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Edward has always been the picture of calm, always knows what to do, what to say, but there is one thing that unnerves him... His smile was more blinding than the glare. I smiled back, feeling lucky to be his, and only his. Forever.P.S. The banner picture is an actual picture of a place near Forks (Clallam Bay) where I pictured the setting


5. Forever Dreaming

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“Bella?” A deep voice wasn’t calling my name, for it was nearby…close enough to be right next to me—my head snapped to either side of me—there was no one there. “Bellaaa….” Now it was calling me, slightly farther away. The deep voice was so familiar, so….nostalgic about it. There was something in that voice that I longed for. It wasn’t Edward’s, I was sure of that.

“Bella,” I twitched. My stomach grumbled slightly, I groaned.

“Who is it?” I almost yelled as I took in my surroundings. Trees surrounded me on all sides, there were small, dirty clearings sprawled out randomly. It was a forest. A forest? The trees were ripe and green, but somehow…blurry, not fully there, and it seemed to be sinking away; I seemed to be sinking away. The forest was inching slowly out of my reach, I tried to catch my balance on a tree, but it slipped out of my grasp “I’m right here!” The voice was inside my head now, but I wanted to answer. I wanted it—he to know that I was okay. That I was there.

“Bella, love,” this voice was soft, angelic, tender. It was Edward’s. “Bella, love,” He sounded worried. He should be, I was alone in the forest hearing voices, and I couldn’t see anyone.

“Wha—” My head shot up. “Ow!” My head hit something rock-hard and it started throbbing ominously.

“Oh, Bella, love, I’m sorry.” I felt Edward pull me towards him and a light flickered on beside us, I squinted, getting used to the new, ridiculously bright light. I looked around me; I figured I had hit my head on Edward. I checked out the window, it was still pitch black.

“Ah, what time is it?” I rubbed my head and eyes, glancing up at Edward, he looked worried.

“It’s twelve,” Edward was giving me a strange look; he was searching my face for something.

He pulled me closer and kissed the top of my head. “Are you alright?” He put his finger to my chin and tilted it towards his face, it was full of…. not worry, hurt maybe?

“I—yeah, why?” I yawned.

“You,” Edward almost trailed off for a second, “you were saying his—Jacob’s—name.” He choked out. He wasn’t crying, but there was some sort of sorrow in his voice. Like what I…was saying, apparently, was an affront. Jake! That’s who it was, in my dream. He was the one who had been calling me.

“Was I?” I was being serious, I honestly wasn’t aware that it was him.

He dropped his head slightly, he didn’t believe me. “Yeah,” his voice was a little raspy. Despite the circumstances, I thought how incredibly sexy it sounded. “You were.” His head turned up to me. I pushed my legs against his, shivering, so I could reach his lips with mine.

I pulled away, but only to see Edward’s face, he was grinning his gorgeous little crooked grin. I smiled back. My silent apology. “I love you, Bella,” his voice was still a little raspy, but this time from lust, not worry.

“I love you too,” I tried to match the gleam in his eyes; it was so beautiful coming from the two already glittering topaz pools of his.

“Bed.” Said Edward simply, he turned his face away, possibly to hide the reluctance in his eyes.

“I’m not tired.” I tried to sound indignant, but I was, yet again, thwarted by those swimming, never-ending, topaz basins.

He smiled at my persistence; he didn’t want me to go to sleep either. He was fighting with himself as much as he was with me. “But that baby of yours does.” He tightened his arm around my waist, pulling me against his cold, rock-hard chest. Edward craned his head down swiftly, playfully and kissed my bare stomach. I giggled.

I couldn’t think of a smart, much less a snappy, retort, but thought better of it. I swooped down and kissed his stomach beneath his shirt. I liked that comeback a lot better. He chuckled, bringing my face up to his. He inched nearer and nearer to my lips with his, close enough for me to feel his breath on mine, mingling in midair. He closed his eyes, I followed suit. “Bella,’ he whispered.

“Mmmm,” I could barely mumble.

“Bed.” I could feel the tone of finality on his lips from here, but refused to give in.

“Edward. I don’t want bed. I want you.” I tried to get that same finality in my voice, it almost worked.

His lips broke into a smile. “Mmm, Bella,” He breathed, closing his eyes. It wasn’t a yes, but it wasn’t a no either. I had learned to take that as a victory. He leaned back onto his pillow, blissfully. He put his hand to my stomach, cautiously, trying not to pass on his icy body temperature. “A baby.” He almost mouthed it but I caught it. I smiled leaning back with him.

“A baby.” I said back. I was, in all honesty, not only getting used to the idea of a baby, I was a bit excited.

“I love you. So much.” Edward turned to look in my eyes, I almost melted. “I love this baby,” he glanced at my stomach, and hastily caught my eye once again. “So much.” He closed his eyes again.

“Mmm.” I reposed myself, kissing his chest. “Edward?” I asked as if he was asleep. We both knew the answer to that. “What is it that Alice is planning?” That wasn’t what I meant to ask, but it’s what came out of my mouth.

Edward shifted a bit beneath me, “I don’t know,” he smiled. “Even if I did, where’s the fun in that?” He smiled. I scoffed.

I leaned back against him again, feeling, treasuring his skin beneath mine. “Edward?” I buried my face in his neck.


“Do you….have you ever, um, thought about kids, you know, before?” I was stuttering. I don’t know why.

Edward, as he always did, took his time answering. He breathed in and out (unnecessarily); he took my hand in his, and planted a kiss on top of my head, before he even seemed to give the answer a thought. He probably wanted me to fall asleep first. Fat chance.

“Yeah,” He answered in a surprisingly quiet voice. “Yeah, I did.” He pulled my eyes up to his. “A lot. I thought I’d never have it, I didn’t want it, but only because it was something I couldn’t—or thought I couldn’t—have. Ever.” He took a deep breath. “Bella, you have, for the second time, achieved the seemingly impossible.” His voice was full of admiration, something I didn’t think I could ever hear out of Edward’s mouth, he was the admirable one, the one to look up to. Yet, he acted as if I was his sole purpose. I remembered that I was.

“Did you…imagine it?” I asked, genuinely curious. “Your life, with a baby.” I was a bit skeptical. Edward was usually so…independent, for lack of a better word; he never seemed to be the one to be tied down. But, I guess that was what he wanted, being, finally, married.

“I did.” He said simply. He gave a small, soft chuckle. “You’d never believe what I did think up.” His shoulders shook a bit with silent laughter.