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Pack Boys

Everything started so innocently, a simple bonfire upon the beach, but then things got complicated. Lives were changed and hearts were shocked... (A La Push gang Fan fiction) Image Hosted by ImageShack.usChapter 25 is out!!!

We had a little too much fun with the packs valentine's day one shot, so we decided to make it into a whole story!

26. Epilogue

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I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Looking out to the green grass, it did not reflect me, but I reflected these past few months in La Push. Not only was everything going perfect, but this day would be one of the biggest in my life. Graduation.

I smiled as Abby came around to where I was standing at the concession stands, waiting to be seated. Her tummy was now swollen and it definitely showed the 4 month pregnancy with twins.

"Mashaal," she sighed. "You know I'm proud of ya, right?"

"Thanks Abby," I sighed and ran my hands down the length of my forest green gown. I couldn't help but give her a big hug. She was one of my favorite support systems through these past hectic weeks.

"Will all the students please go sit down in their seats? We're about to get started!" Mrs. Mize said, clapping her hands. My other classmates followed her out to the seating area.

"You'll do great, I know it," Abby grinned at me before waving goodbye.

"I just hope I don't trip!" I laughed and followed everyone out. We stood in alphabetical order and were directed to our reserved seats. Before I sat down, I looked around in the small crowd and smiled at my audience. I really was a bit worried about tripping. Jacob, Billy, Paul, Abby, Jared, Kim, Sam, Emily, Seth, Leah, Brady, Collin, my parents and my brothers had pushed together two tables and were sitting along and waving at me, big grins on their faces. I couldn't help but feel completely centered on as Embry stared back at me. It's like there were real stars in those dark eyes of his as he watched me over all the other people. His proud grin made everything else fad away. But it really wasn't, so I waved at all of them and blew him a big kiss before sitting down and facing to the front, where a small stage had been set up.

We were currently on the field of La Push High School, and the weather was perfect. The skies were as clear as they ever got on the Washington peninsula. I may not remember each word the principal, the valedictorian, or the salutatorian said, but I'd always remember the expression on each person's face as they got up to get their degree. Finally, the H's were being called. I followed my classmates through the row of chairs and waited until my name was called. There it was, like a raindrop falling on my face, cleansing my whole body.

"Mashaal Hashmi." I blushed as a roar of applause and whistles that erupted from their tables and took deep breaths as I got up there. I managed not to trip until I got to the principal, shaking his hand and holding my degree. I turned and grinned at them, waving my degree with eagerness.

I slowly flipped the gold tassel from the left side to the right. While pausing for pictures, I made sure to wink at Embry, before heading back down the other side. I sat down and sighed. As I threw my cap into the air and yelled out my class name, I couldn't help but sigh happily. I didn't trip once.

I felt like I was underwater, fighting to hold my last breath in my lungs. My body was numb and I was helpless. I looked up, scratching my nose from under my veil and trying to relax. I was getting married. What the f?! I swear, yesterday, I was 6 years old, sitting in my backyard with pigtails, while blowing bubbles. And now I was getting married?!

“Breathe, sweetie,” Embry mouthed at me. He took a deep breath, signaling me to do the same. I took two deep breaths and heard someone clearing their throat. Everyone faced us, and in between us sat Billy, smiling at me. He looked around once everyone’s attention was on him and began the ceremony.

“Men and women, we are honored to be here today, celebrating yet another wedding of a beloved, wonderfully sweet couple. As you all know, the story of these two will be put in our tribe’s history, for it was one of utter devotion and fulfilling of happiness. They’re love has past through many difficult stages, and they’re triumph has brought us all to today, the day of their harmonious marriage…” He continued, letting his enthralling voice capture us and wring us out.

I couldn’t help but lose my breath every time I looked at Embry. His eyes were trained on me, and the absolute look of pure joy was clear on his face. I had never seen him as happy as he was now. His eyes were bright, and his chin was clenched, keeping the wide grin in place. His teeth actually shined in the sunlight.

Yes, there was sunlight, in LA PUSH! A summer wedding on the beach…it was one of my dreams growing up. My dress ruffled slightly in the wind and I ran a hand down it’s beaded art. It was absolutely perfect. It couldn’t have been better.

“So now, the couple would like to perform their own vows before the formal vows take place,” Billy said, gesturing to Embry to go first. I nearly cried before he even began. I knew it would be the sweetest thing ever…

“This girl, standing in front of me…you’d all better take a good look at her. She’s a thief!” He grinned, taking my hand. I stared back at him, my mouth wide open. Everyone in the crowd looked at one another, confused and wondering.

“Yes, she is a thief. She stole the most important thing a human needs from me. She stole my heart.” He whispered. I sighed, and felt a smile curling around my lips.

“From the moment I saw her, my heart was in her hands, and I hope to God she won’t ever let it go. Nothing prepared me from the moment I met her, but I knew I’d be hers for the rest of my life. Mashaal… I know what it’s like to be away from you, and it really does bring the darkest moments of my life. Today, I take you to be the one and only best thing in my life, the only one that I could possibly ever be with… the only one I’d ever love. I, Embry Call, take you, Mashaal Hashmi, to be mine and only mine.”

He finished with a grin and a soft kiss on my hand. I wanted him to rip of the veil and kiss me on the lips, but I knew I’d get my wish later on. With a deep intake of breath, I began the words I had practiced for days before… I thought I’d be nervous and forget it all, but all I could feel was utter bliss.

“Embry… I’d like to start by saying thank you to you. Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for making my spine tingle, for making every word I say seem important. Thank you for making me feel smart, and pretty, and so so so happy. Thank you for sharing all of your secrets with me. Thank you for making me feel like I belonged somewhere, for making my life complete. You are the only song I ever want to hear… you’re the only beauty I want to see, and you’re the only person I’ll ever want to be with. You are not a want for me. I do not want you. I need you. I cannot ask for anything more than to be here, with you, in front of everyone we love, and intertwine our destinies together officially. I may have stolen your heart, but you have stolen me. I love you…”

I choked with tears and Embry’s hand squeezed mine.

“I, Mashaal Hashmi, take you, Embry Call, to be my future, to be my husband, and to be mine and only mine.”

“Do you, Embry Call, take Mashaal Hashmi to be your wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do you apart?”

“I do.” His seemed to impossibly light up even more as he said that, and I managed to stop crying.

“And do you, Mashaal Hashmi, take Embry call, to be your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do you apart?”

“I do.” I sighed happily and sniffled a bit. I could barely hear the clapping starting behind me, but I heard what Billy said after that.

“You may now kiss the bride…” And with that, the veil was lifted and his hands softly fingered my cheeks, wiping away the tears before he kissed me more passionately and happily than he ever had.

I stood in the center of the room, dressed in jeans and a maternity shirt. Paint was splattered all over me, white paint, black paint, green paint, so many colors, shades, and hues. I had spent the morning redecorating the second bedroom in our house. The house wasn’t big, two bedrooms, two baths, living room, dinning room, kitchen. Jared and Paul had lived here before Jared had moved in permanently with Kim. I had repainted Jared’s old room, to make it into a nursery. The twins were supposed to be born in a little over a month, and I wanted everything to be perfect for their arrival.

Paul was at work, they were building a new housing complex outside of Port Angela’s. I wanted the room to be a surprise for him. We had decided to wait to see if the twins were boys or girls, so I had painted the room in a way that it could be for either gender.

The lasagna was in the oven, and I had nothing left to do, but wait impatiently for Paul to get home. I checked the clock on the wall again. It would only be a matter of minutes before I would hear the door open, and my husband would be walking through, leaving slightly muddy foot prints on the rug by the door. I stared at the walls, until like I predicted I heard the door open, and Paul yelled my name as he clomped the dirt off of his shoes.

“In the nursery.” I yelled, not even attempting to hide the smile in m voice. He walked in and wrapped his arms around my shoulders, it was impossible for him to wrap them around my waist since the twins had far exceeded even the length of his arms.

“I see you were busy today.” Paul commented, eyeing the walls. Instead of simply painting the walls a solid color, I had gone all out mural style. Lines of stories and poems inched over the walls, while scenes of fantastical worlds came to life. I had gone through all of my favorite books to find just the write verses. Each wall seemed to be a cascade of life. One wall was a forest through which Grimm’s creatures came to life. Another showed a castle with knights standing guard above a moat. The one with the windows became the sea, with Pirate ships sailing across the walls and out into the world. The last wall was relatively blank compared to the others; a simple silver wolf was painted onto the wall, over lapping the closet doors. It seemed to stand on a cliff, howling at the full moon that hung overhead.

“Do you like it?” I asked, turning in his arms. I searched his face for approval. The nursery did have an un-conventional look about it.

“It looks amazing.” He said. “They’ll love it.”

The laptop was balanced on the counter, as I finished mixing the cookie dough. I was taking on-line college courses, and was slowly crawling towards a degree in Business. I only took one or two classes at a time. Paul had become one of the managers for the contractor he worked for, which meant that we had enough money for the classes, and also to live comfortably in La Push.

A resounding crash filled the air as I scooped the chocolate chip mounds onto the awaiting tray.

“Joshua Mayor Rivers if you broke another one of my vases you’re going to get it!” I called into the other room.

“It wasn’t me, Mom, I swear.” The young voice of Joshua yelled back. “It was Greg’s fault!”

“I don’t care whose fault it was, both of you get your tails into this kitchen right now.” Having twins was hard enough, but twin boys were even harder. Joshua Mayor Rivers and Gregory Lee Rivers scampered into the kitchen. The two boys of 6 years of age stood there, attempting to look innocent. Though innocent was something they rarely were, and people thought the two’s were terrible, wait until they have six year old twin boys. They always were keeping me on my toes.

They both had their father’s skin tone and lean body, and while Joshua had the same eyes and hair as me, he had more of his father’s personality, especially Paul’s stubborn streak. Gregory looked more like his father, with black hair and dark eyes. He was a bit wilder then Josh, his open nature let him do whatever he wanted, very much like me.

“Now, what broke?” I swear those boys lived for destruction sometimes.

“Nothing important!” Greg said, piping up. “It was that really ugly vase that Uncle Jake gave us!”

I loved Jake and the rest of the pack to death, but the vase in question that Jake had given us was indeed horrid to look at. I had put it in the living room only to be polite. Paul had suggested that we just chuck it, but I didn’t want to hurt Jake’s feelings.

“Well, in that case, I think you both deserve an award.” I smiled; I loved my boys with all my heart. “Who wants cookies?”

Both of their faces lit up as they hurried to sit in the high stools by the counter. Boyish grins painted across their faces as they grabbed one of the warm cookies off of the cooling racks, as I put another tray in the oven.

“Thanks Mom.” Josh said, crumbs falling onto his shirt.

“Yeah, Chocolate chip are my favorite.” Greg said, grabbing for his second.

“Just make sure you leave some for your Dad.”

“If we have to,” Greg grumbled.

“You have to,” I laughed, biting in to one of the warm chocolate chip cookies.