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Telling Her Goodbye

What was going through Edward's head when he told Bella he was leaving.

This is from Edward's POV. this is the first thing I've ever posted, so I hope turns out okay...

1. Chapter 1

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Tears fill her dark brown eyes.

How can she believe my lies?

Didn't I ever make it clear

How I couldn't live without her near?

And yet she stands there with tears streaming down

Like I tore up her heart and threw it to the ground.

I long to reach out and take her by the hand,

To hold her close and make her understand.

But leaving her is all I can do

To keep her safe through and through.

"Alice is gone?" "Yes." I say.

"I knew a clean break would be the best way."

Then the sky opens and the clouds start to cry

Matching the tears that fall from her eyes.

I hold back her arms and I kiss her head.

I whisper "Take care." Now I'm truly dead.