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Bella's Second Chance

There are many big decisions when it comes to planning a wedding. Maid of honor, Best man, who comes, who doesn't, what happens whens certain people show up,all things that this time you get to decide. In the end it'll be your story, not mine. I NEED YOUR VOTE!!! YOU VOTE COULD BE THE ONE THAT CHANGES MY STORY!!!!!! MY FATE IS IN YOUR HANDS!!HELP!!!!!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget to vote!! VOTE AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!!

2. Chapter 2

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I close my eyes. It's done, finished. Relief washes over me. just as quickly as it's there though it's overcome by nerves. I have no clue what I'm nervous about, but I know that I am. I'm nervous.

I open my eyes to see stunned faces. i count two jaws dropped, one pair of bug eyes, and one head looking into it's lap very intently. Alice doesn't look up. I know I crushed her. I know that if I saw her face right now it would kill me.

"Alice" I whisper. The others slowly trickle out. One by one they leave and soon enough there's just the two of us.

"Alice" I say louder this time," I think we need to talk."

"What's there to talk about? You picked Rosalie." her words aren't harsh but the way she says them makes me want to wince.

"I want you to know why I picked Rosalie." She doesn't say anything ad to me that's invitation enough to go on. "Alice, you would have been the best bridesmaid in the world. You would have made that day perfect. You would have been amazing. Brides everywhere would want you for their maid of honor."

She looks up, not saying anything, but her eyes speak for her.They have a look of pure hope and desire. She wants this so bad. I hate having to tell her that she's not going to be want she wants most. My maid of honor.

Once again she doesn't say anything and so I continue.

"I didn't pick you because I knew this. I knew you would be perfect. I know this because I trust you. I trust you because your my best friend."

At this her face lights up.

"Really?" She says this as though I just told her she won the lottery and could be my maid of honor.

"Yes! Of course!" I say glad that she's happy. "Why are you so surprised?"

"Well I've never really had a best friend. When I was human I was exactly miss popular. I was nerd. And here we kind of don't fit in. We don't have a lot of friends except for each other, which in my mind doesn't count. We're not friends, we're family. Yous saying I'm your best friend mean a lot to me."

"Well. Alice, you being here, being my best friend means a lot to me." We hug at this mushy moment.

"So, go on." Alice says, and this time I think she wants to know out of pure curiosity.

"Sure," I say, "Well, I trust you because we're best friends, and Rosalie and I aren't. We're not even friends. We're more like.....distant cousins. You know what I mean?"

She nods so I continue,

"I think that since I made her my maid of honor, we might be able to get closer. We could be friends. We cloud be like sisters. I'm not saying this will fix all of our problems. I just think that we could get along better. and I think this will help that."

Alice seems to think a moment and then says something that truly surprises me.

"I think that's great." She's smiling and sincere too.

"Really?" I ask truly surprised.

"Yes, I think it will be fun being able to all hang out together." As she says this she has a twinkle inher eye that tells me she really can't wait for the day when we;ll all be sitting somewhere, as sisters.

"All better?" Emmett says poking his head in the door way, a few minutes later.

"Yes!" We both say, laughing. We're back to our normal, best friends selves.

Emmett comes in pulling Rosalie with him.They sit together with Rosalie resting her head on Emmett's chest.

Jasper comes in a playfully pulls Alice to the ground. They giggle and then lean against the wall with Jasper's arm around her waist.

Edward eventually comes in and I find myself smiling big as always.

"Everything fixed?" He whispers.

"Never been better." I say. Edward sits next to me and pulls me onto his lap. We sit comfortably. We whisper to each other about nothing important. I notice that that's exactly what the others are doing.

Carlisle and Esme wander in. They sit together and while they're not like us, cuddling. I notice that they hold hands and whisper to each other.

Alice and Jasper start to whisper faster and giggle more. they clearly came up with something funny.

"I was thinking the same thing!" Jasper whispers loudly so everyone will hear.

"I just don't know!" Alice whispers then giggles.

"Who could it be?" Jasper says smiling and looking straight at Edward.

I notice Edward's expression changes. It's cold and hard, like his skin.He clearly knows what's going on, and doesn't like it.

"What is it?" Carlisle asks hoping they'll clue the rest of us in.

"We were wondering who's going to be the best man?"