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Edward and Bella go sledding

Just a funny cute little oneshot about Bella's balance problems in combination with a sled. Oh, and lots of dialouge.

Disclaimer: NOT MINE. Got it?

1. Chapter 1

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"Bella, get your hat, mittens, boots, coat, and snow pants on,” said Edward.
"Why?" I asked.
"It's a surprise."
"I don't have snow pants." I said, trying to deter him.
"Well, then I guess we'll have to go buy some."
We drove to Newton's, and when we got there, Edward decided it would be funny to get me some pink snow pants.
Mike was at the checkout, and he laughed. "I never thought of you as a girly-girl."
"Oh, but I so am!" I replied, laying on the sarcasm like butter on bread.
Once we were checked out, Edward drove us to the biggest hill that I've ever seen.
"We're going sledding?" I asked.
He just laughed and went to the back of the car to get the sleds.
"You know, my coordination combined with ice, snow, and sleds is not a good combination." I said.
"Who said you're steering?"
Understanding dawned on me. "You know, if you're steering, there's bound to be lots of speed. I think I'll just stay in the car."
"Silly Bella, forgetting my wonderful coordination." He lifted me out of the car and into the sled. He sat down in front of me.
"AHHH!" I yelled.
"Bella, we're at the bottom."
"Oh. Can I go by myself?"
He looked hurt. "Why?"
"I figured if I'm going sledding, I might as well experience it."
I walked to the top of the hill, and then sat in my sled. I pushed off, then swerved right. Then I flipped around. I looked to the top of the hill and saw Edward laughing. I made a face, making him laugh harder.
"Bella, look out!" Edward yelled.
Suddenly, I ran into something hard and unyielding.
"Ouch," I said.
Edward ran to me. "Bella, are you okay?"
"It could be worse."
"Let's not go sledding anymore,” said Edward. I pouted.
We went home for some hot chocolate, and when Charlie saw my snow pants, he laughed.
“New snow pants?” he said.
“Yes, and we went sledding, too I like the snow pants very much, so don’t make fun.”
He just laughed harder. “You making hot chocolate?”
“Yes. Do you want some?
“Okay.” I replied. Charlie just rolled his eyes.
When I started making the hot chocolate, my hands were shaking so hard that I almost dropped the chocolate.
“You okay, Bella?” asked Edward.
“Yes, just cold.” I said.
“Then I’ll get you a sweatshirt.”
“You-“ I tried to say, but he was already back with my sweatshirt. I put it on gratefully.
Once I was done with the chocolate, the phone rang.
“Hello?” I said.
“Hey, Bella! Mike tells me you bought some pink snow pants.” Said Jessica. Grr.
“Yes, but it was Edward’s idea.” I replied.
“Oh, really? You aren’t a girly- girl?”
“Mike said that you said you were a girly- girl.”
“I was being sarcastic. Mike does not seem to understand that.”
“Oh. Did you go sledding or something?”
“Actually, I did.” I hung up.
The phone rang again. “Hello?”
“Hey, Bella, wanna go sledding?” asked Lauren.