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Bella and the muffins

two vampire muffins show up in bella's kitchen and they need help. It's just something i wrote when my mind was wondering in math class CHAPTER 4 IS UP

I got bored one day and thought, i should write a story about muffins. So i did.

2. Part 2- the questioning

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Everything was as calm as it could be, until Alice had that vision. When she came back to reality, she spoke calmly and it seemed like she was on the verge of saying it like a joke.

“The muffins and cupcakes are coming in two days.” She said, “There are literally thousands of those things. A moose was there too, for some really weird reason, but I didn’t see anything past that.”

The mood in the room was not horrified, at Alice’s recent news. Well, not exactly. The muffins were obviously scared out of their minds, but Edward, Jasper, and everyone else in the room was taking the thousand muffins attack as a joke. Emmett looked like he was about to spontaneously combust from holding back his laughter. I stared at him; he would hurt the muffins feelings.

“Muffins” He mouthed, still shaking from laughter.

“By the way, how exactly do you kill a vampire or one of these really, really, weird cupcakes, because we don't know.” Asked Edward.

Apple looked at Edward as though he should be in a mental institute for not knowing the answer already, or at least beaten until he knew it.

“You eat them of course!” replied an extremely frustrated Apple.

“Eat them?”

“Of course! What do you do to destroy you kind of vampires?”

“We tear them to small shreds and burn them to ashes.”

“But you see, burning us and our kind will not work, seeing as some of us have been burnt by lazy beginner chefs, and careless home cooks already.”


Jasper interrupted with, “how are Vampire muffins made, exactly?”

“We aren’t exactly sure, seeing as no one remembers, but the theory is that we were either bitten by your kind of vampire and left alone or left underneath a twin sized bed by a dirty sock underneath a full moon.”

Emmett, who was already struggling with holding back his laughter; suddenly fell to the floor, rolling around, and laughing so loud it shattered one of the many windows. Rosalie stared at him.

“I married an idiot.” She muttered, “oh, by the way, these umm cupcakes… what’s so special about them, besides the fact that they move and talk and stuff.”

“Well,” Said Frosting, “The only thing truly special about them is that they can change the temperature around them.”

“Will it have an effect on us?” asked Edward, more worried about my safety than everyone else’s.

Frosting replied with, “Not really, they only have a range of a few feet, and even then the range of temperature is 10 degrees either way.

“We better get training sister,” Apple interrupted, “It’s clearly obvious that they have not a single clue about us, with what they know they’ll be goners for sure.”

I wasn’t sure about apple’s words, “they’ll be goners for sure” didn’t seem very scary coming from a muffin. But then again, they were.

But with that thought, I grabbed the muffins stuffed them in my coat pocket very carefully, and followed Edward and the others to the garage.