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The Promise

The night Bella is turned, Jacob feels it. He can feel it in his heart, his mind, and his soul. And he knows then that he has failed.
This is the promise he makes to himself.

Just an idea that popped into my head. Song used is The Promise by Within Temptation. Also, I changed some of the lyrics to fit more perfectly. It isn't really a song fic, I just love to use lyrics. :D

The night Bella is turned, Jacob feels it. He can feel it in his heart, his mind, and his soul. And he knows then that he has failed.

1. Animal

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On behalf of her love
She no longer sleeps
Life had no longer meaning
Nothing to make her stay
She sold her soul away

I held you tight to me
You slipped away
You promised to return to me
And I believed, I believed

After the night she died
I wept my tears until they dried
But the pain stayed the same
I didn't want her to die all in vain
I made a promise to avenge her soul in time
I'll make them bleed down at my feet

. Love. Pain. Happiness. Anger. Bliss. Sadness. Joy. Agony. Questions.

I couldn't stop running. I couldn't. I wouldn't. I shouldn't. If I did, my thoughts caught up to me. My fears. My pain. Whoever said you can't run from your feelings was wrong. If you ran fast enough, swift enough, you most certainly could. And that was what I was doing. Instead of thinking of her, of thinking of her death, I was focusing on the paths of the forest, of nature. There were no hard feelings out here, no misery. Just peace and quiet. Just the tree leaves rustling in the wind, the soothing sound of running water nearby, the smells of the animals, the wood floor feeling soft under the pads of my paws. Distractions. You had to love them.

I didn't know how far I was from home, but there was no turning back now. The shame, the hurt, the anger there would just kill me. But was that really all that bad? I froze, stopped in mid-step. I couldn't think like that, no, I couldn't. I refused to steep that low, to take my own life. Plus, how do you kill a man who instantly heals? It would be years before I would be able to even get a cut. I would have to stop phasing, which I couldn't imagine, and then age. Years. Months. Weeks. If I had to wait that long just to be human, why not just live it out? I could always give myself to them. Them. The monsters. Would that be a dignified way to die? I did not know. To give yourself to your enemy could be brave, courageous. Noble, even. But did I really want to show weakness? To give them the satisfaction of killing me, to give him the glory of taking my life? I knew the only one in my pack that would ever volunteer to kill me would be bitter Leah, and personally, I would rather have him kill me than her. She was too bitter, too bitchy, not to be rude.

I skittered to a slow stop outside of a small house in the middle of the woods. It was tiny, a log cabin, with piles of logs outside used for firewood. I narrowed my eyes, I guess you really were supposed to expect anything while in the Montana wilderness. I shook my long coat of fur out, gazing at the lone house. I could hear snippets of murmurs coming from the inside as I huddled low. The front door swung open, revealing a girl about my age. She was beautiful and as soon as I thought it, I wanted to strangle myself. She wasn't her. She wasn't Bella. The girl wrapped her jacket around her tightly, the cool winter air blowing around her. Her light, sandy colored hair fell in waves down her back and her wide apart light green eyes traveled across the lawn. She skipped down the steps, pulling her black gloves on. She had several freckles spread across her face with a small rounded nose. She was perfect. I yelped, mad at myself. This was impossible! This was outrageous! How could I suddenly imprint when I was deciding how to lose my life?

At the sound of my yelp, her head whipped towards where I hid in the underbrush, covered by darkness. Her gorgeous eyes squinted slightly as she continued her walk to the pile of logs. She bent down and picked one, two, three logs up and stood up straight. My heart pounded in my throat, almost wanting her to discover me. I instantly knew I could love her, give myself whole to her. I would never forget Bella, but as I watched this stunning woman move around her yard I knew I could move on. A thought that had seemed impossible to me just minutes ago.

She waddled up to the steps, the weight of the logs affecting her, and I watched as she closed the door. I heard her tell someone inside that she thought there was a wild animal out front. I frowned as an older man, her father I presume, nodded and walked to the door. He picked up a rifle and opened the door wide open. I took it as my cue to leave. I would be back though, I knew it. I turned around and trotted away, gaining ground as I felt sleepiness seep into my bones. I needed a place to rest. I felt the branches scrape against my coat and skin, the scratches instantly healing. Such pain. Such agony. Bella leaving me, me leaving her. Her. I didn't even know her name. Fate. That's what this was. Fate was what led Bella to him, led me to her. It seemed strange that when I was in such agony, I would fall in love.

I froze. Pain. Had I somehow been hurt? I felt a sharp burst of pain in my neck, in my legs. A howl escaped my lips, tortured as icy pain raced through my veins. What was going on? I sniffed, no blood. It was internal. Fear released itself into my brain. Was I dying? Was I going to leave this world, just after I had found my imprint? Was life truly going to be so cruel? Where was justice in love? Where was love in justice? Another howl pierced the sky as I lifted my head. My stomach twisted in knots, and I felt weak. I fell to the ground, in pure misery. And that's when I knew. That's when I snarled, viciously, at the thought. She was being killed. She was being changed. She was being turned into a monster. Somehow, we were linked. I could feel it in my heart, my mind, and my soul. She was dying, though she wouldn't leave this world for eternity.

The pain went on for days. One. Two. Three. The icy venom that wasn't really there, was just an illusion, but it felt more than real. It felt horrifying. I almost expected myself to wake up after three days and be a bloodthirsty fiend. But I wasn't. I was still me. I was still Jacob Black, werewolf, protector, friend, son, brother. I couldn't help my mind from racing to thinking what she was doing. Right now. With them. With him. Was she hunting? I hated to think of her drinking blood, of killing something. Was she still accustoming to it? To being a monster? Was she continuing to live normally, just as a bloodsucker? I sighed, I knew I would never know.

An image of the girl flashed before my eyes. Her light green eyes, shining brilliantly, her sandy colored hair flowing in long waves down her narrow back, her full pink lips stretched into a lovely smile. I knew that even though I was destined to love this girl, I would kill the bloodsucker that killed Bella. I knew it was wrong, to take her happiness away from her, but I would kill him anyway. He deserved to burn in hell after all he had done. He deserved to be ripped apart, and put down. And I would do just that. And then I would do the same to Bella, because she wasn't the same. No, not anymore. She was just like him, a murderer, a monster, a leech.

I would savor the day I would get the chance to rip him limb from limb and burn him to ashes. And I would wait for it. I didn't care if I turned ninety before I got the time, I would phase and kill him. Mercilessly. An animal deserves to be put down like an animal, and that's how I was going to slaughter him. Like a monster, a demon, an animal.

I promise.

I held you tight to me
But you slipped away
You promised to return to me
And I believed

Sometimes I wonder
Could I have known about their true intentions?
As the pain stayed the same
I'm going to haunt them down all the way
I made a promise to avenge her soul in time
One by one they were surprised