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Bella's Second Chance

There are many big decisions when it comes to planning a wedding. Maid of honor, Best man, who comes, who doesn't, what happens whens certain people show up,all things that this time you get to decide. In the end it'll be your story, not mine. I NEED YOUR VOTE!!! YOU VOTE COULD BE THE ONE THAT CHANGES MY STORY!!!!!! MY FATE IS IN YOUR HANDS!!HELP!!!!!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget to vote!! VOTE AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!!

3. Chapter 3

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I squeeze his hand. I know how hard it is. It's probably even harder for him. He's been through so much, with both of them. He'd probably end up crushing one of them, no matter who he chooses. That's rough. I can't believe I was comparing my situation to his. His is worse, way, WAY, worse.

"Jasper." He whispers.

Emmett looks down to his lap, just as Alice did. I know that Edward is hurting inside. I know how that feels. To let someone you love down is crushing. I think Edward might even be in more pain than Emmett.

"Emmett, I'm sorry." Edward whispers. " I would have loved to have you be the best man."

"Yeah dude, it's fine" Emmett says, trying to act cool. He ‘s trying to make it seem like he's not hurt, that it didn't matter.

But I think Everyone here knows that's not true. Emmett's really just a teddy bear. I bet it hurts to crush a teddy bear.

We all sit in silence. No one dares to speak. Edward just holds my hand. He doesn't look away from Emmett. I can tell Emmett's telling him how he really feels. Emmett's crushed and Edward know exactly what he's thinking.

"I think that would be perfect." Edward says smiling. Everyone looks around to see if they missed something.
"Bella," Edward says turning to me. "Don't you think that it would be fantastic if Emmett was the one who married us?"

"You can do that?!" Rosalie asks turning to Emmett, shocked as me.

"I can get a certificate online, after 2 weeks. I can be the minister. I'll be standing up there with you guys and I'll be the one saying, ‘You may now kiss the bride.'"

He puts on a funny tone, at the end. He sounds like a boring old minister that we interviewed last week. Edward and I laugh harder than the others and don't bother to explain.

"That's perfect!" I say when everyone settles down. "I can't wait!"

Everyone else goes n about how fun it will be. Edward pulls me toward him. He kisses my neck and then whispers in my ear,

"Me neither".

Later on we get onto the subject of the rest of the wedding party. Obviously the bridesmaids are going to be Alice, Jessica, and Angela. But everyone seems to fight over the ushers.

"Mike!" someone shouts and we all laugh.

"Eric!" Another one shouts.

"What about that dog?" Emmett says, "The one you hate, what's his name, Jacob?" everyone cracks up at this. Edward inviting Jacob to be a usher. Creepy.

Edward then turns to me and gives me a serious look.
"I'll do it." He grabs my hand, and everyone else's attention. " I know how much he means to you. I know it would mean a lot to you if he was there. He's your best friend.

"I don't know if-" I start. He tugs my hand and I listen to him.

"We don't have a whole lot of candidates. If you want him there, I'll do it. I'll have him be a usher, but only if that's really what you want."