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No Holding Back

Bella loves Edward with all her heart, she doesn't want anything to come in the way of it... Jacob feels as strongly for Bella as ever, he really needs someone to help him through this...

My first fanfic! Hope it is at least a bit likeable!

2. Chapter 2- Finally

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Bella POV

“NO.” I almost yelled it. I couldn’t stand the thought of Tanya coming, much less someone from the Volturi. We didn’t even know who it was. And why, why, why would TANYA be with them, of all people. She would try to seduce Edward or something… I just knew it

“I’m so sorry. I would stop it, if I could, from happening. But you know, it’s the Volturi and they are so strong Bella. We don’t want to have beef with them.”

I tried so hard to suppress a giggle, but it came out.

“Did you just say ‘beef’, Edward?” I let out a little snort, and he looked offended. But I could tell he was trying not to laugh too.

“Your laugh is contagious, love. But yes I did. Once you are around teenagers for so long you kind of get lost in the terms they use. Am I behind the times?” He looked at me, as if he really wanted an answer. I knew he was being silly.

“Oh, Edward.” I wrapped my arms around him as tight as I could. I loved him so much, and I really didn’t want anything to happen when Tanya was here. I just had to trust him, that’s what I keep telling myself. I know he is trustworthy; I know he will always love me. But why is it so hard not to worry about the ones you love most?

“Bella, just promise me something,” Edward said, “Just promise me you aren’t worried. Just tell me that. You know, and I know, everything will be fine as it always is. My love for you should never be doubted.”

I promised him, but I think he and I both knew I was lying. I was worried. I knew Edward loved me of course. But Shakespeare said it “The course of true love never did run smooth.”

"Bella, dear, I love you. Everything will eventually fall into place and we will stop having to deal with all of this. I promise."

Edward and I went downstairs. I smiled up at his perfect angled face. His pale skin felt cold, but warmed me at the same time, as he held my hand. I saw Alice then, bouncing up and down with excitement. I couldn’t wait to see what she had to tell us now. Not.

“Oh my god, oh my god! I can’t believe what you guys are going to do soon.” She said loudly. “I’m so happy for you.” She snorted, and smiled, then walked out of the room giggling.

I was embarrassed and my face turned a shade of bright crimson. I knew she was talking about Edward and me taking everything a step further. Then I got excited. This means I get to experience that precious moment before they change me. I was so happy.

“No.” Edward said flatly. “I realize, as I have said before, that you think I have this unyielding control over those urges. But I do not. Really, Bella, we can’t.”

“But Edward! Alice saw it. I guess that means I am going to make you want me so bad soon, that you don’t care. Hmm…” I knew my face was turning red, but Edward didn’t notice this time, and that made me seem in control. I was never in control, and it was nice to be for a moment.

“I always want you.” He said. “I guess we will see how it all goes down.”

I laughed again at his usage of the upbeat terms. He was so adorable.


Jacob POV

I was scared when it happened, really scared. But I knew in my heart it was for the best. The best for me and the rest of the pack. They would no longer have to deal with my depression and me hanging my head. Of course, I still felt everything I had for Bella. I felt the love, the wanting, all of it. But someone came to my door that day, and for the moment, it was all overshadowed.

There was a knocking on the door. It was two short raps, as if whoever it was wasn’t sure if we were sleeping. She was being polite. I heard it though, and got up. It was seldom someone knocked on our door because the pack knew they could come right in. I trudged to the door, unlocked it, and opened it and there she was. I got this crazy rumbling feeling in my stomach that I had only known once before. But it was so much stronger this time, it almost hurt.

“Um, I am very sorry,” She said timidly, “but I was wondering if you knew where Forks was. Oh, I am I came over here from Arizona. Chandler… if you have ever heard of it. But I am lost. I thought this was it, but I doubted myself when I saw the sign saying ‘Welcome to La Push!” She giggled nervously.

“Oh. Well you are nearly there. Do I… do I know you from somewhere?”

“Oh I really don’t think so. Maybe I am just one of those familiar faces, y’know? But you… I think I would recognize you. If you don’t mind my saying, you are huge.” She smiled up at me.

That is what it felt like. Like I had known her all my life. I just stared at her. She was gorgeous. She had these big blue eyes, with little green flecks allover. Her hair was deep brown, but it had some dark red in it. She was TINY. And I realized right then and there… I had imprinted.


Laurie POV

As soon as I saw him, I was mesmerized. He was so wonderfully beautiful. Tall, dark, and handsome could describe him perfectly. I was just wowed beyond belief. This made it hard to form a full sentence, and made me extremely nervous. I was just looking for directions, and I found this sexy guy.

I’d finally decided it was time to come to Forks. I’d know what I wanted to find was there for a while now, but I had just gotten up the courage. But for that moment, all I wanted to do was talk to this strangely large guy in front of me. After talking at his door for a bit, he invited me in. I was mesmerized by him.

I sat on his couch beside him and he said “I’m sorry, but you are so beautiful.” I think my heart skipped a beat. He was hot and sweet too. I smiled up at him.

“You are not so bad yourself.” I was getting up my courage slowly.

“So what brings you to around here?” he asked.

“Well, I’m just interested in seeing Forks I guess,” I didn’t know him well enough to tell him my life story yet. “I don’t really know to tell you the truth, though. I don’t really know.” That was true. I didn’t know if I should be doing this in the first place.

“Well I am always here, and Forks is right down the road.”

“Well I guess I better get going then…”

“Oh okay. Do you have a place to stay…?” he asked.

I thought about this carefully. I knew what he was going to say. He was going to ask me to stay with him. I didn’t know him. I didn’t know his family, his friends, his lifestyle. I would say no. I couldn’t possible.

But he seemed so perfect…

“Because,” he went on, “We have a room. I mean, it’s just me and my father. My friends drop by all the time, but they don’t stay. And you are very welcome here. So please stay. We can get to know each other better…”

He seemed to be really pushing for me to stay. That was a little creepy, but kind of intriguing. Maybe something could develop. But really, I didn’t know him….

“No. I don’t think so, not right now. I am kind of hoping to have a place waiting.” Wishful thinking.

“Well, Laurie, it has been extremely nice meeting you. I really hope you will come back, really. And the offer is always there.”

I left Jacob’s and went into Forks. I was still thinking about him as I walked up the driveway to the house where I would find what I was looking for. I was so nervous, but thoughts of Jacob kind of calmed me down.

I stood in front of the door, waiting for the right moment. I was seriously thinking about leaving—just going home and not dealing with this. It was so tempting, because I was so scared. I turned around and started to walk back to my car, my perfect beetle. Back to my perfect life. My perfect house.

Just then, he came outside. The person I had been dying to see. I knew it was him, I felt it deep down in my bones. He was part of me, and I felt it. He looked at my strangely. Probably wondering why some girl he had never seen before was at his doorstep, then walking away.

“Hey!” he yelled “Can I help you?” He said it in a very polite way.

I just stared. I couldn’t believe it, that he was right there. Right in front of me was the man I had been waiting to see for so long. I finally got my thoughts back, my mind straight, and I spoke.

“Hi Charlie, I’m Laurie. Your daughter…”