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Bella's Second Chance

There are many big decisions when it comes to planning a wedding. Maid of honor, Best man, who comes, who doesn't, what happens whens certain people show up,all things that this time you get to decide. In the end it'll be your story, not mine. I NEED YOUR VOTE!!! YOU VOTE COULD BE THE ONE THAT CHANGES MY STORY!!!!!! MY FATE IS IN YOUR HANDS!!HELP!!!!!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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17. Chapter 16 Part Two

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Chapter 16 Part Two

BElla's POV

Is this my fault? Is all this really my fault? Esme's hurt. Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Carlisle are all risking everything for me. This never would have happened if I didn't get involved. If I had just followed Edward's advice and left him alone, we wouldn't be here. Esme would be fine, and everyone would be at home safely minding there own business. None of this would have happened. We wouldn't have had to fly all over the world trying to avoid the Volturi only to be trapped by them in a little old hospital that doesn't have lights!

Edward hisses loudly one more time. Aro and Jane hiss back simultaneously. Edward then stands up. He's back to human Edward, not so scary. He turns his back on Aro and takes a step towards me, his eyes focused on me.

"Bella," He says taking another step or two towards me. That's when Aro pounces. He leaps in the air straight towards Edward, aiming to clobber him in the back. Edward moves to quick though, he slides to the left letting Aro land on nothing but the hard floor. "That was a nice try, but you forgot something." Aro groans. "I can read minds."

Aro groans again and then staggers up. Jasper then extends his hand and pushes Aro into the now visible wall. The wall behind Aro's head cracks more and more as Japer pushes harder and harder. Then jasper pushes him down to the ground and lets him go.

"You pull another stunt like that and I won't let go." He says and turns back to the line of fire, in between Alice and Carlisle. Aro stumbles to his feet.

A hand slips around my waist and I want to scream but then I realize it's just Edward. He kisses me lightly on the cheek before he whispers in my ear.

"I love you more than anything. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme, they all do. Don't you dare feel guilty about us being here. We love you and all we want to do is protect you."

"But Edward, maybe it's time." He gives me a confused look. "Maybe we should end this whole thing with the Volturi."

"That's what I plan on doing." He says turning back to them. I stop him.

"What I mean is don't you think things would be...easier if you...changed me." His eyes turn from comforting to harsh. "They would stop wouldn't they?"

"They might, but if they don't then what was the point of killing you?" His words are spit out; clearly he doesn't want to explore this option.

"But if they do then things will go back to normal. Not to mention you won't be killing me, we'll be together forever this way." I look at him pleadingly.

"That is our last resort, our last option, only if there's no other way." He says and turns back to Aro who's now standing next to Jane like he's totally fine. Edward takes each step slowly as he makes his way across the room back to the others.

I look down to Esme. She's still unconscious. Guilt washes over me, it's all my fault. Suddenly I'm soothed and I silently thank Jasper. Multiple hisses and screeches bring me back to the real world. Jacob howls.

I really think that my way is the best. No one will get hurt and we can just go home. Edward doesn't want it to happen like this and admittedly that's not how I pictured it either but I still think that it's the best way, the only way.

Jacob's POV

Jane hisses back at me. I can't stand her. She's not who I thought she was. She lied to me, to everyone. I can't let her live after putting Bella and everyone else through this. She has to die. She moves quickly to my left, then to my right, trying to confuse me maybe? I'm not sure, all I know is that if I don't pounce now, she's going to live.

And that can't happen.

I bark as I leap through the air straight to her she jumps behind me. We've switched places.

"You like playing games...dog?" I growl at her and attack again clawing her. She doesn't escape me this time. She's under me pushing against me trying to break free, hissing and screeching. I silence her with my paw, slamming her face into the ground, she kicks and I claw and bite. But no major injuries can occur before Aro comes to save her.

He pushes me off her and as much as I would like to pounce and kill both of them I know I'm out numbered. I can't take both of them.

"Stupid dog." Jane says brushing off the dirt and dust from the floor. I want to kill her so bad. I don't think I can wait. That's when I see that I'm not alone. Alice, Carlisle and Jasper come into view. They can help, even if they are leeches.

I focus all my attention on Jane and Aro and more importantly how I'm going to get them. Out of no where comes a big body hurtles itself at Aro, bringing him down with it. He pushes him down to the ground and holds his head there. Emmett pushes harder and harder as the ground breaks. Jane starts screaming and trying to get Emmett off of him but Emmett doesn't budge. That's when I see my chance. I back up and then start running at top speed as fast as I can, straight at Jane.

Bella's POV

Jacob clobbers her and quickly starts biting at her trying to defeat her. Alice and Jasper help Emmett tear Aro to pieces while Edward and Carlisle help Jacob. Soon, it's nothing but chaos. Hisses and screeches, howls and barks envelope me. Suddenly I hear a gasp and it's close, very close. Esme.

She sits up slowly and tries to take in the horrible scene.

"What's going on?" She asks lightly touching her head.

"Are you ok?" I say kneeling by her side. She nods and I don't take my eyes off of her simply because I don't even want to know what's going on. She gasps. My head shoots to look simply because I can't bear not to.

Aro looks like he's given up. He lays there motionless. Jane on the other hand with never gives up. She keeps lashing out trying to get someone. She gets no one until her arms claw out at Edward. She claws at him tearing his shirt and pushing him away. Edward tries to stay close and to fight back but she uses her legs to trip him and she sticks out her hand and punches him as he falls. His gorgeous body lands on the ground. HE rolls slightly so he's on his back but he doesn't get up...his eyes are closed.

And suddenly so are mine.

Jacob's POV

There's a small thud behind us and I whip around to see what's going on. All I see is Bella on the ground. Esme is beside her lifting her head and fanning her. She passed out. But why? What happened? Is she OK? That's when I see Edward lying on the ground too. He's on his back but I can tell he's not getting up anytime soon. Jane is still desperately tying to get away, to win, but I know she won't. I won't let her. Emmett has come over to help us defeat her. She's almost completely hopeless except that she keeps using her pain thing on everyone trying to get them off of her. Emmett struggles through it, Alice is already down. Jasper and Carlisle are helping Emmett, trying to save him. Jasper struggles to get Emmett off of her and Carlisle takes over, pinning her to the ground. Now it's my chance, my turn. I have to do it.

I have to finish her off, by any means necessary.

I slowly walk up to the struggling vampires and nudge Carlisle. I look at him, trying to tell him that I got it. He nods and slowly lets go, making sure I have her under control. I stand over her and she stops for a second and focuses on me. Then I feel it. The sharp piercing ain is back. It cuts through me, making it's way through my entire body. I howl in pain and then try to focus on what I need to do. I go straight for her neck and as I bite harder she screams louder and concentrates on my pain, cutting through me deeper. I only bite harder. She concentrates harder. It's a viscous circle and I can only hope it ends in my favor...

Bella's POV

I awake suddenly to almost complete silence. No one talks. No one moves. It's like someone hit the pause button. I sit up and look around. Esme is awake and sitting next to me, but her attention is over towards the center of the room. Jacob and Jane are lying there, motionless. Everyone's staring at them in shock. What just happened? I stand up and move towards the center next to Jacob. I put my hand on his chest. His heart is beating fast, and his breathing is slow.

"Carlisle!" I say through the tears that are now pouring rapidly. Carlisle comes to my side and looks at Jacob.

"He's going to be ok," Carlisle says calmly, "But only if we get him out of here right now." He says signaling Emmett.

Emmett comes over and scooped up the giant, shaggy dog. I try to control my tears. A hand slips around my waist and I look up to see Edward, standing whole. Despite my tears I can't help but smile and jump into his arms. I hug him long and hard, never wanting to let go. Edward rubs my back and kisses my forehead. I don't think I've ever been more grateful that he exists. Eventually we walk over to the multiple cabs and I see everyone is standing, except Jacob.

We separate into the cars and go straight to the vet, because Jake's still in dog form. We all sit and wait in the waiting room. It's been hours and each hour I get more and more worried. I fall asleep leaning next to Edward at one point but I wake almost instantly because of the dreams of Jacob's funeral and grave. Eventually the vet comes back to the waiting room, we all stand ready for the news, good or bad.

That's when a large shaggy dog comes in, wagging his tail. I run to him and hug him, overjoyed that he's alive. He licks my face. Instead of getting mad I just laugh and hug him again.

"We were expecting to have to keep him for a couple of days with those kinds of wounds, but he recovered amazingly quick." The vet says. Carlisle shakes his hand and thanks him then he leaves. We all walk out to the rental cars that Carlisle got. Before we get in Jacob quickly changes back into human form and moves to get in, I stop him. I hug him so tightly I doubt he can breathe. I'm sure Edward gave some nasty looks to him right there but I don't care. I'm just glad they're alive.

We all survived.