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Full Moon

This story starts a month after Eclipse ends, and talks about what Bella will do with Jacob, because he is obviously having trouble letting go. Will she pull an Edward on him, (as if I never existed), or will Jacob get over it on his own, maybe imprinting along the way? Or maybe, just maybe, she'll run off with him and live her life as a 'wolf girl' instead of a 'vampire girl'. Or will the Volturi get her first?

I got quite a few of my ideas for my story from another fanfiction called Consequences, by helloeverybody, posted on www.bellaandedward.com, but I also received some of my ideas from my friend Kara, who is not currently a member of this site, but is, like me, an avid follower of the Twilight series. We come up with the ideas together, and then I write the story. She is also my editor, so I would like to thank both her and helloeverybody for their ideas and their input.

7. Chapter 7

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Bella’s point of view

As I waited anxiously for Alice to return, I stared at my beautiful ring, making contingency plans. I knew Edward would be furious if he knew what I was thinking right now, but I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to handle it if he died today. It would be far worse to know that Edward loved me and wanted to spend the rest of forever with me, only to have him stolen from me, than when I had thought that my angel didn’t love me anymore, when he had left me.

And I knew there was a definite chance that he would be killed in the fight today. It drove me mad, waiting there in that empty house, unsure of what was going on, if anyone had been hurt. I lay on my bed, worrying, thinking of all the things that could go wrong. When there was a knock on my bedroom door, I almost cried with relief. Alice would tell me what had happened. She would stop this endless worrying.

I opened the door to let Alice in, but no one was there. Confused, I shut the door and turned back around, only to see to two pale faces staring at me maliciously. My eyes widened in recognition and I opened my mouth to scream, but hard hands darted forward to cover my mouth and hold me down as I felt something pierce my arm. The hands let go and I fell in a heap to the floor, sobbing uncontrollably as I realized what had happened.

“Our work is done, Jane. Leave her,” a smooth voice said softly.

I felt a breeze of cool air as ran past me and out the door, and curled up in a ball, crying softly, waiting for the fire to spread.

Jacob’s point of view

I watched the bloodsucker leave, completely confused. Where was he going? I saw the psychic bloodsucker try to get everyone to stop fighting, and so I decided to help. Maybe she knew where the leech was going.

“STOP!” I yelled. Everyone froze, staring at me as I, in turn, stared at the psychic. “Where is he going?” I asked her.

She crossed her arms defensively, glaring at me.

“None of your business!” she said crossly. “It’s your fault all of this is happening anyway.”

“It is not!” I retorted, angry now. “If you hadn’t-“

“Stop,” Sam interrupted. I immediately obeyed. I didn’t have a choice.

“Where did Edward go?” he asked Alice.

“Before we do anything, Carlisle needs to go back home. Immediately,” she said, glancing at Carlisle to be sure he understood. Carlisle’s eyes widened and he rushed out of the clearing.

“What was that all about?” I asked.

“Edward needed Carlisle,” she said curtly, turning to Sam.

“Before I explain,” she said. “I think Jake should leave.”

“No one is leaving until you tell us what’s going on.” Sam said stubbornly.

“If that’s what you want,” she said, shaking her head. “It’s Bella. The Volturi dropped by while we were all beating each other up like idiots, and they bit her. We might be too late.”

“NO!” I screamed as I exploded midair, running to Bella as fast as I could. Sam phased a split second after I did, trying to stop me.

Jake, you can’t do this! It’s too dangerous, and you wouldn’t be able to help anyway! Let them do what they can-they know what they’re doing.

I just growled and ran faster. How could he ask me to leave Bella’s fate in the hands of those leeches? I could feel the rest of the pack behind me, trying to slow me down. Finally, Sam just tackled me, throwing me to the ground. The rest of the pack quickly restrained me, trying to drag me back home. I kicked and screamed the entire way. There was no way I was leaving Bella. Eventually, Sam just sighed and hit me over the head. I stared up at him pleadingly as I lost consciousness.

Please don’t make me leave her.

Bella’s point of view

How could I have ever wanted this? This fire searing through my arm, this agony as I lay on the floor, sobbing. When I had decided to become a vampire, I had never thought it would be this painful, had never even dreamed of such torture. This horrible, ever mounting agony, this expanding fire-it was more then I could stand. I screamed as the fire spread through my shoulder and began to run through the rest of my body.

Then, through the pain, I felt cold hands lifting me and placing me on my bed. I began to sob uncontrollably in relief. My angel would stop the pain, I knew he would.

“Shh, Bella, shh, it’ll be all right,” I heard my angel say, trying to soothe me. It wasn’t all right, though, it hurt so much! I tried to tell him.

“Shh, Bella, I know, we’re working on it,” he said. Then, in a softer voice, “Is there anything we can do?”

“I’m sorry, Edward, but the venom has gone too far into her system,” I heard another voice say. “There’s nothing we can do now but pump in some morphine and prepare for the next three days.” My angel let out a strangled cry of despair, and I felt a cool hand grasp mine tightly.

“I’m so, so sorry, Bella,” my angel said, his voice saturated with guilt. I felt my world crashing in on me as I realized what he meant-there would be no stopping it this time.