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Pack Boys

Everything started so innocently, a simple bonfire upon the beach, but then things got complicated. Lives were changed and hearts were shocked... (A La Push gang Fan fiction) Image Hosted by ImageShack.usChapter 25 is out!!!

We had a little too much fun with the packs valentine's day one shot, so we decided to make it into a whole story!

20. Stories dont always end with Happily ever after

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I ran past the police car. I noted that the interior of the car was empty. The officer, or officers, must already have been inside. I tried to slow my breathing as I walked up the wooden steps and onto the porch. I heard muffled voices inside, I could barely pick out one voice from another, but I was pretty sure that Mashaal's voice was not among them. I paused, taking a deep breath before knocking on the door. The voices inside quieted, and I clearly heard the echo of foot steps as someone approached the door.

The door was pulled open to reveal a mildly annoyed Paul. His eyes were cold and the remnants of a scowl were plastered on his face. "She's in the bedroom." His voice sounded tired and strained. I nodded; I tilted my head up and gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek, before walking towards the door he had pointed to. I ignored the stares from the cops, who sat, in their crisp blue uniforms, on the couch by Embry. One of the officers looked older, and very tired. He seemed like he was just worn out, and the beginning of gray hairs was visible in his receding hair line. The other officer was younger, and still had that fresh "I'm-going-to-change-the-world" look about him.

I entered the bedroom quietly, closing the door behind me. Mashaal was sitting on the bed, her legs crossed, clearly upset. Her hands were sitting in her lap, and tears streamed from her puffy red eyes down her cheeks. She was wearing a huge old t-shirt and what appeared to be a pair of plaid red boy's boxers that were a few sizes too large for her petite frame. The bed was a mess of twisted sheets and mussed up blankets. Mashaal's hair was sitting in a messy pile on her head- she had obviously not combed it out yet.

I hurried over to her. "Oh, Mashaal." I tried to wipe away her tears as I gave her a huge hug. "Every thing is going to be okay. Don't worry about it. What's the worse that could come of this?"

"They could send me away, I would have to go back home. I would have to leave Embry, and you and everything." She hiccupped slightly as she continued to cry.

"If they do, you can just runaway again. I don't think anything will keep you and Embry apart." I said, attempting to comfort her. I sucked at comforting, Mashaal was better at it than me.

"Except for the police officers in the other room, if my parents found out I was with a boy, they would…" she searched for the right words, "kill me, and probably castrate and slap a restraining order on Embry."

I chuckled slightly at the idea of that, which didn't help Mashaal very much. I gave her another hug, before pulling back and looking her in the eyes. Her face was flushed from all her crying.

"Nothing is going to happen. Go wash your face and we'll talk some more." I watched as she nodded and slowly got up. She walked over to the bathroom and closed the door behind herself, still sniffling.

Once I heard the water running behind the closed door of the bathroom, I got up and walked over to the window. I raised the blinds and opened one of the windows a crack to let in the fresh, morning ocean breeze. The light filled the room and gave it a new sort of hope.

I turned back to the room, when something shiny caught the corner of my eye. I knelt down and picked up the silver foil like packet off the ground just as Mashaal was walking back into the room. I stared at the packet and then back at her, in complete and utter shock. My mind couldn't grasp what this meant. Pure innocent Mashaal, not that I was one to talk, but it was Mashaal for goodness sakes.

I put on my best stern "We are having a talk about this, young lady" look; (The kind my mother used to use on me to no avail.) crossed my arms and stared at her.

"Mashaal, why the hell would you be needing a condom?"

"Well…I…it's not like…you know, you haven't…you see…I…" She scrambled for the right words while her cheeks turned a thousand shades of red. She bit her lip to stop herself from rambling on any more.

"Are you planning to make sense anytime soon?" I raised my eye brow, smirking at how much the tables had turned in our relationship. After all the ribbing, and lectures I had gotten on my "social life", I was finally going to get pay back. I quickly hid my smirk though, attempting to stay serious.

"Yeah…um…I'm just gonna shut up now." She said, turning her head slightly away from me. She looked like a puppy who had just gotten reprimanded for chewing on a shoe. I couldn't help it, I just started laughing. I had to hold my stomach as I howled in laughter. She glared at me slightly, upset by my outburst but she quickly followed suit and started to giggle.

"Mashaal, I can't believe you and Embry…" I trailed off and continued to laugh, "and here I always thought you were the goody two shoes in our group."

"Thanks, Abby." She said, sarcastically. Mashaal had never like being called a goody two shoes, but comparatively to me, she was.

I flopped down on the bed and began to smile. "Okay, I want to hear all the details. Oh and by the way, nice sex hair."

Mashaal turned deep red again before crawling onto the bed; she grabbed one of the pillows and held it in her lap, her head resting on top. I knew she had to be distracted from the situation at hand, and this seemed to be the perfect topic to have her talk about. I looked at her, pleading with my eyes for a story. "Story time?" I asked, pouting slightly.

"Fine, I'll tell you."

"Yeah!" I said with faux excitement, clapping my hands. "I love stories."

Mashaal whacked me with the pillow. "Are you going to listen?"

"Yes, I'm listening." I smiled at her impishly.

"Well..." she started before she broke out in a fury of giggles.

"What?" I asked, feeling like I had missed an inside joke. "Come on tell me!

"We kinda...you know..." She blushed a tomato red.

"You did it, I got that part." I interrupted her. I was impatient.

"Did it", she finished her sentence as I was talking. Mashaal gave me a dirty glare.

"I want the details," I said.

"Abby, no interrupting!" She scolded, obviously very excited to tell her tale.

"Sorry, I'll try to be good." I said, drawing out my sentence into a whine.


I locked my lips just to prove that I would be quiet. Content that I would no longer be interrupting her story, Mashaal continued talking.

"Ok, well… we came home from the fern gallery." She said her tone dreamy.

"What's that?" I hadn't heard of the Fern Gallery, and so sue me, I can't keep quiet.

"Oh, um it was this store in Forks that sold flowers and gifts and stuff. It was so adorable."

"That's cool." I said indifferently. I had hoped it was a photo gallery, but I guess that would be to classy for Forks.

"And we came back with flowers that he bought me, and we were making up goofy nicknames

and then suddenly, he pulled me in for a kiss, right?" Her voice made it sound as if it was the most scandalous thing ever to happen. I stifled a giggle.

"Yes, go on."

"No interrupting!" she whacked me with the pillow again, though this time I was able to block the blow with my good hand. "Right, and then...I dunno...I felt something..." She trailed off thinking of the right words.

"His hands in your pants?" I murmured under my breath, hoping that Mashaal wouldn't hear me.

"It was like...I was ready for it. For him." She said, and then she realized what my whispered comment had been. "WHAT THE HECK?! Abby! Shut up for a sec!" She said exasperated with me.

"Okay, I'm shutting up." And this time I really would be quiet, I would be as silent as the grave.

"Good, now, I was saying...." she thought back to what she was saying before I interrupted, but her face seemed to twist into confusion. "Um...what was I saying?" I laughed at her. "Oh oh oh, yeah, I was ready for him! And I was like "come on lover boy, let's go to bed. And he was like all confused, and to prove my point, I kind of pulled at his belt loop and winked at him"

"You're such a tease, Mashaal." I couldn’t believe that this was sweet innocent Mashaal. The same girl who had squirmed and blushed when I had had to explain what grinding was to her at a dance.

"I'm not a tease; I was trying to make him understand what I wanted." She explained.

"And what did you want?" I asked, inflicting the words so that they sounded almost promiscuous in tone.

"Well, you know...I wanted...him." She stuttered, attempting to explain without sounding vulgar.

"Don't worry, I know what you mean." I said, letting her off the hook. I could torment her a little bit later. By this point, her eyes weren’t as red, and I had sufficiently distracted her from the problems going on, namely the police in the next room.

"Ok, good, Hmm...And then, after we… you know...did it...we were talking and stuff, he made this funny joke about the cigarette after." She giggled, a day dreamy look in her eyes, as she most likely thought back to the event.

"God, boys soooo know how to be romantic, no," the sarcastic tone coming back into my voice. At least he hadn’t actually pulled out a cigarette and smoked, Mashaal would have flipped.

"I know right? I was like, what? And he was like, never mind." Mashaal loved girl talk, it drove me nuts when she went through the valley girl stage and actually for a whole week used the phrase, Gag me with a spoon. "And then, I told him to shut up and kiss me..."

"That is so cute"

“I know, he is adorable and you know what else?" She asked excitement evident in her tone.

"What?” I asked, but she just seemed to wait, wanting to be the anticipation or something. “Mashaal, don’t keep me waiting."

“I thought I would feel...I dunno... dirty or something afterwards," She confessed, I couldn’t help it, I snorted in laughter. “but I just felt...amazingly sweet and happy and blissful."

That’s when it hit me, some time between running away to Washington and the emotional roller coaster she was helping me with, she had fallen in love with Embry. I knew she liked him, but I saw it in her facial expression and her eyes. She truly and deeply loved him. "Cause you love him." I whispered.

Mashaal seem shocked, she thought about what I had just said. “I guess...yeah I do.” She giggled uncontrollably for a good three minutes. “I dunno. Aaahhh, I can't believe I actually did IT!”

"You’re no more innocent then I am. I never thought the day would come." I shook my head in mild joking disappointment.

“Geez, Abby!” She sighed. I shrugged, not abashed. "So... do you think they're going to make me come home?" So much for distracting her, it was now my turn to sigh.

“I don’t know Mashaal, I really don’t know…"

A knock sounded on the wooden bedroom door and we both turned our heads just in time to see a very tired and strained Embry standing in the door way.

"What did they say?" Mashaal asked a hint of panic coming back into her tone.

"Get dressed; they want to take you down town into protective custody." He seemed to choke on the words, as he said them.

"But, but, but... seriously?" She asked, again returning to the verge of tears.

"Mashaal, it’ll be okay. I’ll come with you." I laid my hand on her knee to calm her down. I looked straight into her eyes and held out my pinky for the sacred of all promises: the pinky swear.

Embry left the room, his head hung low. I could hardly imagine the pain that was eating him up inside.

"Ok.” She said taking my pinky, she sniffed slightly.

"Get dressed; I’ll meet you in the living room." I pushed my self off the bed, and straightened out my sweat shirt.

“Ok… wait, what am I supposed to wear? I don’t have any clothes left!"

"You only packed three days of clothes?” How could she not bring more then that when she ran away. “You are new at running away!"

"Um, duh." She said.

"Just grab a dirty pair of jeans and one of Embry’s shirts."

"Eww! Dirty? That’s gross." Mashaal was such a cleanliness freak even under stress, you had to appreciate that.

"Come-on, it’s not like you have any clean clothes left! You can wear jeans a good 4 times before washing them if necessary." I explained.

"EWW, seriously? Since when?"

"Okay, 2-3 is maximum, but if you’re desperate, you can pull off four."

She sighed in defeat, “Okay.”

I shook my head and walked back into the living room. I closed the door behind me and faced the four faces that were watching me.

“She’ll be ready in two seconds.” I said, before walking over to where Paul was sitting in a big chair. I grabbed his hand in mine before sitting in his lap. I rested my head on his broad shoulders. The cops seemed to be slightly impatient.

An awkward silence stalked and then enveloped the room as we all waited for Mashaal to emerge from the bedroom. No one said anything.

Mashaal finally came into the room wearing a pair of slightly rumpled jeans and a Flogging molly band t-shirt. I could tell she had been crying again, but she was attempting to put on a strong face. The police offers stood and asked her if she would go with them downtown. She just shook her head yes. I stood up and walked over to her. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it. “I’m coming with her.” The younger cop looked like he was going to say something, but he was silenced when the older one, I think he was the Chief or something, gave him a look.

The police officers walked out onto the porch, Mashaal following them. I went to follow her, but I was stopped by Paul’s hand on my elbow. I turned to look at him, his face was desperate.

“Abby, you can’t go.” He whispered fiercely, his voice barely restraining his anger and fear.

“I have to, she ran away to help me in the first place. The least I can do is to hold her hand through this now.” All of this really was my fault, even if I was the only one who saw it that way. Paul looked somewhat convinced but he still hadn’t let go of my arm. “If this was a pack brother, wouldn’t you go with them without even thinking?”

“Just make sure you come back to me.”

“I’ll never leave.” I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him right on the lips. I felt his arms encircle my waist and I let myself become lost in the taste of him. I pulled back, reluctantly. “I have to go now. You and Embry follow in his car.”

I scooted out the door and slid into the back seat next to Mashaal. The younger cop swung the door shut behind me with a single click. The interior of the cop car smelled like cheap leather, and there was a metal mesh situated between the officers and us “delinquents” in the back sea. Mashaal gripped my hand, in her nails digging into the soft flesh of my palm, but I didn’t even feel the pain. I was proud of her, not a single tear left her eyes as the cop car pulled away from Embry’s house. I watched the world go by with unseeing eyes as the police car glided down street after street. The ride was silent except for the metronome like beat of the windshield wipers as they went up and down.

The Forks Police Station was a non-descript brick building that looked just like every other police station. Mashaal and I followed the police officers through the glass front doors. I looked back once, but I didn’t catch a glimpse of Embry’s car. I sighed and squeezed Mashaal’s hand. We passed a few old wooden desks behind which several bored looking officers sat, and a few shut doors that could have been anything from a janitor’s closet to an office.

Our little parade of people came to a halt outside a wooden door that framed a glass window with chipping gold letters reading Police Chief Charlie Swan. The younger cop left us as we followed, who I assumed to be Chief Swan, into office. There were two old vinyl chairs sitting before a shabby wooden desk scattered with papers, a desk lamp and an outdated computer.

The chairs squeaked as Mashaal and I sat down. Chief Swan rebooted the gray contraption on his desk and waited for the screen to come to life.

“I just have to find your profile, Miss.”

I swore Mashaal literally cringed. I tried to block out their conversation as I stared out the window at the slate gray clouds that contrasted against the dark brown of bare branched trees. I didn’t hear what they said until I heard someone calling my name. I looked back and saw Charlie staring at me with a shocked and wary look on his face.

“Abby Beerman?” He asked, I nodded. “From Caldwell, New Jersey?” I nodded again, wondering how this part of the conversation had come up. I felt like I was missing an obvious answer. That’s when it clicked, I was on file, missing. My body jolted upright in an instant, fear coursing through me.

“That can’t be.” I whispered.

“It says here, that you were reported missing the day after Miss Hashmi was. Now, normally the protocol is for us to contact the parents first, but I will let you girls have the option of calling home first. The choice is up to you.”

We both agreed to call our parents ourselves. I bit my lip slightly as I thought about having to tell my parents everything. I was sure Mashaal was just as terrified as I was.

Charlie stood up. “One of you can use the phone in here, and there is another phone in the conference room. This way you can have some privacy.”

I stood up, letting Mashaal stay in the office. Charlie led me back through the police station to one of the nondescript doors. The conference room smelled kind of musky and was a plain boring shade of white. Charlie closed the door behind me, telling me where I was to go after I was done with my call. I sat down in one of the plastic chairs that surrounded the rectangular table that was in the middle of the room. I pulled the black phone off from where it sat on its receiver on the table. I dialed in the number and waited as the static changed into the ringing that told me the phone across the country hanging on the wallpapered wall of a never used kitchen was now ringing, and therefore controlling my fate.

I stared at the phone now sitting in my lap. They don’t want me. It seems like this was the final straw for my parents, they were beyond angry. They never wanted to see me, again. I wiped the tears that slid silently down my cheeks. Their words had been so final; they didn’t want me to see them again. I could collect my belongings while they were at work, but anything left by the end of the week would be gotten rid of, trashed. They were going to write me out of the family in a way. I took in a shaky breath and gripped my arms around myself.

I sat in that stupid plastic white chair, in that god forsaken police station and cried. I tried to think of something, anything, other then their words. Those damn words which were reverberating in my head. Please don’t contact us again. I stifled another sob and curled tighter within myself. I ignored the creak as the door swung open, but I didn’t look up until I heard a soft gasp. Mashaal’s concerned face stood there, staring at me from the door way. She scurried over to me, and encircled me in a hug.

“They don’t want me.” I whispered, staring back down at the phone. She helped me stand up, and guided me out of the office. Mashaal didn’t look as bad as I did, so I could only assume that her conversation had gone infinitively better then mine. I saw Paul and Embry standing impatiently near the young cop from earlier. The poor kid looked intimidated by Paul and Embry. Mashaal left me leaning against the wall as she ran over to them. Paul’s head whipped around until he spotted me. Before I could blink he was right next to me, catching me before my knees gave way and I caved in. Mashaal was explaining something to the police officer, but I didn’t pay attention. The only thing I felt was the salt stains on my cheeks and a pair of warm comforting arms carrying me out the door and into the brisk afternoon air.