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Edward has always been the picture of calm, always knows what to do, what to say, but there is one thing that unnerves him... His smile was more blinding than the glare. I smiled back, feeling lucky to be his, and only his. Forever.P.S. The banner picture is an actual picture of a place near Forks (Clallam Bay) where I pictured the setting


3. Forever Daddy's Little Girl

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I sat beside Edward in the shiny silver Volvo, trying to retain my pouty expression; it wasn’t too easy while I was with Edward. I looked determinedly in front of me, trying to ignore the green blurs that were the trees beside us. I really didn’t need anything that would make me more nauseous than I already was.

I felt very conflicted. I wanted to see Charlie so badly, but the circumstances weren’t so favorable. I did not understand why Edward insisted on this. Charlie didn’t need to know. My transformation was coming up, although it would be delayed…I don’t know, maybe eight months, and I was getting ready to let go of my other life. I was bracing myself for a life without Charlie and Renee. Edward had to understand that this would make it so much harder.

“Edward,” I tried to sound indignant, but it just came out as a high squeak.

“Hmm,” Edward’s velvety voice was singsong, I wasn’t even going to try to understand why he was so happy that my father was about to murder him. Or at least try.

“Why?” I breathed, “Charlie would be so much happier not knowing,” I was pleading. That wasn’t supposed to happen, I was supposed to be standing my ground and being stubborn.

He took his time before answering. “Bella,” He paused, “I know you don’t understand, but,” He took a deep, unnecessary breath, “…but you want to tell him — before you say anything (for I was about to interrupt) — how would you feel if you never told him.”

I thought about it, I really don’t know. How would I feel if I didn’t tell him?

“If he never found out that he was going to have a grandchild, that his little girl is a grown woman, and that she is going to support another life…” By stomach churned uneasily at ‘support another life’.

“I am not a little girl, Edward,” I mumbled quite pathetically.

He started chuckling. I almost melted, I’m married and I still melt at my husband’s voice. “It’s not funny. It’s true.”

“Quite.” He was still laughing. “Ah, Bella,” He leaned over and kissed my ear, whispering, “You will always be my little girl.” I blushed deeply.

“Keep your eyes on the road,” I muttered, smiling.


The Volvo gave a sharp turn into the driveway. My stomach churned again.

It had been so long, too long since I had seen this house. It was small compared to the Cullen mansion, but it was definitely home. It was a different kind of home. It wasn’t the ‘Bella, Edward’s girl’ home; it was ‘Bella, the confused, hormonal, human girl’ home. As bad as that sounded, it was still a preferable feeling.

“Bella, hon, were here,’ Edward whispered.

I breathed in and out audibly, slightly jealous that I had to and Edward didn’t. “How’s Charlie feeling?” It would be strange to ask your husband how his father in law was feeling at the moment even though neither of you could see him…let me rephrase. It would be strange to ask your normal husband. It was perfectly normal to ask your vampire, mind-reading, almost-one-hundred-year-old husband.

“He’ll be happy that you’re here,” He said stiffly. That didn’t answer my question, but now, I realized that I really don’t want to know how he’s feeling.

“Edward…maybe we could tell him later.” I tried, “You know, when he’s feeling better.”

“Oh, he’s feeling fine.” He stiffened up again. Maybe his nerves were finally catching up with him.

“Or, Edward, you could stay here,” I figured Charlie would have some mercy on his pregnant daughter. “I could tell him.” My stomach churned again.

“No, Bella.” Edward said firmly. But then, he smiled and his eyes softened statistically. “Bella,” he whispered, if he could cry there would undoubtedly be a tear in his eye. “Were having a baby.” As if I didn’t know that. He pulled me on to the seat with him and took my hand in his. He directed both our hands toward my chest, towards my beating heart, but, then he moved downward and rested them on my stomach. I was getting chills that had nothing to do with the iciness of Edward’s skin.

He ducked his head slightly to kiss my stomach. He looked up and smiled at me. “I love you,” It took me a second to realize that I had whispered those words, not him.

“I love you too.” Edward smiled, then seemed to get back to reality (I wish we didn’t have to, reality was so overrated compared to this) and put on a brave face. “Alright, Bella,” It’s time to tell your parents.’ He opened the door and walked out.

Parents. With an s. As in plural. Oh, God. Not Renee. Surely, Charlie would call her. I’d rather her not hear the words out of my mouth. I felt my stomach churn even worse now.

I followed Edward up the steps. When I got there (which was quite a while after him as he was way too fast) he wrapped his arm protectively around my waist. I felt safer, but not much. I don’t think even an indestructible vampire could protect me from Charlie’s wrath.

I could hear the doorbell ring from outside the house. I heard the hurried steps of someone coming to the door. It wasn’t like Charlie to hurry to the door. He couldn’t be expecting us, could he?

Edward pulled me closer and kissed my forehead. I don’t know if that was for my reassurance or his, but either way, it wasn’t nearly enough.

Edward pulled me almost too tightly to him, as the urgent steps got closer. The door creaked open violently, and I was immediately enveloped in a huge hug. “Bella! Oh, Bella,” that’s weird it wasn’t Charlie. I pulled away just enough to realize exactly who it was. It was Renee.

I was completely dazed. Why didn’t Edward tell me? I had to break the new to both my parents! My stomach was now churning fervently and constantly. I wasn’t fully aware with what was going on around me. Though I could hear Charlie’s lazy footsteps coming towards the door.

“Renee,” Edward’s velvety voice was trying to do Jasper’s job. I thought vaguely that this would be so much easier if we brought him.

“Oh! Edward, it’s so great to see you!” Renee was way too cheerful for my stomach.

“What brings you to Forks?” Edward was stalling until I could think clearly enough. I guess the fact that he was supporting my full weight gave it away.

“Oh, you know, this and that,’ Renee said vaguely. “I was actually hoping to drop in on you two.”

I heard Charlie’s grumbles as he saw Edward’s arm around my waist. “Hello, Charlie.”

“Hello, Edward.” He was still eyeing my waist, but he was obviously delighted to see me.

“Bella and I came with some news,” Edward strategically made his way in the door without seeming intruding or urgent. I couldn’t help but admire it.

“Please, come in, sit down,” Renée was almost jumping with joy. Edward pulled me to the living room and onto the couch. He grabbed the remote and turned the TV. off. Charlie muttered something inaudible.

“We actually have some er…interesting news…” Edward began, I grumbled. “Right, Bella?”

“Yeah,” my stomach was now flipping mirthlessly. “We have,” I swallowed, “great news.” Edward placed his hand on my stomach and I felt my bones almost melt in spite of the circumstances.

“Mom, Dad,” I breathed. “I—we—are having…” my stomach did one huge flop. “A baby.” I heard a gasp from Renée that was both delighted and horrified and only silence from Charlie before my stomach couldn’t take much more…and I threw up. Then, before I had much say, everything went black.