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Full Moon

This story starts a month after Eclipse ends, and talks about what Bella will do with Jacob, because he is obviously having trouble letting go. Will she pull an Edward on him, (as if I never existed), or will Jacob get over it on his own, maybe imprinting along the way? Or maybe, just maybe, she'll run off with him and live her life as a 'wolf girl' instead of a 'vampire girl'. Or will the Volturi get her first?

I got quite a few of my ideas for my story from another fanfiction called Consequences, by helloeverybody, posted on www.bellaandedward.com, but I also received some of my ideas from my friend Kara, who is not currently a member of this site, but is, like me, an avid follower of the Twilight series. We come up with the ideas together, and then I write the story. She is also my editor, so I would like to thank both her and helloeverybody for their ideas and their input.

4. Chapter 4

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Jake’s Point of View

“What do you mean, she’s not here?” I asked Charlie, confused.

“Well, Jake, she and Edward decided to go to Yakutat, Alaska and spend a little time alone there before the wedding. The Cullen’s own a summer home there, you know.”

I froze in horror. Bella, alone with the bloodsuckers, away from Forks, away from Quiluette Territory. They could be doing anything to her. All they needed were three days, just three days to-

“Thanks, Charlie. Tell my dad I’ll be home soon.”

“What? Where are-”

I hung up on him and bolted out the door, running as fast as I could. I had to stop those filthy bloodsuckers before it was too late; I had to bring Bella back home with me to Forks where she belongs.

Bella’s Point of View

I woke up with the sun on my face and stretched contentedly, rolling over on the soft bed. I was still tired, and it took me a while to realize that the cold hands I had come to expect were not there. I sat up, looking around for Edward, and located him quickly-he was standing at the window, staring out at the snowy landscape. I caught a glimpse of his troubled expression before he turned to me, smiling.

“Good morning, Bella. How did you sleep last night?” Edward said cheerfully. For a moment I thought that I had just imagined his anxious expression, but no, his eyes were still troubled as he looked at me, smiling. He was trying to distract me.

“What’s wrong, Edward?” I asked him, gauging his expression carefully. He frowned slightly, and his eyes remained anxious. He was definitely hiding something.

“Nothing’s wrong, Bella. Why?”

“Come on, Edward. Did you think I wouldn’t notice how worried you are?”

Edward sighed, defeated. “You are much more observant than I give you credit for,” he said, looking back up at me worriedly. “Alice called.”

I froze, then started to hyperventilate.

“What did she see?” I whispered, terrified. I took deep breaths, and tried to keep myself calm. It didn’t work, and tears came to my eyes. Seeing how distressed I was, Edward took me up gently in his arms, and carried me over to the couch. He sat next to me and kissed my forehead gently, holding me close to him.

“It’s nothing to worry about, Bella. Nothing we can’t handle.”

My thoughts raced. Something bad was happening, I knew that. Something Edward wouldn’t tell me, something that my family was going to handle. Alice, Esme, Carlisle, Emmet, Rosalie, Jasper . . . Edward. I almost lost it.

“NO!” I screamed. “You can’t go! Whatever it is, I won’t allow it!”

“Bella, it’s nothing like last time, I promise,” he said quickly, trying to reassure me. “Alice just called to say that she can’t see you anymore. Jacob’s coming.”

My thoughts backtracked. Jacob was coming?

“What do you mean?” I asked, completely confused. “Why is Jacob coming here?”

“He left this at Carlisle’s office.” Edward handed me a note.


I’m not going to stand by and watch you suck her

life away. Be prepared; I will get her back. And if

you’ve hurt her, I will not hesitate to rip you to shreds,

no matter how much Bella loves you.

Bella’s real love,


I looked up, furious.

“I am going to beat him to a pulp! Do you have a baseball bat?”

“Bella!” Edward exclaimed, glaring at me.

“But what is he thinking? Doesn’t he know you’ll have your family to help you?” I asked in disbelief. Edward paused.

“I won’t.” he said quietly, not looking at me.

“WHAT?” I screeched. “What do you mean, you won’t have your family helping you?”

“I want to fight Jake alone, so they're just coming to baby-sit you while I duel him."

Jake and Edward, dueling. I knew immediately what this would mean. One of them wouldn't be coming back.