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I added more to chapter four. What if the nightmares returned? What if Victoria was still in folks? what if bella did go to visit Jake after her return from Italy


6. Encountered

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Do dreams tell us what we want to hear or what we don’t? Do they tell us what we know is true or what we know will someday happen? Do they show us our hearts true desires or our worst fears? Do they show us what we least want to see? Are dreams our enemies or our allies? Do our dreams make us realize what we have in life? Or do they make us take things for granite? Would it be better if we didn’t dream? ~RiOt

Why live from dream to dream, and dread the day when dreaming ends.

~Moulin Rouge

Do dreams tell us what we want to hear or what we don’t? Do they tell us what we know is true or what we know will someday happen? Do they show us our hearts true desires or our worst fears? Do they show us what we least want to see? Are dreams our enemies or our allies? Do our dreams make us realize what we have in life? Or do they make us take things for granite? Would it be better if we didn’t dream?

These were the questions I was asking myself. My dreams all had seemed so real. So true. They all could come true, they all could happen at any moment. Especially last night’s dream it could have come true if today happened differently. I kept seeing Charlie there on the ground dead, blood all over him and Edward standing above him. In my dream when Edward turned to look at me his eyes weren’t topaz nor were they black. They were red. Blood red. And when they looked into my eyes I saw a monster not my Edward. Why do my dreams do this to me?? Why do they taunt me? I opened my eyes only and rolled over to see my beloved’s face. He wasn’t there, instead in his place I saw Rosalie. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.

“Oh” I said out loud.

“Hi,” Rosalie replied. “Edward went hunting with Alice.” So that’s why he wasn’t here. I guess he needed to hunt after yesterday’s activities. “How are you feeling?” I looked up into her eyes they were sincere! She actually cared about me.

“I’m okay,” I really wasn’t sure how I was feeling. My emotions were so mixed. I was shock first of all because Rosalie was being so nice to me. I also was also sad, Edward wasn’t here and Charlie was gone out of my life forever. Thinking of what happened to him brought fear to me. Victoria was still out there chasing me, trying to kill me. I still felt a little sympathy for her she did lose her beloved after all. “What time is it?” I asked Rosalie as I sat up on the couch.

“It’s just after ten in the morning.”

“Oh wow! What time did I fall asleep?”

“Form what Edward told me, you fell asleep around nine.” Nine! I must have been really tired. Normally I don’t get much sleep, I mean with school and work, I always got to bed late and I had to get up early in the morning. It’s sort of like a cycle. I never sleep over six, seven hours a night. I must have really been exhausted. I heard the door open. I knew vampires were very quite but the ‘person’ who was entering wanted me to hear them. I looked up and saw Edward. I smiled as I looked into his eyes. They were an astonishing caramel color. Bright from hunting. He smiled back at me. My heart started to speed up and my face started to flush. He chuckled as he sat down next to me. Gosh, I loved his laugh it was so soft, so velvety, so perfect. It made me blush even more. I’m sure by now my face was a deep red. He just laughed even harder.

“You shouldn’t laugh, that’s really mean.” I teased him. “It’s hurting my self esteem.” A smile was spreading across my face.

“I’m sorry.” He smiled sheepishly. I looked into his topaz eyes; they were so dazzling. What have I ever done to deserve him? “You should eat, you didn’t eat much yesterday.” I hadn’t notice that I really was hungry until he mentioned that I needed to eat. Edward picked me up from the couch and Alice came in.

“Good morning Bella,” She said cheerfully.

“Morning Alice.” She had a bag in her hand that was stuffed. She saw that I noticed it. “I brought you some of your clothes. You can freshen up in my bathroom.”

“Thank you so much Alice.” I smiled at her and she returned it right back. I turned to look at Edward.

“Go get changed and I’ll make you something to eat.” He was so caring, so sweet, so amazing. I left the room and headed to Alice’s room. I got a shower and reflected on what had happened a yesterday. Charlie was gone that had finally sunken in. Victoria was after me and Jacob, sigh, Jacob doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. My life was definitely crashing down on me. My father was gone and my best friend decides that he either can’t or doesn’t want to be friends with me anymore. And on top of all that multiple vampires were trying to kill me, sort of. There was Victoria and she defiantly wanted to kill me. There also was the Volturi. Edward did say that they would come back in thirty years, but you never know. I quickly got dressed after my shower and put my hair up in a ponytail. I carefully walked down the steps so I wouldn’t fall and luckily I didn’t.

Edward was there, waiting for me, at the bottom of the steps. He had that crooked smile that I loved so much. He took my hand and led me into the kitchen. As we entered the kitchen there was a plate of two gigantic pieces of French toast with whipped cream on top. Oh, did they look yummy. I sat down at the table and Edward pulled his chair closer to mine.

“They look amazing.” I exclaimed and a smile appeared on Edward’s face.

“They taste even better,” There was a worried look on his face as he said this. I guess he really couldn’t tell how they tasted. I took a bite; they were the best French toast I have ever had.

“Wow! Edward, they’re amazing.” The smile on his face grew. “You are a very good chef.” Relief flashed across his face. I continued to eat my French toast and then Alice walked into the kitchen. I saw Edward tense up a little.

“I’ve got some good news and some bad news.” Alice said as she stood at the kitchen island. I looked up into her eyes.

“Good news first,” I said. I hope the bad news wasn’t really bad. I don’t know how much pain I can go through in one week.

“Ok. Well the good news is that Victoria won’t be back here for at least a week. The bad news….” She paused. She looked towards Edward as did I. His face was tense. He looked at Alice and then his face turned to me, his eyes were a little pained. Alice continued.

“The bad news is that when Victoria comes back she will have others with her.”

“Oh,” She’s coming back with other! Edward’s eyes turned darker. I held Edward's hand under the table.

“Are you done eating?” Edward asked. I took one last bite and nodded. He then got up and took my dishes to the sink. After he put the dishes away we went up to his room.

I sat on the couch and he sat next to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me closer. “Do you want to go somewhere today?” He asked out of the blue. I looked up into his eyes.

“Sure! But where do you want to go today? There’s Port Angeles, the movies….” He stopped me after I said the movies.

“None of those places.” I saw a twinkle in his eyes. “I have an even better idea.” With that he put me on his back and started running. I closed my eyes and put my head between his shoulders.

“We’re here,” I looked up and saw our meadow engulfed in sunlight. His skin reflected the sunlight like a diamond, one that showed millions of sparkles when light hit it just right. He had a white sleeveless shirt on that fit perfectly to his muscles. He laid down and pulled me with him. I propped myself up on one arm and he did the same. His eyes locked on mine. The sun was blocked by his head and its light shown around his head making him look like movie star.

“You look so beautiful when the sun light hits you.” Edward said smiling.

“Me look beautiful? You look so dazzling and handsome.” He laughed softly but I caught it. “It’s the truth.” I looked into his dazzling eyes again. They were a soft caramel color. He pulled me closer to him. I could smell his breath, dazzling me, making my heart beat faster and faster. He wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me closer; I could feel the coolness of his body. His face started to come closer to mine. Right before his lips touched mine he became really tense.

“What’s wrong?” I looked up into his eyes but they were looking out into the forest. He pulled both us up to our feet in one swift movement. What was out there? This is what bothered me about being human. I couldn’t hear or see as well as Edward or his family could, I was considered weak and frail to them. I had survived 17 years without them in Phoenix. How had I lived my life before with out the Cullens, without my beloved Edward? I did like Phoenix but here in Forks with Edward and his family my life seemed so much brighter. Edward was a drug to me if he ever left me again I would never survive. The hole started to rip open again as I thought of him leaving. My thoughts were interrupted when two tall figures came out of the forest’s edge and into the meadow. I knew who these two were, I resented the fact that they were here. They either wanted to blame the Cullens for what had happened yesterday or they wanted to apologize for being rude towards me yesterday. The first one seemed more likely. The two standing in the meadow with Edward and I, were none other than Jake and Sam. Edward tensed even more. I heard a growl starting in Edward’s chest; I looked at him and he stopped momentarily.

“Cullen,” Jake was the first to break the silence.

“Mutt,” Edward spat out at him. “You’re on our turf.” Jake started to speak but Sam raised a hand and Jake backed down. I could see Jake shaking a little, but it was from hate for Edward and that was all. I couldn’t stand how much Sam controlled Jake’s life and Jake was becoming more like Sam every time I saw him.

“We wanted to see if you have seen the red head on your turf the past few weeks.” His voice was calm and smooth, but why was he asking that question? Didn’t he know that she was here yesterday? Didn’t they know Charlie was gone? That Victoria had killed him? At the last thought I could feel tears streaming down my face. I turned my face into Edwards’s shirt and it soaked up my tears. They kept coming out as the thoughts kept coming back, as the scene in my head from my dreamed haunted my thoughts.

“Bella?” Jake said my name slowly, unsure of what to do. “Bella what’s wrong?”

“I’m surprised you don’t know dog.” Edward snarled. I looked up towards him. I had to tell Jake to let him know what happened. Edward nodded his head as though he understood my thoughts.

“Jake…” I said slowly, my tears were still coming. “Victoria…” I cried even harder. I knew I had to tell him but it hurt so much to visit those memories, even though they were from yesterday. “She…..she killed Charlie.” His eyes went wild, he was in shock.

“Where is she?” growled Jake. “When I get my hands on her…”

“She’s not coming back for at least a few days.” Edward interrupted him. “And when she does she’ll have others.”

“The others need to know about this. I will go and tell them, we need to protect the borders more.” With him saying that he left, leaving Edward, Jake, and me here in silence. Well, except for my crying, everything else was silent. This silence wasn’t peaceful at all; it was the most awkward/tense moment I have ever been in. Jake was looking at me, Edward was looking at Jake, and I was looking at the ground.

“Bella I’m so sorry.” Jake was sympathetic. I looked up to see him walking towards me.

“Don’t mutt…” Edward snapped. “She’s fine with me.”

“Fine with you?” Jake started to laugh but he stopped walking. “You’re the reason Charlie is gone and why a malicious vampire is trying to kill her.”

“JAKE!” I yelled. How could he think that? How? “Edward is the reason I’m alive right now and safe.”

“How Bella? How can that be the reason you’re alive right now? He was the reason you were so depressed. He’s also a bloodsucker.”

“She’s a lot safer with me than you!” Edward shouted. “Any moment you could lose your temper and the next moment she could be dead.”

“Any moment you could become thirsty and then the next she’d be on the floor white as a ghost, dead.” Jake retorted. “And besides how did you ever save her? You put her in danger constantly.”

“She almost died last winter from a car hitting her but I got her out of the way just in time. Is that not considered saving in your book?” I had totally forgotten about that. Tyler still doesn’t leave me alone.

“She will never be safe with you. NEVER! That is why she is coming to the Reserve with me.”

“No Jake, I’m not. I’m staying here with Edward and the Cullens.” There was no way that I would be leaving with Jake, away from my Edward.

“Yes, you are and that’s final.” His voice was strong and he came closer to me. Edward stood in front of me. His eyes locked with Jacob’s.

“It’s her decision Mutt let her choose.”

“She’s coming to the Reserve so Billy can watch over her until she moves to Florida with Renee.”

“I’m not going to Florida and I’m not going with you Jake. I’m staying here with Edward and his family.” I knew Renee would understand if I were to stay here and live with Edward…no I mean Alice. I’d have to tell Renee that. Something tells me she wouldn’t want me living with an eighteen year old guy. Well, he is not eighteen, but she doesn’t have to know about that. Edward handed me his phone.

“Take it and if anything bad happens call Alice.” He whispered in my ear, so Jake wouldn’t hear it.

“You don’t have a choice Bella.” After he said this he ran toward me, but Edward defended me. Edward and Jake were fighting, there, right in front of me. Both of them so close to me fighting? No. It couldn't happen. I then heard a phone ring, it was Edward’s phone. I answered it quickly.

“Hello?” My voice frantic.

“Bella?” It was Alice. “Bella, where are you? Victoria’s coming back earlier. Where’s Edward.”

“Alice I’m in the meadow with Edward and…he and Jake are fighting.”

“What? Why?”

“Jake wanted to take me to the Reserve and then send me back to Florida.”

“Bella, listen you need to stay there. Don’t leave with Jake or anyone but either Edward or me.”

“Ok, I’ll stay right here.” I shut the phone and turned back to them fighting. It was a horrible sight to see my boyfriend and best friend fighting. Why? It's just like Romeo and Paris, but I don't want either of them to die. Why did everything have to happen to me? The next thing I saw was four wolves coming out of the forest.

“Edward!” I yelled he had to get away. Five wolves would kill him. He turned his head to me and then to the wolves. He and Jake were still sort of fighting. Edward was pushed by Jake and he knocked into me and my head hit against a tree . My head hurt a little but I was ok. Jake was still in his human form, he didn’t have a shirt on and you could see the scratches and cuts he had gotten while fighting with Edward. Edward stood in front of me as the four wolves encircled us. They came closer and closer, I heard Edward growling it was the most menacing growl I have ever heard. I wrapped my arms around him and I heard another growl form another vampire, but that was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.