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The story starts after Edward and Bella are married, and he has changed her into a vampire. Carlisle gave her sedatives so she was asleep all through the transformation. She wakes up in the cullens house.


3. Chapter 3

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Edward’s POV

We sat in the living room, no one moving, no one saying a word. Though I couldn’t read Bella’s thoughts, the others, without any exceptions, were concentrating solely on the Volturi. Even Rosalie, for once, wasn’t thinking about herself. Emmett was wondering, no, hoping it would come to a fight. Alice was blaming herself for not seeing earlier. Jasper was worrying Alice would be hurt. Esme was worrying about Bella, who I knew she already thought of as a daughter. Only Carlisle wasn’t worrying, he seemed ridiculously confident that the Volturi would hold to their promises.

Bella was snuggled in my arms. She hadn’t moved a muscle in the past half hour. Her beautiful eyes stared into mine. I knew her as well as I knew myself, and I knew she was scared. I remembered our visit to Italy, and her distraught face as she watched the Volturi with their prey. All those people… It was the only time she’d actually seemed to realise what monsters we could be. And now the monsters were coming here, to Forks.

Bella’s POV

I lay in Edward’s arms, but even his touch couldn’t dispel my awful, gut-wrenching fear. One scene replayed over and over in my mind. Those people, filing into the underground chamber where the Volturi fed. I could even remember individual faces-two American tourists, snapping photos, a dark Italian woman with a crucifix, praying in terror, a bored looking pre-teen, hands in pockets. What would happen if they decided they were hungry while in Forks? It was a small town, what were the chances that they would pick on someone I loved? Angela, or Mike, or Jessica? And… another terrible idea crossed my mind… how would the werewolves react? Would they attack? If so, they had no idea what they were up against. They would be annihilated.

“We have to warn Jacob’s pack.” I said to Edward.

His face hardened.

“You can’t go over to La Push now.” He said, not looking at me. “The treaty, remember?”

I remembered.

“Ok. I’ll call him.” I pulled my mobile out of my pocket, trying not to show my emotions. I hadn’t spoken to Jacob since the transformation; I was worrying how he would take it.

He answered on the first ring.

“Hi Jake!” I gushed, trying to sound as normal as possible. It didn’t work.

“Oh” I said, his voice cold. “Hey Bella. How’s it going?”


“Great.” This was not good. The last time we had been on monosyllabic terms was just after he first phased.

“Well, I just thought you should know that, um… there’s going to be a few more er… vampires… in town over the next few days. Alice saw them coming. But… don’t attack them ok?”

“Friends of yours?”

“No! It’s just that… These ones are powerful. Really powerful. They would kill you.” So don’t… do anything rash.”


“Um… It was great talking to you. Why don’t you come visit some time?”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea. I don’t think you’d like a stinking dog around the place.”

His words hurt me.

“Jacob, it’s not like that!”

“Yes it is. Look, it was nice… being friends. But we’re enemies now. It’s a species thing. You can’t change that. I wish it was different, but it’s not.”

“It doesn’t have to be like that. I still like you, so why can’t we be friends? Do you not like me anymore?” Do I smell too bad?”

“Bella, what is it about the phrase mortal enemies that you don’t understand?”

“The context!”

He sighed.

“Look Bella, we can talk later. I’ll pass your message on to Sam and the guys.”

And he hung up.

Edward’s POV

Of course, I heard every word he spoke, and I could tell how much it hurt her. I still couldn’t understand why she liked that mongrel, but I knew that he had been her best friend. And now he had rejected her. I’d known it was coming of course, and most of me was glad, but I could see the hurt in her eyes, and I hated myself for rejoicing. She had never understood why vampires and werewolves hated each other so much.

She would understand when she met him again, smelled the foul, fetid stink of them, saw him in this new light. She would realise what animals they really were. But till then… she would simply remember him as the friendly guy who had helped her put her life together after I left.

Jasper spoke; presumably to break the tension he could feel between us.

“How long now?”

“Six hours.” Replied Alice straight away.

“Are they hungry?” Bella asked. Alice understood her worries immediately.

“Carlisle” She said, turning to him. “Can you call Aro and ask if they could refrain from hunting while they’re here?”
“Of course.” He replied, typing in a number. He spoke quietly for a few minutes, and then hung up, nodding at us.

“It’s fine.” He said. “No problems”

Everything covered, we sat and waited.