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Bella and the muffins

two vampire muffins show up in bella's kitchen and they need help. It's just something i wrote when my mind was wondering in math class CHAPTER 4 IS UP

I got bored one day and thought, i should write a story about muffins. So i did.

4. Part 4- The Battle

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I watched in horror on that rock. So many muffins and cupcakes, it looked like moving dirt with colorful splotches of frosting and sprinkles.

I saw Edward picking up a surprised cupcake with green frosting and multi-colored sprinkles on it. He sighed, and then took a great bite out of it. He chewed it, with a smile on his face. He actually enjoyed eating these cupcakes? He said something to Emmett who nodded in agreement and began devouring the tasty little morsels.

Something caught my eye. It was the moose. A tiny little cupcake was sitting on top of the moose. The moose was eating the muffins rapidly. I heard tiny screams echo from the battle. The strangest thing that I saw though, was that the moose looked like a zebra colored by a three year old who had just received a box of forty six crayons.

I was looking over the edge of the rock, my hands hurting from holding on to it. These last few days were getting stranger and stranger. What could possibly happen next?

It was like asking yourself what could possibly go wrong on the worst day of your life, and it starts raining. Rabid squirrels were flying down the hills toward the fighting and started eating up muffins and cupcakes alongside the moose and the Cullens.

Then, the cupcakes started to group together and jump on top of one another. After a few seconds of this the moving mass of cupcakes formed something that looked like the robot off of power rangers. Then they caught on fire. Was I drunk or on drugs today?

The cupcake robot brought down its mighty flaming cupcake sword. They would have hit Edward, had the rainbow moose not grown to the size of the robot and stopped the sword with its own tree sword.

Then, I saw a couple muffins spot me. They started hopping up the hill, and after a while they had gotten to my huge gigantic rock.

I looked for anything to fight them with, and I found a broken branch. The muffins went to the other side of the rock and came toward me, pushing me to the side of the rock that was like a cliff.

A swung the branch around hitting one muffin. The other muffins took no notice to this and continued to advance forward. I was on the edge of the cliff. If I moved one more inch I would fall off. The muffins continued forward.

One of them jumped. It hit my face. The rest of the fifty or so muffins did the same.

I was falling. I was going to die.

I heard the tiny muffins calling to me

“Bella! Bella! Wake up Bella!”

Wake up? I wasn’t asleep, was I?

I opened my eyes, and found myself on my bedroom floor. I had dragged all the covers with me. I looked up and Edward was staring at me.

“You kept on saying muffin,” He laughed, “Then you kind of screamed and fell off the bed.”

I could feel the heat, along with a bright red blush filling my face.

“Did I really?” I said embarrassed.

"Yes," He said, "do you ming telling me what went on in this dream?"

"No, I'll save it for another time,"I replied