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Bella and the muffins

two vampire muffins show up in bella's kitchen and they need help. It's just something i wrote when my mind was wondering in math class CHAPTER 4 IS UP

I got bored one day and thought, i should write a story about muffins. So i did.

3. Part 3- The Boulder

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We arrived at the baseball field by car and Edward’s amazing speed. It amazed me that this place had been used more for a battle ground lately than a baseball field.

I grabbed the muffins from my coat pocket, and set them on the dirt. They hopped slowly and looked at each of us. I imagined them to be faster than a two year old at the very least, but the only thing they could beat in a race would be a snail weighed down with ten pounds of lead. Perhaps they were faster and didn’t want to run right now.

Apple began his lecture in the most boring voice on this earth. I started to zone out, staring at Edward or a huge gnarled old tree. Even Frosting, who seemed to live on every word that Apple said, was staring off into space bored. I think I even fell asleep, but I didn’t know for sure.

“Well,” Apple finished with, “I think that’s all you need to know, who wants to fight me first?”

Everyone looked at him with grins on their faces. I could probably beat this muffin in a fight.

“Can I try?” asked Alice.

“Sure” replied Apple

Alice jumped up and danced her walk over to the tiny muffin. If I had blinked I would have missed it. Alice had picked up Apple and raised him to her mouth. Apple looked surprised too.

“You guys are faster than I expected” He said, “You are certainly faster than us, anyway.”

Everyone laughed. Did the silly muffin know anything about the real type of vampire? After the days practice it seemed like they hadn’t a clue in their brains… or chocolate filled center; whichever you prefer.

Right then, we heard something munching on a bush. We looked around everywhere, when I finally spotted it. I was a moose. It only stopped chewing on its leafy meal to stare at us for a couple of seconds.

“Alice,” I asked, “Didn’t you see a moose in your vision?

“Yes, I did”

“Then what does that mean?”

“Um, I guess the battles about to start soon.”

“Oh, do you think I’ll be safe watching from that rock over there?”

I pointed a good distance away from where we were to a huge gray boulder on a hill.

“Yes, you’ll be quite okay there, though these muffins and cupcakes are no worry at all, even to you.”

“I’ll take you there,” whispered Edward, while he was picking me up.

When we got to the enormous stone, he set me down gently.

“Promise me you won’t get hurt.” I begged him.

He replied with, “They are muffins, how much trouble could they possibly be?”

“I guess you are right.”

He laughed and kissed me on the forehead. He disappeared for a slight second and I found him with the others.

I watched them quietly, especially Edward. I couldn’t help noticing the moose, still eating the bush either.

Then I saw them. Thousands of tan, black, brown, and white dots were moving toward them. What was going to happen in this strange battle of baked foods. I couldn’t help but wonder.