoke.

“You still smell the same.”

She laughed, an easy, carefree sound. Obviously she did not feel damned.


“Yes?” She was looking past me, at the trees that swayed in the wind.

“Do you still think we’ve lost our souls?” She said it casually, but I could tell how serious she was. My face twisted involuntarily as I tried to think through the euphoria of being with her. But it didn’t take long.

“No, Bella. I changed my mind about that the moment you opened your eyes as a vampire. How could someone as alive as you, as fresh and loving, not have a soul?” And it was true. While I could doubt my own deep humanity, no one who had ever seen Isabella Marie Swann, could doubt hers. It blazed from every pore that this was a person of who was so alive that she could even stay like that even when she technically wasn’t. I wondered if this was how she had felt about me, and that was why she had argued so vehemently that I still had a soul.

“That reminds me” she said, a weight obviously lifted off her shoulders. She was all playful now.

“What?” I smiled in response.

“You haven’t kissed the new me yet…”

“Oh yes” I chuckled and reached over to plant my lips on hers.

Bella POV

The kiss was the same, perfect. It was nice to know that some things hadn’t changed. Well one thing had-it was no longer cold. It was as if he had become warm, even though I knew it was me who had changed. But now we could do whatever we wanted, without being bound by fear of what he could do. He but his arms round me, and I could do the same, without any fear of overpowering his self-control. And the best thing was that this day would never end. It could stretch on and on, an eternity together. I remembered our wedding night, the first time he had touched me like this.

Edward POV

We stayed in the meadow for hours. Talking, laughing, kissing, just being together, never getting bored. There was no reason ever to leave, but we had to at some point.

I stood up, and she followed, faster than she had ever moved before.

“Come on” I said. “Alice will want to see you.”

“Oh my god. I forgot all about Alice!” She took my hand in mine, and together, we danced through the forest. I glanced down, and saw the setting sun glimmer off her wedding ring, the diamonds sparkling gold. We were running faster and faster, and I saw her raise her head and laugh in exhilaration at the speed, faster than we had ever run before. The trees around us became a blur of green and gold and black, the slight breeze became a tornado. A human would have been killed by the force of the rushing air. I was overwhelmed by the sheer power, and the fact that, finally, the one person I truly loved was sharing it with me. After all we’d been through, we were safe, and free. And fast and strong and immortal, and all the things I’d hated being were suddenly the greatest of privileges, because she was like that too.

It was over; too soon we were at the house. Alice was waiting on the driveway- of course- and instantly started screaming at me for rushing Bella off before she’d even seen her.

“… I mean, you’re not the only one who loves Bella you know! She’s my friend, and I think I have as much right to see her on her first day vampire hood!! Hello? Does that penetrate your skull you moron!?!”

Her rant over, she flung her arms round Bella, and hugged her long and tightly. Bella hugged her back, just as happily, until-

“I made you a party.”

Bella let go quickly.

“You did what?”

“Bella! Let me have my fun!”

“No way! That wedding reception was bad enough! The flyby airplane with the banner?”

“Well obviously, I couldn’t do that this time. I mean, an aeroplane saying- ‘Happy Vampire Day’ might not be very inconspicuous…”


While they argued, I carefully slipped away to inspect how bad it was. I didn’t have to go far. I the main room, chaos reigned. Balloons, black and gold this time, festooned every surface. A tumble of presents covered the table and, worst of all, a giant banner stretched between the two walls. It read-Happy Vampire Day Bella.

I tiptoed back to Bella. She heard me coming and turned to me at once.

“How bad is it?”

“Very bad. I’m sorry” She sighed.

“Ah well. At least she couldn’t get a cake now. Let’s get it over with.” She grinned, stoically, making me laugh.

“No. No cakes.”

Bella POV

The next few days passed quickly. Beating Emmett at arm wrestling, to her great chagrin, my first hunt, a mountain lion, which I found rather sticky, but quite satisfying, a game of base ball in the clearing during a storm, which my team won, due almost entirely to my newborn strength. Edward said the smell of my human blood was waning, which worried me a bit.

“That won’t stop you loving me right?”

“Bella darling, he said, stroking my back-we were lying together on the huge bed in his, no, our room. “It’s been a very long time since your smell has even been a factor in how I feel about you. Stop being so paranoid.”

Sure, I missed Charlie. But I had never once regretted my choice to become a vampire. I was the happiest I’d ever been.

There was only one thing that worried me, and that was the blood thing. So far, I had avoided coming into contact with humans, but it had to happen sooner or later. And that was when I would find out how strong I was. I was dreading it.

Suddenly, I turned towards Edward.

“Edward, I want you to promise me something.”

“Anything” My heart might not be beating anymore, but his voice could still send shivers up my spine.

“If… If I’m not… strong enough…when the moment comes… I need you to hold me back. Don’t let me become a killer. Please, Edward. Do whatever it takes.”

“I won’t hurt you.”

“I know, but please, try and hold me back.”

“You’re stronger than me though.”

“Then get Emmett to help. You two together are stronger than me, right?”

“Probably” he admitted.

“Ok then.” I smiled at him.

“You don’t… regret this do you?”

I couldn’t believe that he could think something like this!

“Never. Not Once.”

“I mean, I could understand if you did…”

I touched his face, kissing his lips gently.

“Now I’m a vampire” I tried to explain “I miss my mum and dad” And Jacob, but I didn’t tell him that “But when I was human, I was missing you. And that was far worse. Now you’ll never leave me, not even when I die.”

Another good thing about this was that I could no longer doubt Edward’s love for me. We were equals now, I wasn’t inadequate anymore. I would never get older, and neither would he. An eternity of being young and together stretched out before us.