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Pack Boys

Everything started so innocently, a simple bonfire upon the beach, but then things got complicated. Lives were changed and hearts were shocked... (A La Push gang Fan fiction) Image Hosted by ImageShack.usChapter 25 is out!!!

We had a little too much fun with the packs valentine's day one shot, so we decided to make it into a whole story!

10. Bonfire stories

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The suns rays began to creep into the room through the cracks amid the blinds. The stripes of light warmed bits of the floor, and turned the inside of my eye lids red as the light danced across it. I moaned as I slowly regained consciousness. The sun hadn't woken me up; it had been the sounds of shuffling feet and murmured voices.

I glanced at Paul, who was still dead to the world, his arm resting over me to hold me close and lovingly. I rolled gently so as to not awaken him; he looked peaceful when he slept. I sat up rubbing my eyes and shivered as my toes hit the cold wood floor.

Clothes were laying all over the floor and I was still not yet awake enough to hunt out my items of clothing from the clutter on the floor. I grabbed the blanket off the end of the bed and wrapped it securely around myself. My bag was still by the front door if I remembered correctly.

The floor creaked as I walked across the wooden floor to the door. I figured it was probably Mashaal and Quil who had come over early. I grasped the still cool door knob in my hand and swung the door open, only to scream.

There must have been half a dozen half dressed men and boys lounging across the living room furniture. They all fell silent upon my piercing yell only to look at me with apparent shock in their eyes.

Paul, who had been awakened by my scream, rushed to my side still wearing his boxers from last night. He relaxed instantly once seeing who had been the cause of the alarm. He twisted his arms around my waist while he stood behind me.

"So, may I ask why all of you are here?" Paul asked the group.

A girl walked in from the kitchen, also wearing cut off jeans and a short belly shirt.

"Emily kicked us out of her house after someone," she glared at one of the younger boys, who immediately turned their head abashed. "Broke another table and you're the only ever person with a big screen." She sat down in one of the big chairs kicking the current occupant out.

"We didn't think you would be um…. Busy." One of the younger men said.

I smirked awkwardly; busy was one way to put it. I pulled the blanket tighter around me as I noticed the unwanted glances of amazement from the younger boys in the room. Paul must have noticed too, cause I swore he growled at them before pulling me back into the bedroom; shutting the door in everyone's face.

"Sorry about them." Paul said, taking my hand in his.

"That's okay, I'm gonna assume their friends of yours."

He snorted, "I guess you could put it that way, though I must say waking up to you screaming was not what I had in mind."

I smiled, "Well, what did you have in mind…" I trailed off flirtatiously.

"I was thinking along these lines." He leaned in a kissed me sweetly on the lips.

"Just keep thinking about that then, while I go shower."

"Do you want company in there?" he asked hopefully.

I raised my eyebrows at him. "I think you've got your own company out there."

I quickly went into the bathroom that was attached to his bedroom and shut and locked the door. I showered, letting the water bounce against my back. I sighed as the tensions in my muscles slowly melted away beneath the steam.

I stepped out and wrapped the only towel on the rack around myself. My hair was soaked and I could tell that no matter what I did to it today, it would not cooperate.

All of the clothes were off of the floor, and luckily my duffel was now sitting next to the bed, finally dry. I dug through it and quickly found a clean pair of jeans, a black tank top, and my favorite warm flannel shirt. I was barely dressed when I felt that nauseous feeling start to build up in my stomach again.

I ran to the bathroom and silently cursed morning sickness to hell and back, as my stomach seemingly emptied itself yet again. Paul walked into the bathroom, wearing his cut off jeans just like everyone else in the house seemed to.

"I'm assuming you don't want any breakfast."

"Shut up." I said, and threw the towel at him right as I yet again heaved over the toilet bowl. "This sucks." I slowly stood up and rinsed my mouth out in the sink.

Paul wrapped his arms around me, and I leaned my head against him. "I love you." He whispered.

"I love you too." I looked up into his eyes. "I guess I should go meet everyone before I puke again."

He laughed, leading me out into the living room. The same group was there, though the younger boys were busy concentrating on the shoot 'em up game that they were playing on what I assumed to be a play station two.

Paul's voice filled the room. "Everyone this is Abby, and Abby that's Seth, Collin, Brady, Quil, Jared, and of course, Leah."

I just waved. "Nice to meet all of you," I said. "Again."

Leah and the other boys were really nice and friendly, even though I did get plenty of ribbing about me and Paul. One look from him usually shut the boys up, and it seemed as though they really did not want to piss him off.

I took a break after one too many rounds of sin city and gave Mashaal a call. She picked up her cell phone on the third ring.

"Hello?" her voice came in over the line.

"Hi, Mashaal, guess what?"

"What?" She asked, her voice coming over line as excited.

"I told Paul."

"Oh my God! What did he say?"

"He said he wanted this to be our family." I couldn't help but squeal with delight.

"Did he tell you what an awesome mom you would be?" She asked, genuinely curious.

"No, but I think it was because his mouth was a little busy." I giggled.

"Abby! I didn't want to know that!"

"Sorry," I said unabashed. "What can I say; I spent a good night with a hot boy.”

I heard Mashaal sigh on the over line. "Me too." That took me a second to comprehend, Mashaal did what last night.

"Where did you end up staying?" The accusations clear in my voice.

"I ended up sleeping with Embry." There was a pause on the line as Mashaal figured out what she had just said, then her shock voiced came back on. "Wow, wait that came out wrong!"

"For a second there you sounded like me."

"See! You're rubbing off on me! I have to save my innocence from you!"

"And hopefully Embry can rub on you." I couldn't help but say it.

"Abby! Wait, I have to tell you something!"

"What is it?" I couldn't wait to hear.

"Well, last night, when we came home there was this guy at Embry's house…"

"What guy?" I asked, I didn't think there was much of a burglary problem in La Push, it seemed like a pretty safe neighbor hood to me.

"The man was really scary and Embry called him Sam. He was all acting like he was the leader of something. And I was pretty scared and kind of pissed off that Embry just let him order him around and take him outside!" She said so quickly the words were blending together.

"That's weird; some people hear mentioned something about a Sam and Emily…" My voice trailed off.

"Really? I was really freaked out, and Embry just came back in and told me not to worry and that he'd explain it all tomorrow at the bonfire," her voice slowed down to an audible rate. "You know, they have a lot of fires around here. I guess that's the huge plus of living on the beach…"

"Mashaal, you worry way too much. This is Washington State, not New York City. There is no mafia here, and ten to one; Embry is not in a gang."

"Well, it may not be a gang, but it might be like..." I could imagine the wheels in her head turning over the ideas of mobsters, and drive-by shootings.

"Seriously, stop worrying."

"I'm not worrying! I'm just..."

"Yes, you are."

"Ok, ok. I was worrying"

"You always worry."

"Not always!" She objected.

"You are like a second mom sometimes."

"Well, sometimes, people need mothers!" Mashaal sounded offended. "Wow, I never thought I'd say that."

"I never thought I would hear you say that." I giggled.

"Abby, listen..."

"I'm listening."

"I have to tell you something!"

"I'm all ears."

"Remember how I said that I was waiting to have my first kiss? Well..."

"Oh my god, you didn't." It was scandalous to think of Mashaal doing anything with a boy. "You didn't?"

"I did."

I couldn't help it, I screamed out of excitement. "That is so great!"

"Aaahhh! Stop screaming!" She laughed, completely bubbly herself.

"I'm so proud of you!"

"And you totally deafened me."

"Sorry! But still, that's so awesome!”

"I know and it was just like you said: totally hot!"

"Was he any good?" I had to know.

"Of course he was good! He was perfect!" I could basically hear her day dream of it.

"Any tongue? Or strictly closed mouth"

"Ew, it was closed mouth!"

That was more of the Mashaal I knew. I laughed. "Trust me; you'll like tongue sometimes too....." I said knowingly.


"It's true though!" I thought about all the kissing Paul and I had done lately.

Seth came into the kitchen to get a soda.

"When you're done with that call, I'm challenging you to another game of Miami Vice."

"Seth, haven't you lost enough times already?" I held the phone against my shoulder as Mashaal continued her lecture on how I was corrupting her, blah blah blah.

"Not yet." He shook his head and walked back into the Living room.

I put the phone back to my ear, and I was right. Mashaal was still prattling on. I interrupted her. "Hey Mashaal, I'll talk to you later at the bon fire. I've been challenged over here to some PS2."

"Okay, I'll talk to you later."



I hung up and walked back into the living room, jumping over all of the half eaten pop tarts and pizza crusts. That's how we spent the day. Playing video games as parts of the group came and left. Either I was playing against Seth, talking with Leah in the kitchen while making snacks, or cuddling with Paul on the couch.

When the time had finally passed into late afternoon, Paul decided it was time to go to the beach for the bonfire.

The fire was already burning and Paul said hello to everyone there while I played Frisbee with Collin and Brady.

The boys seemed to have endless energy. I had to leave the game for a break. I walked back over to where the coolers to grab a soda. There was a lady standing there. I paused for a second when I saw her face. There were three scars threading down it, marring what seemed to have been a beautiful face once.

I talked with her for a while. Emily was really nice. She talked about her husband Sam, and how she felt like she was a mother to all of the boys, including Paul. It seemed like she approved of us being together, though I knew she didn't know about the pregnancy.

I joined the group as they decided to hike over to the tide pools before the sun set. The hike was spectacular. I loved the look of the light as it filtered through the trees. The forest floor was damp and covered in a crazy quilt of pine needles. The tide pools where just as gorgeous. They were like these mini aquariums of life. Paul held me as I looked over the edges into the depths of the shimmering blue water.

The hiked back to the beach as the sun started to set upon the horizon and the entire sky was a painter pallet of vibrant pinks and purples.

Paul took my hand as we strolled back to the fire, all the boys talking excitedly about how big the bonfire was becoming. I saw Mashaal and Embry strolling down the sand towards the group, the last ones to arrive.

"Mashaal!" I yelled, running towards her and wrapping her in a huge hug. "Finally, you're here, what took you so long? Were you and Embry having fun?"

"Abby! How are you doing?" She asked, trying to change the subject. She should have known better with me.

"I'm great, you?" It was true; I had only thrown up first thing this morning.

"Awesome. And no, before you ask, nothing happened. We just slept, not slept together, ok?" She stated, as I pouted. She was such a spoil sport.

"Why? It's so much fun, Mashaal, you're missing out," I teased her.

"Yeah, I know, but I feel like we need to know more about each other before we…take more steps in that direction. I mean, we just had our first kiss, I don't want to ruin it already."

"Ok, ok, fair enough. So tell me about this Sam guy, do you see him around here?" I asked understanding her discomfort. (Not really, but I was a good friend) The same group from the house was here with more people thrown in; I really didn't know who the adults were.

She pointed to the man who Emily had said was her husband, Sam. I guess I hadn't put two and two together earlier. I shrugged.

"Well, he doesn't look all that bad, maybe he was just having an off night last night?" I suggested.

"I dunno, maybe. But it's the way Embry acted around him…as if he were a leader or something," She said.

"You know what's weird? I think you're right…when we first got here, Paul said hi to him first, then everyone else. What do you think is going on around here? Some sort of weird cult thing?" I used my sarcastic excited voice, though Mashaal was never really able to pick up on that.

"Abby!" She laughed. "Why do you always go into the fantasy, magic thing? Maybe he's just an important person in their tribe or whatever. You know they really take that Quileute tribal thing seriously…"

"Yeah, I guess. Oh, we better get back before they come out here," I muttered, confused how she went from flipping out to more relaxed, I would have to thank Embry for that change I guess. "Do you know what they wanted to talk to us about anyway?"

"I don't know, Embry just said they were going to do some traditional things or something."

We walked back down the beach, collecting sea shells as we strolled. I loved the pink sea shells that lined the waters edge. I sat down on the sand and leaned my head against Paul's knees as he sat on the log. The fire kept all the cool night air at bay.

I glanced around the circle and I saw Mashaal with a shocked look on her face. I followed her eyes to see Emily. Her scars were shocking, but once I had talked to her, I only saw the wonderful woman she was behind them.

Jake's Dad cleared his throat, and the circle went from laughing friends to dead silence. It was hard to see him across the circle so instead I just stared into the flames.

"Friends, we are gathered here for another telling of our Quileute legends. We have friends from further places, and new ones who have not heard our stories yet." His voice seemed to surround me, it was deep and rich almost like a voice that could comfort you or make you fall asleep when you were little. "The legends I wish to relate today occurred some years ago, back when our tribe was one with its wolf brethren …"

I saw all the stories he described play themselves out in the flames. I saw the wolves howling upon the cliffs of La Push, and the battles that they fought against the unearthly cold ones. I saw it all in the flames, almost like it was real. I had always believed in legends of Native American tribes, it was one of the reasons I had joined Indian Princesses when I was little, it was also the reason why I always had a dream catcher hanging in my bedroom.

I was sad when the stories finally came to an end, and the last of Billy's words faded onto the winds. Paul bent down and I felt his warm breath while he whispered in my ear.

"Let's go for a walk."

"Okay." I gave him my hand and he helped me to stand back up. I held onto his strong fingers as we strolled away from the fire. Paul seemed solemn, not angry or scared, just distant, like he was thinking hard.

"Is there something on your mind?"

He turned to me. "There is. If I told you something would you promise to believe me?"

I stopped walking and looked at him. "Of course I would."

"Those legends, they’re true." He said, gauging my reaction for some unknown reason.

"I know." I believed in them, though I also happened to still believe in leprechauns and elves. (THEY DO EXSIST!)

"No, I mean they are real. There are such things as werewolves." He seemed to plead with me.

"Why wouldn't I believe that?" I couldn't understand why he thought I didn't believe him.

"Abby, you don't understand. I'm a werewolf."

I couldn't help it, I giggled. "So does this mean that we can't get a dog? Cause if you shed, then we don't need another dog around the house."

Paul just stared at me, obviously becoming frustrated. He rubbed his temples with his finger tips.

"Why don't you believe me?"

"Paul, I do believe you. If you become a giant wolf whenever you want, that's cool with me." Another giggle came out.

"Think of all the fun we can have playing Frisbee…or even playing fetch."

Another laugh. Paul just started to shake but I couldn't help but continue.

"Though I wonder if they make flea collars in werewolf size."

That was all it took. Paul was consumed in convulsions, and then there was a loud ripping sound…