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Wanna Bet?

most people write a story on Edward's and Bella's POV ...but mine is on Alice's POV

ok this is my first story so i hope you like it... i will try to get more stories up soon... sadly i do not own twilight it belongs to stephenie meyer.. only the idea of this story is mine...

1. A New Face At Forks High

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 560   Review this Chapter

I kept glancing over at Edward wandering why he had such an urge to stare at a complete stranger. But as far as I could tell he was probably reading someone's mind. I met my gaze with the target he was staring at. It turned out to be someone new. Someone I had never seen at Forks High School. Then it hit me, this must have been Isabella Swan. Our new student. I could see in his eyes that Edward was upset for some reason so I decided to take his mind of what ever it was. How is he doing? I thought in my head. Edward gave me a look that told me Jasper was thinking it again. Just as Edward read my thought which was imagining horrible things Jasper could be thinking, he kicked Jasper's chair to let him know to ease up on his idea. That made me feels a little better since he now wasn't thinking what ever he was before. But it still worried me that he wasn't completely satisfied with this life style.

I leaped up to go dump my tray of untouched food. It was just an accessory that we used to fill the human role. As I walked toward the trash can I noticed that Edward had gone back to staring at Isabella Swan. I wander what he found so interesting in her?

When I arrived back at the table everyone decided to head off to class, even though it would only take us two seconds if we ran, we had to walk to fill the human role again. As I started to walk off, I saw that annoyed look in Edward's eyes again, like something was strongly bothering him. Maybe he just needed to go hunting. No, I knew Edward better than that and it was something else that was bothering him.

While skipping off to class I thought of all the possibilities that could be bothering Edward. It was a little hard to focus, though. Everyone was talking about the new girl, Isabella, but it turned out that she preferred to be called Bella. So far the story was that a girl named Bella Swan moved here to live with her father Charlie Swan, who was the police chief. It also seemed to be that a lot of boys were mushy gushy over her, but none of them probably knew what real love was. What special connection I had with Jasper.

As I took my seat, I knew it would be another boring algebra lesson that I had already learned at least twenty times. But that changed soon enough when I started seeing horrible things. Why would Edward do such a thing? Jasper was the only one of my family who would think something like that. But still he would never actually try to devour a human. He would be too afraid to release our secret. Why did Edward want to do this? He was always the best at controlling his thirst, besides Carlisle. Hopefully he would be alright until the end of class when I could get to him. I mean I couldn't just leave in the middle of class. The teacher would notice that I just disappeared! But knowing my brother he would control the monster inside him as much as possible.