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I added more to chapter four. What if the nightmares returned? What if Victoria was still in folks? what if bella did go to visit Jake after her return from Italy


8. Anger

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Edward's POV

A dream? Did I just dream. I quickly opened my eyes to find six familiar faces around me. I was in my room lying on my couch. My family was surrounding me, all with worried expressions on their faces, which quickly changed to relief. Pain seared throughout my body. Burning. It reminded me of when Carlisle had changed me, but the pain was worse. I looked back up to my family. Something was very wrong with this picture. There were only six 'people' here and my beloved was not one of them. But before I could ask any questions Alice ran over and hugged me.

"Edward!" She screamed."We are so glad you are ok." As she jumped on me more pain shot through my body.

"Ahh." I couldn't help saying that, the pain was bad. No it was worse than bad. It was intense. Alice quickly went over to Jasper. 'Sorry' She thought. I just nodded at her. I looked up into Carlisles eyes. "What happend?" I questioned not just him but the whole entire family. So many thought were coming into my mind. I only caught glimpses of what they said. ....I hope that he's going to be okay. That was Esme. ...When I get my hand on those mutts. Emmet. ...I hope Bella's going to be okay, uh-oh, srry Edward.. It was Alice. I looked up at her waiting for an explination.

"Edward." It was Carlisle who spoke. I slowly sat up, not caring about the pain. I had to find out what happened to my Bella. "We came when the wolves started to attack you. But before we got there Jacob took Bella," I let out a low growl. ANger overtook me. " And you were attacked. We got you out of there before they killed you."

"What can we do to get Bella back?" Alice asked. I nodded in agreement.

"Well, Edward needs to rest and only then we can take action." Carlisle responded.

"I'm fine" I growled. "I need to get Bella back."

"You need rest Edward, or you won't be able to fight."


Bella's POV

"How?" Jacob screamed. "How could you love a bloodsucking leech?" I didn't know how to respond. I loved Edward for so many reasons. So many. "Espically after he left you!" Jacke was now shaking violently.

"Jake calm down." Embry said in a reassuring voice. "Let's just go outside and get some fresh air." Jacob followed relunctly. Before he walked out of the room he looked back at me and our eyes locked. I have never seen so much anger and pain in somebody's eyes before. It tore my heart apart to see him like this. Hating me for who I loved. He then turned abrubtly and walked out of the door leaving Emily and I alone to talk.