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No Holding Back

Bella loves Edward with all her heart, she doesn't want anything to come in the way of it... Jacob feels as strongly for Bella as ever, he really needs someone to help him through this...

My first fanfic! Hope it is at least a bit likeable!

1. Chapter 1- Challenge

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Jacob POV

As soon as I walked in the door, I knew I was in for it. I knew what everyone would tell me. They would say I am better off without her, and she treated me like scum anyway. But what they didn’t understand was that they were all wrong. I needed Bella; I needed her to be here with me. I wanted her, and that feeling became stronger everyday I was gone. Out there in the damp, dark woods, I had realized what caused me so much pain. No, it wasn’t how Bella treated me, it wasn’t how Edward seemed to rub it in my face with the invitation—It was that the one love of my entire live, imprinting or not, was not in love with me, not that way.

“Jake, you are back! We missed you, and I was so worried. We all were… wait… where have you been? I was worried sick, you didn’t even try to contact us, tell us you were okay. Are you insane!?” Emily pounded me with questions as I stomped past everyone in the living room, on my way to my room. I just couldn’t deal with it, not yet.

“Wait, talk to me! Where are you going?”

“Give it a rest, Em.” Sam started in on her. “He is probably depressed over you-know-who. He’ll get over it in a little while, and then maybe he’ll talk. Give it time.”

It hurt me again and again to think of her, it never lessened. Days went by and Quil, Embry, and Emily all tried to cheer me up. It never succeeded. The pain never subsided. Sam and my father all were sort of complacent. They thought I would just be over her eventually and then stronger than ever. They were wrong. I really just prayed for one of them to understand how she made me feel, how she still makes me feel. How the thought of kissing her, and her wanting it, just make tears roll down my face.

I was lying in bed contemplating buying another motorcycle, when the phone rang. I heard my father pick it up, then whisper a little bit. I couldn’t quite catch every word. But I knew who it was and it made my heart ache, yet I jetted out of my room and stole the phone from Billy’s hand, all in one fluid movement.

“What the—Jacob, calm down!”

“What,” I growled into the telephone, then realized it wasn’t Charlie’s fault, I wasn’t upset with him. “Sorry, Charlie.”

“Well, damnit, Jacob you scared me half to death!”

“I’m sorry, man. I’m a little screwy these days.”

“I hear you. If I know what you are grieving about, and I think I do, I can tell you that I empathize.” He said.

“Really,” I said quietly, waiting for him to keep going.

“Yeah, I haven’t heard from Bella since I saw her at the wedding. I don’t know what the Cullens are doing to her.”

He was joking, but what he said sent a chill down the length of my spine. I had forgotten, or more like I was in denial, about Bella and her… changing. I don’t know if it had happened yet, or if it was going to but I was scared.

“Yeah,” I said with a nervous chuckle, “Who knows.”


Edward POV

I watched her beautiful flushed faced glance up at me. I knew it was going to be time soon. She had asked a favor of me, as I had of her. She had fulfilled her part of the promise. It was my turn. My turn to change our relationship forever, my turn to show her how I truly feel. It was a lot of things but it wasn’t going to be easy. I was so scared of hurting her ever since I met her. Why would I know take a risk like this? I could wait—but until when? Until she was a monster like me? Until she had the same feelings, cravings I had? I hated thinking of her humanly beauty changing to a harsh extreme beauty. But I knew all of these things would have to happen.

“Good morning my sweet, sweet Bella. I missed you while you slept. Did you dream of me?” I said this with a wink, knowing she had. I may not be able to hear what she is thinking, but it’s hard not to listen when she speaks in her sleep.

“Edward,” She groaned sleepily, “Was I talking that much? I hope not. I love you; I haven’t said that yet this morning.” She looked so gorgeous; her hair was messy, and lying all round her face. I reached my hand into it, under her head and gently, slightly lifted it up. I pressed my lips to hers quickly and pulled away.

“Why, you’ve been awake but a few minutes my love. Now I’m going to pout, I didn’t say it first.”

Suddenly, Alice’s voice came over the loud speaker in my mind.

Edward, if you are done being disgustingly romantic, please come down here. Don’t bring Bella. We will tell her once we have discussed it.

I tried to keep listening, hoping for a clue of what was going on. Alice then began reciting the bible in Japanese. How creative. She really obviously didn’t want Bella to know.

“My dearest, I have to go downstairs for a meeting, I guess. Don’t miss me to much.”

“You know I can’t help how much I miss you when you are gone.” She breathed. She was still very tired, I could tell. It was only 6:00 in the morning, so she fell back asleep and I let her. She'd stopped sleeping as much, not wanting to miss something. She wanted to be able to stay awake with us, but she couldn’t handle it, as much as she tried. It was adorable.

I made my way down the stairs and sat on the couch next to Emmett, Rosalie next to him. Alice jumped up from sitting cross legged on the ground, and sat beside me. She had a restless look on her face.

“So,” she started, “The Volturi contacted Carlisle…”

I was scared for what she would say next but I pressed her on “So, what? What’s the problem Alice?”

“They’re sending someone. They expect Bella to be changed.” I almost sighed. This was bad news, of course. But it wasn’t terrible, it could have been much worse.

“Oh yeah,” Alice said tentatively,” Tanya is with them.”