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Full Moon

This story starts a month after Eclipse ends, and talks about what Bella will do with Jacob, because he is obviously having trouble letting go. Will she pull an Edward on him, (as if I never existed), or will Jacob get over it on his own, maybe imprinting along the way? Or maybe, just maybe, she'll run off with him and live her life as a 'wolf girl' instead of a 'vampire girl'. Or will the Volturi get her first?

I got quite a few of my ideas for my story from another fanfiction called Consequences, by helloeverybody, posted on www.bellaandedward.com, but I also received some of my ideas from my friend Kara, who is not currently a member of this site, but is, like me, an avid follower of the Twilight series. We come up with the ideas together, and then I write the story. She is also my editor, so I would like to thank both her and helloeverybody for their ideas and their input.

3. Chapter 3

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Edward’s Point of view

The speedometer edged past 150 mph as I sped up impatiently. Jacob could be doing anything to her right now. I passed the school and raced down the road toward Chief Swan’s home. When I came closer I could hear Jake’s thoughts. He was angry. Very angry. I listened closer.

“And then she runs off and won’t even talk to me; it’s like she’s ashamed of me. She says she wants me around, she even kisses me, but afterwards she’s always mad at me. ‘Why won’t you leave me alone, Jake?’ ‘I call that assault.’ I mean seriously, she won’t even give me a chance. She likes that filthy bloodsucker better than me-or at least she thinks she does. She’s driving me insane-how could she have kissed me like that? I’d thought she cared for me, but this inconsistency is maddening.”

I was at the front door in an instant. If Jacob lost control of himself-I couldn’t think about it. I ran into the living room. Jacob was standing there yelling at Bella, my poor Bella, who sat there with tears streaming down her cheeks. How dare he yell at her like that! As if she deserved it-he was the one who kept trying to tear her apart.

I ran up and threw Jacob against the wall as hard as I could. The whole house shuddered-I was surprised the wall didn’t break.

“Get out.” I said menacingly, not raising my voice. “Get out now or I will mangle you so terribly that they will have to use your dental records to identify you.”

Jacob got up carefully and glared at me, then turned swiftly and left the house. I came over to Bella and kissed her on the forehead, holding her face between my hands and gazing at her intently. She looked miserable-her eyes were so full of pain and guilt, her face so agonized and distraught that it took all of my willpower not to go after Jacob and obliterate him. Only her tortured expression kept me here to comfort her.

“What did he say to you?” I asked her quietly, stroking her face.

She broke down and started to sob uncontrollably. I took her over to the couch and cradled her in my arms, repeating in my head over and over that Bella needed me right now; I’d have to deal with Jake later. Bella first, revenge second. I stroked Bella’s face soothingly.

“He’s right!” she sobbed. “I’m hurting you two with every decision I make. I can’t do anything right. I’m so sorry, Edward.”

“Bella, Bella, you could never hurt me,” I said to her reassuringly, kissing her. “You’re my reason for existence. I could never be mad at you.”

But Bella just shook her head, still unable to stop crying. I would kill Jacob for this! How could he do this to her? I sat on the couch with her, holding her close until at last her breathing slowed and she could talk again.

“I’m so, so sorry Edward. I just keep hurting you, no matter what I do. And Jake is miserable because of me. It’s all my fault!” she said miserably.

“Bella, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You could never hurt me.”

“No, no, no! Stop being so understanding! Just listen to me, okay?” She sat up and gazed at me intently. “I’ve chosen to spend the rest of eternity with you. But me staying here is just hurting Jake, and whenever I’m around Jake I do stupid things that hurt you later. So I’ve decided that if you just took me somewhere else, I would never have to see Jake again and I could never hurt him again, or you.”

“Bella,” I said disapprovingly. “I can’t just whisk you away without telling anyone where, or why, we’re going. They’d call the police.”

“Okay, then I’ll leave a note; tell them that I’m running away with you.”

“And how do you think Charlie would respond to that?” Charlie’s health hadn’t been so good lately, and I knew she worried about him. If she ran away, he might have a heart attack. Bella’s shoulders slumped dejectedly.

“But I can’t stay here!” Bella argued.

“All right, I’ll make you a deal. We’ll go to Alaska, just you and I, but only for a while. You and Alice will have to get ready for the wedding, you know. So we’ll come back here for a week or two before the wedding, and then once we’re married, we’ll go back to Alaska and buy a house. Minimum Jake exposure, I promise.” I gently wiped the tears off her face and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

I could tell that Bella liked my idea. We wouldn’t distress anyone by leaving, and this way she could avoid Jacob as much as possible.

“Okay,” Bella said. “But where are we going to stay while we’re there? You don’t own a house there, do you?”

“As a matter of fact, Carlisle happens to own a summer home in Alaska that we could stay in. It’s close enough to the city that you can buy yourself food, but close enough to the wilderness that I can hunt easily.”

“That sounds perfect, Edward, thank you so much! I don't deserve you. When do we leave?”

“Let’s talk it over with Charlie tonight. We can leave tomorrow.”