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Edward has always been the picture of calm, always knows what to do, what to say, but there is one thing that unnerves him... His smile was more blinding than the glare. I smiled back, feeling lucky to be his, and only his. Forever.P.S. The banner picture is an actual picture of a place near Forks (Clallam Bay) where I pictured the setting


1. Forever in the Dark

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I rolled over groggily, the sun was unforgiving today, I wanted to sleep. It glared viciously through Edward’s—our—window, waking me suddenly. I squinted through the misty light.

“Morning, love.” Edward’s beautiful face blurred into my view. His smile was more blinding than the glare. I smiled back, feeling lucky to be his, and only his. Forever.

It was our first night back after the honeymoon. Well, not back, the Cullens—we—left Forks for a smaller town in southern Washington, just encase my upcoming transformation upset certain werewolves. I felt a small lump in my throat emerge at the thought of….werewolves, but it was relieved quickly. I knew that I could never be as happy as I am now without Edward. Jacob was an important part of my past, but he wasn’t mine. There was somebody else out there who would forever be his. A someone who wasn’t in love with a vampire.

“I like your hair,” Edward smiled blindingly once again, and kissed the top of my tangled mess. I ran quickly to the bathroom and combed out the nest so it was presentable. My body ached slightly; I must have slept in a bad position.

Edward, having seen the pain slight my expression, rushed to my side at vampire speed. Tracing my waist up to my neck with his finger too carefully. “Alright, love?” He whispered into my ear.

“I’m fine,” I muttered. The last thing I needed was for Edward to turn a bad night’s sleep into another reason to postpone my transformation, which wasn’t far from likely.

“Breakfast,” he stated simply. He was right, my stomach gurgled unpleasantly.

Edward lifted me into his arms with effortless strength, I giggled happily. He carried me down to the kitchen without taking his smiling eyes off of me.

Once in the kitchen, Edward whispered into my lips, “I love you.”

I couldn’t lie. I was giddy, Edward and I were a family. Husband and wife. I belonged in the Cullen house. Forever. I still couldn’t get over that.

“Morning, lovebirds,” Emmett’s amused voice came from the living room from where the rest of the Cullen family sat watching the news on a volume that was virtually inaudible….to human ears.

A chorus of “Welcome homes” and “congratulations” echoed angelically from the living room, where the rest of the Cullens sat.

“Morning,” Edward and I announced simultaneously. He set me down with practiced caution. Alice was smiling giddily. Jasper and Emmett looked like they were sharing some sort of inside joke. Carlisle gave us a celestial nod, Esme grinned at me redolently and winked. I smiled tentatively, a little taken aback. I guess they were really happy for us.

I glanced at Edward, searching his face for answers, but he was giving Alice a strange, reproachful look. She replied with a smirk and turned her attention to Jasper.

I figured I’d ask later, and I helped myself to a bowl of Cheerios. Edward sat down across from me relieving his glare from Alice.

“You’re sure you like that?” He wrinkled his nose, inclining his head, indicating my bowl.

“Yes, Edward, believe it or not, I’m not as completely inhuman as you are.” He laughed distractedly, staring at his family, who were watching the news too attentively…even for vampires.

“They’re hiding something from us.” Edward whispered, even though he knew quite well that they could hear him consummately. Edward wasn’t accustomed to having things hidden from him, everyone’s mind was always open to him. With the exception of mine, of course.

“Eh, probably just some scheme of Alice’s.” I said, and I was probably right. I guess the wedding wasn’t enough for us, according to Alice. I heard Jasper chuckle in the background.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” he sighed, “We’d better get out of the house so Alice can work her magic.” He smiled, but looked only half satisfied.

“Have fun, Bella!” Alice yelled from the other room.

“C’mon,” Edward muttered, glaring suspiciously in Alice’s direction. I wondered vaguely if I should be worried about Alice’s ‘plans’.

Edward shuffled me up the stairs so I could shower and cater to the rest of my human needs.

I walked into our endlessly huge bathroom (courtesy of Edward). There was a small box sitting on the counter with a small note attached to it. Alice’s surprise? I picked the note up first. To my surprise it was a note from Renee.


Hope you had the wedding of your

Dreams. Be careful

Lots of love,


I stared bewilderedly at the note from my mother, it must have come in the mail, but why was I being careful?

I picked up the box curiously. It took me a minute to decide what the box was, when I did, I laughed out loud.

It was a pregnancy test. This was Renee’s sex talk. She and Charlie had some interesting parenting methods.

I was still laughing when I began opening the box—I had never seen one before. Edward probably couldn’t get me pregnant if he tried, he was technically dead.

I decided that I would humor myself, and use the test anyway.


That’s strange, I thought, didn’t blue usually mean ‘pregnant’? I picked up the box to check.

Oh my God. I screamed and threw the test across the room. I heard Edward rushing to my side, and distantly, the rest of the Cullen family, as my eyes filled with tears.