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I added more to chapter four. What if the nightmares returned? What if Victoria was still in folks? what if bella did go to visit Jake after her return from Italy


1. The Nightmares Return

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Even though Edward is back the nightmares still visit me when I sleep. The old ones come back every so often but new ones appear almost every night. They torment me and taunt me. They want me to give in to their demands. My lastest nightmare is the worst. It starts out when I arrive in a forest thick with trees covered in dark green moss. I have no idea where I am. Yet, it looks stangely familiar. It is dark in the forest and I am all alone. No Edward. No Jake, No one but me.

I begin to walk slowly down a narrow path. There is no breeze, no sun, and barely any light. I can not see where I am going and with me being myself I stumble over a tree root and fall helplessly to the ground. As I slowly get up i hear leaves russtle behind me. My head quickly turns towards the noise. I spot a shadowy creature emerging from the bush. It does not walk on all fours nor do it's feet touch the ground. I cannot make out the shape of the creature because it is wearing a cloak. It's hood is pulled up so I cannot see it's face. Yet, I am terrified by this creature's eyes. They are red, blood red. They look thirsty and full of revenge. I do not need the hood to be pulled back to know who this creature is. She's comeback for me. Victoria. I stagger backwards trying to get away from her, But yet I stumble again. She's moving closer, My heart is pounding loudly now. As her arm reaches for me I hear growling. There's not one growl but there are five.

At first I thought it was the Cullens but five massive wolves step out in front of me. Victoria starts laughing and the wolves' growling gets louder. Sam is the first wolf to attack Victoria. She moves swiftly to the side and Sam crashes right into the tree. he turns back into the human form. Blood gushes out from his head and his body lays there limp. Victoria laughs menacingly.

Paul, Jared, and Embry spread around Victoria while Jacob stands protectively in front of me. Paul and Embry attack from the sides while Jared attacks from the back. Victoria gets higher in the air. Her hood flys off over her head reveling her crooked smile. All three wolve hit heads but they appear to be fine. Victoria is now holding something that is gleaming in the light. I look hard and I see a pistol. OH MY GOODNESS. No. She cant do that they're not immortal. She fires one round at Paul's heart. he drops lifelessly to the ground. She does the same to Jared and Embry. Then she looks at Jacob. Her face pulled up in a twisted smile. Her eyes filled with rage and anger. Her hair is wild.

"Now," she says,apperantly talking to Jake. " What am I going to do to you? Hmm.... I think I'll kill you... slowly."

"NO!" I cry, my voice shaky. "Leave him alone. It's me you want remember. DOn't Harm him at all."

"Oh, I know it's you I want," she said menacingly, " But before you die I'm going to make you suffer so much. The Cullens had no right to take away my beloved James." Her voice was pained as she said the last word.

"He was trying to kill me!" I screamed. "Edward and the Cullens were only trying to protect me."

"They killed my James. He was just thirsty." she cried. " Edward took James away from me and now I am left with nothing, NOTHING." She started to scream."I HAVE BEEN ALONE FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS. DO YOU KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO FEEL SO LONELY? DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO LOSE SOMEONE SO CLOSE?"

Actually I did. I know how it felt. It was when Edward left me. I stared blanky at her. My face in suprise and confusion? Why was she doing this to me? Why?

She smiled at me as if she knew what I was thinking. "Edward took my one true love away from me, so I'm going to take his true love away from him. I know how it is, how much it hurts to see your love suffer and you can't do anything about it. So before you die I'm going to make your last few days hell on earth."

Jacob started growling even louder and fiercer. His amber coat's hairs sticking up on their ends.

" Ah! Yes, I'm going to make you die slowly so it brings great pain to Bella," she roared. "Edward won't be able to do anything about his precious Bella's pain.

Before Jake or I could move, Victoria lunged at Jake. Her hands grasped around his neck. She was squeazing so hard that he turned back into his human form. Her hands were still there. Choking him.

"LET GO OF HIM!"I screamed. " StOP, PLEASE STOP." She couldn't be doing this.

Jake's face was starting to turn blue and with his last breath he said," I LO..VE y..o..u B..E..L..L..," his last words.

Victoria droped him to the ground and she started reaching for me.

That's when the screaming started, that's when I woke up from my nightmare and that's when I started to cry.

Charlie rushed into my room. My door banged against the wall.

"Bella?" he asked. " Are you alright"

I nodded quietly, but the tears just kept on coming I sat up in bed and huged my knees tight to my chest.

"Did He leave you again?" He asked coldly. His eyes were full of anger, concern and simpathy at the sametime.

" No.." I managed to choke out. " It...was...just..a.. .bad..dream"

"Ok," he sighed. " I thought ever since Edward came back the nightmares would stop."

" Dad," I looked up into his eyes. " I still have things to worry about even thought he's back." My voice was still a little shaky.

"Oh! OK!" He sounded surprised. "Well, I'm going back to sleep and you should too. You look terrible. Goodnight Bella."

"Goodnight Dad."

As soon as he shut my door, I started crying again. Was that, that nightmare going to happen? And if so, why wasn't Edward in it? Why did Jacob have to die?

As I was gathering my thoughts, I felt a slightly cool breeze enter my room, and before i knew it icy cold arms wrapped tightly around my body.

Edward was cradling me in his amazingly strong arms. We were silent except for my crying. I put my head on his shoulder. He didn't say anything he just pulled me closer. It was just a dream. I repeated those words trying to calm myself down. It didn't work. We sat there in silence for a while. Somehow it was very comforting.

"What time is it?" I wondered out loud. My tears started to slow down.

"It's just after two in the morning," Edward replied. His soft velvety voice made me relax even more.

"Oh!" I was a little surprised that dream seamed to go on forever.

"You really scared me there, Bella," his voice seemed pained.

"Why?" I wondered out loud. Normally if I wake up screaming he always is concerned never scared.

"You were talking in your sleep again," he replied. He sounded a little angery.

Uh-Oh! I hope I didn't say anything bad that would have hurt him.

With one of his hands he let go and turned my face towards his. His eyes were inbetween onxy and topaz. They were still dazzling but they were serious.

" You were talking about Victoria," he hissed as he said her name. "Well, you were saying her name a lot. The first time you said it I tought you saw her and I didn't." I looked at his eyes they were so full of concern, so full of compassion, and yet still there was a little bit of anger in them.

" And then," he continued, "before you started screaming you said Jacob's name." I could tell he was a little jealous. "Then you started screaming and crying. I have never felt so helpless. Before I could try comforting you Charlie was coming to your room."

My crying had stopped. My mind was racing with so many thoughts, so many questions. "What are you thinking right now?" he asked. He could tell I was deep in thought. " I really wish I could read your thoughts, then maybe I could help you more."

"It was only a dream." I shivered. "I hope it never comes true. It was horrible. I was in the woods and Victoria was there." He hissed when I said her name. "She started to come towards me and then Jacob and his gang tried to stop her. She killed Sam, then Paul, and then Jared and Embry.

"She said she was going to kill Jacob slowly, right in front of me." My voice was starting to sound a little hysteric. "She said she wanted me to suffer by watching him die and then have you suffer by not being able to help me, not being able to save me."

" Why would she do that?" He questioned. His eyes looked into mine. His sweet breathe smelled so amazing.

" She said she wanted to make my last days hell on earth, and then she started choking Jake and he turned back into his human form. She killed him right in front of my eyes." i started to cry again. Edward pulled me closer. Both arms tightly around me.

"Don't worry," he said. He pulled me back away from him so he could look into my eyes. " I will never let her get you. I promise."

"I Love you, Edward."

"I Love you too, Bella. I will always be here for you." He put his hands up to my face holding it there. He leaned his face in. I could smell his wonderful breath. My heart started beating faster as he got closer. His icy cold lips pressed against mine. My hands went up in his hair.

He pulled me back after a minute or so and he put his head to my chest listening for my heart to calm down. When it finally did he looked up at me and then he pulled me close to his body.

As we sat there together I started to think. I was thinking about my dream. How Victoria killed Jake. I needed to talk to Jake to tell him to be careful. To tell him that I still wanted to be his friend. I just hoped he stilled wanted to be friends with me.

I looked up at Edward. " Edward," I started. " Do you think I could..." My voice was still a little shaky. I knew he and Jake were enemies but I really wanted to talk to Jake.

"Yes, you can go to talk to Jacob tomarrow," he said, finishing my sentence. "But, Please be careful Bella. I don't want to lose you. Not that way." His voice turned hard and his eyes turned more onyx.

"Thank you,' I said. Now I just hoped Jacob would talk to me.