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Bella's Second Chance

There are many big decisions when it comes to planning a wedding. Maid of honor, Best man, who comes, who doesn't, what happens whens certain people show up,all things that this time you get to decide. In the end it'll be your story, not mine. I NEED YOUR VOTE!!! YOU VOTE COULD BE THE ONE THAT CHANGES MY STORY!!!!!! MY FATE IS IN YOUR HANDS!!HELP!!!!!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!

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9. Chapter 9

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Bella's POV

"Can't you tell me now?" I ask as we pull up to the airport.

"Are we there?" Edward asks me in his silky voice.

"No" I say and then correct myself, "At least I don't think so. Are we?" I can't keep the concern out of my voice.

"No" Edward chuckles.. I smile at him. He laughs harder.

"What?" I ask.

"You should have seen your face." He says and gets out of the nice cool limo still laughing. I climb out behind him.

We get our luggage and head to baggage check. We check our three bags. I had to bring two because I had no idea what to pack, I didn't know if it was going to be shorts or hats and coats! I packed everything I can think of and I probably won't even compare to Edward who I'm sure has a suitcase that's filled with perfectly planned clothes. Courtesy of Alice of course.

We head off to security as I try to figure out where we're going.
"What time are we leaving?" I ask as we walk by the screens and screens filled with flight times.

"I'm not telling you." Edward says as he grabs my hand and pulls me forward and away from anything that could ruin the surprise. We walk hand in hand to the security area. We don't break our embrace until we have to take off our shoes, jackets and watches, etc. Edward sheds nothing but his coat and shoes.'

"Phone" I remind him.

"I didn't bring it." He explains. "Too much of a distraction."

He glides perfectly through the metal detector and then collects his things. He does this so speedily and so perfectly that I am not even through the detector before he's already got his stuff. I collect my thing and we walk to the gate.

I holed my breath each time we walk next to a gate. I read the signs for where they're going and look at Edward after each one. Each time he just keeps walking. Eventually we get to gate 27. I look at the sign and it's blank.

"Are you kidding me?!" I say to Edward who just smile and makes his way over to an empty row of seats. I follow.

"Can you tell me now?" I ask sitting next to him and leaning into him. I smile at him with pleading eyes. "Please?" I ask.

Edward smiles and chuckles. He opens his mouth to say something and for an instant I think he's really going to tell me, but then he says,

Jacob's POV

"This is good." She says as she licks her lips, cleaning them of their chocolate ice cream. We're back to the same little parlor we were at a couple of weeks ago, when we were on our first date. Lately though, we've been inseperable.

"It is." I mutter before I take another spoonful in. I slowly swallow it and then I look at her. She looks back and I realize her much her eyes are green. They're almost too green. What's with that?

I open my mouth to ask her but she says something before I can.

"Jacob" She grabs my hands. "I know this sounds insane, but.;..I don't know.. I have this feeling...like we're meant to be." She looks at me and her eyes are filled with wist and suddenly worry.

"Oh god" She says her voice filled with worry too.

"What?!" I ask.

"I didn't scare you did I? I don't want you to think I'm...to forward! I don't want you to run away." She looks down at her ice cream

"I won't" I say. I gently tug on her hand and she looks up at me. "I will never leave you...Unless you want me to." A picture of Bella flashes in my mind. I push it out.

"I'll never want you to leave me." she says and leans back. I realize that we were leaning in and that our faces were inches away. I don't lean back. I motion for her to lean back in, like I want to tell her a secret. She does and I smile big.

"Good." I say and gently kiss her soft pink lips.

Bella's POV

We sit and wait until our desk assistant comes. I look at Edward, whose frozen in his seat. I stand up and march over to her desk before Edward can stop me, which basically emans that I ran up to the desk.

"Hi" I say and she smile back and says ‘hi' back.

"This may sound insane...but where is this flight going?"
"What do you mean?" She asks utterly confused.

"Where is the finale destination?" A small amount of annoyance may have slipped into my voice.

"The plane will land in Prince George At 4:30."

"Prince George?"

"In Canada." She says and turns away from me. I don't move.

Canada?! We're going to Canada?! I'm so excited, I can't breathe! I see me and Edward walking around Prince George with nothing to do but talk and have fun all day. We won't have to worry about anyone finding out about Edward. We won't to worry about anything. At all.

I walk back to our row of seats and I can't help but smile. Edward smiles big too.

"Do you like it?" He asks. He's almost as excited as me.

I can do nothing but nod, I'm smiling too big. HE nods with me and hugs me. He's cold and hard but I've never been so happy in my life.

We make it to Prince George only half and hour late we take a cab to the local five star hotel( to my great surprise). We get a suite (to my greater surprise) and we sleep. Or rather I sleep. When I wake up though Edward is sitting in the chair next to the bed. He's looking at me. He's smiling. I smile back.

"What?" I asks as he chuckles.

"You have no idea how many time you said ‘Edward' or ‘I love you.'" He chuckles again and I turn red.

The phone rings and Edward jumps up and gets it. He answers with his cool voice. I slip out of bed and stand next to him.

"It's for you." Edward says giving me a curious look. I'm just as confused as him.

"Hello?" I ask into the phone.

"Hello." The voice answers.