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I added more to chapter four. What if the nightmares returned? What if Victoria was still in folks? what if bella did go to visit Jake after her return from Italy


7. Chapter 7

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I was coming back into conscienceness. I noticed icy arms were wrapped around me and gusts of wind were tousling my hair. I looked up and saw Edward. His face was hardened and filled with worry. My eyes shifted to see where we were. Greens and browns flashed past my eyes. Edward was running with me in his arms. I started to get dizzy but I couldn't close my eyes. I didn't want to slip back into the blackness. Suddenly Edward stopped. I was jerked forward a little but Edward's grasp tightened around me. I looked up to see that we were still in the forest, in a little clearing. Why had we stopped? I suddenly relized why we had, four wolves stepped out of the edge of the clearing encircling EDward and I. My head was still dizzy and I didn't know what was going on. I really couldn't see because I was starting to drift into the blackness yet again. I heard mencining growls from the wolves and from my beloved Edward. I heard some talking then someone yelld my name. It was my angle. The last thing I felt before I slipped into unconscienceness was a gust of wind and warmth.


Edward's POV

How could that Mutt do this to me? To Bella? How could he seperate us?How could they have lied to her? They knew Charlie was gone I read both of their toughts. They just wanted her away for me and my family. They never had any intention of sending her to Florida. Jacob wanted to keep her here for months until she had to go to college. And he still didn't plan on letting her go away from La Push. He took her away from me, She was supposed to be safe today, but she wasn't.

It had all started in the meadow when Jake had pushed me into Bella. I wish i could of stopped myself from bumping into her and sending her flying back into a tree. She had hit and I could hear her fragile skull hit against it. It was one of the most unpleasent sounds I have ever heard. I heard a loud cracking sound. Her head started to bleed and then she had passed out. Why was I constantly putting her in danger? Maybe I shouldn't of come back. Still I need her in my life and I would of eventually came back. Right? After she had started to bleed I knew Jacob would try and steal her away from me. He doesn't trust me or any of my kind around blood. I could never do that to Bella. I could never drain my love of her blood. Even the thought of it made me cringe. I have had better control of the moster inside of me. It still wanted to come out at times but my love for Bella was strong enough to hold it back. As soon as Bella's body had fallen limp I picked her up in my arms and started to run. I had to get her back to the house so Carlisle could make sure she was going to be ok. I didn't care if the mutts followed me Bella was hurt, she needed help. The wolves had saw me escape and they chased me and Bella. I had to stop for we were surrounded by the wolves and Jacob Black. He was still in his human form but there were shivers of anger running down his spine.

"Cullen, hand her over to me." Jacob growled. My grasp only held Bella tighter. She was conscience but her eyes were slowly closing. 'Right now she's safer with me leech.' He thought.

"Never." I snarled right back at him. I could and would never give Bella to him. "CArlisle needs to look at her. She might have to go to the hospital."

"You just want to take her home for a snack." Now Jake was being ridiculous. You and your family was waiting for this moment. Too suck her dry.

"I would never do that to Bella and niether would my family." I growled. I looked at Bella she was still conscience but not by much. I had to get her home soon. "Now Move Mutt. She needs Carlisle to close the wound in her head." I hadn't realized that she was still bleeding until I said this. She had...no ...I had really hurt her. And it was all my fault how could I of done that to her? I put her in constant danger and who am I to be with her, I have done so much wrong in my life. I am a monster and she is an angel. An angel who wants to be damned to an eternity of darkness.

Jacob was coming closer to me his toughts attacking me. You leech! She'll never want to be with you. She has never loved you. I had to keep telling my self to calm down. JAcob was only trying to make me mad so he could take my beloved away from me. And it was working. A growl was building up and I let it out. Jacob took the growl as a 'lets fight' growl. The wolves started to get closer. And that was the last thing I remembered.


Bella's POV

Blackness was all I could see. I could hear voices, but they were distant and fuzzy. Who were they and where was I?

"Whats wrong? Why isn't she up yet? It's been twelve hours already!" The first voice was panicked. Who was this???? They sounded so familiar. I know them. Don't I?

"She should come around soon, that was quite a beating she took." Another voice spoke up.

"All because of me. How could I have been so stupid?" Voice one said. What had happened to me? Was I dying? Was I already dead? Well, I couldn't be dead all I saw was blackness. But what if this was what happened if you died. I tried to think of what happened before I 'died.' I remember Edward, the meadow, and then Jake and Sam. Oh wow, it all was coming back to me. Sam had left, Jake and Edward and I were arguing cause Jake wanted to send me to Florida. But I didn't want to go and I still don't. Not that I don't love Renee, but I want to be with my love and he couldn't be seen out in the sun. Then I remember Jake and Edward fighting, then Edward fell into me and then....the werewolves. And last but not least the blackness. What happened after that? Was Edward ok? Was Jake?

"It's not your fault, it was those stupid bloodsuckers." Voice two stated. WAIT WHAT??? That means I'm with Jake and his gang. Not with Edward and my family. Are they ok? I had to use most of my stength to fight off the darkness. I had to get out of here and see my Edward. I tried to open my eyes and I succeeded. I was greeted by a very anxious Jake. He smiled at me but I was to busy think of my love to return the smile.

"Hey you're up!" He exclaimed. "You blacked out and have been asleep for awhile." I didn't even pay attention to his statement. Insted I focused on where I was. I was in Sam and Emily's house, on a couch. Jacob, Emily and Embry where there, surrounding me.

My eyes were searching for something more that I knew would not be here. Edward. My mind was still focused on him. I needed to know if he was alright. "Where's Edward?" I managed to choke out. For you see, after being asleep for a long time, ones throat gets dry and it is hard to talk when it is. "Whay am I here?"

Jake had many expressions on his face. I saw shock, anger but mist of all I saw how much it hurt him. He ignored the first question but he answered the second one. "We saved you from thise filthy bloodsuckers," What did he mean by 'saved me'?

"What are you talking about JAke? I didn't need to be saved,"

"Yes you did. When he, meaning Edward, "backed into you, you feel into a tree and hit your head. You were bleeding Bella!"

"SO!" I was bleeding why did he make such a big deal out of it? Well, it was my head, but Edward was there and he would have taken me to a hospital if it was that bad.

"So? Bella you were bleeding infront of a vampire!" He started to yell. "HE COULD HAVE KILLED YOU!"

"Jacob." My voice was stern. "Edward had been around me before when I was bleeding. He has NEVER drunk my blood before and he WILL NEVER drink my blood."

"WHY IS THAT!" Jake shook with anger. Shivers were rolling down his arms.

"Because..." my voice was a wisper. "Edward loves me and I love him."