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Bad bear, bad bear, wacha gonna do?

Emmett goes on a hunt, and gets a call that Bella needs a ride to the hospital because all the cars have broken down... but what happens to the bear he was drinking from???

disclaimer: not mine. got it?

1. Chapter 1

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As I finished up with the bear I was feeding on, something flickered at the edge of my vision. Another bear. I turned and took it down, biting its neck. Then my cell phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket and saw that Rose was calling me. “What, Rose?” I asked. “Well, Emmett, we seem to have a problem…” said she. “What is it?” “Bella needs to go to the emergency room, and everyone else’s cars are gone. Come home and drive her there.” “Okay, I’ll be there soon.” “Bye. I love you.” “Bye. Love you too.” We both hung up, and I was already at the car. I drove back to my house and got Bella and Edward because Ed wouldn’t let us leave without him. We got to the ER and Carlisle was there. It turned out that Bella had a dislocated shoulder. “What did you do, anyway, Bella?” I asked. “I fell down the stairs and Edward tried to grab my arm, causing it to dislocate,” she replied. I laughed. And laughed. Then Edward told me to shut up because I was hurting Bella’s feelings. (But he couldn’t have known that because he can’t read her mind.) We went back home, and Edward took Bella home. Jasper and I decided to play Wii. I won, 12 games to 8. Over the next 3 days, we heard some really strange noises coming from the forest, but we thought nothing of them. On Saturday, Alice and Rosalie decided they needed more shoes, so they went shopping. Jasper and I continued to play Wii, and I continued to win. Bella tried to teach Edward how to cook, but that was a wasted attempt. We vampires have a different sense of smell than that of humans, so he couldn’t get the spices right. He tried to cook macaroni and cheese, but Bella says it tasted terrible. Apparently he put cinnamon or something in it. He also tried pancakes, but he put pepper in them. Um.. not so sure why that’s a crime. Because of my lost hunting trip, I had to go hunting again. I chose Sunday to hunt because there weren’t that many humans out on Sundays. They were usually at church. While I was hunting, I came upon a grizzly that didn’t smell appetizing. I wondered what was wrong with me. A grizzly didn’t smell delicious? I needed to go see Carlisle, however, when I went to see him, he said there wasn’t anything wrong with me. I insisted that there must be, grizzly was my favorite and it didn’t smell good? Maybe if I went to see some other animals… I decided to go smell some deer and other delectable choices. They all smelled fine; so good, in fact, that I just had to feed. I had some elk, deer, and even some mountain lion (Edward recommended it.). Again, I ran across the grizzly that didn’t smell good and worried what was wrong with me. I tried to ask Edward, but he was busy with a cooking lesson from Bella.