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Pack Boys

Everything started so innocently, a simple bonfire upon the beach, but then things got complicated. Lives were changed and hearts were shocked... (A La Push gang Fan fiction) Image Hosted by ImageShack.usChapter 25 is out!!!

We had a little too much fun with the packs valentine's day one shot, so we decided to make it into a whole story!

3. His perfect heat

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Mashaal's POV:

I am having the time of my life! I thought happily as I stumbled to catch the Frisbee.

“Not too fast, Kati, you don’t want to injure her!” Abby called out from where she was in the sand and taking pictures of us.

“How many times did you trip already today, Mashaal?” Kati laughed as she caught the Frisbee with grace that I lacked profusely.

I’ve lost count!” Abby laughed even harder.

“You know what?!” I yelled, trying to hide my own laughter. “You guys are just jealous. Being clumsy is very in right now. I mean, look at Fergie!” I replied.

“You got me tripping, stumbling, flipping, fumbling…Clumsy cause I'm falling in love!” They both sang while giggling. I gave up trying to hide and laughed out loud. Kati threw the Frisbee a little harder this time and it ended up going away from where Abby was sitting.

Looking a bit further down the gorgeous beach, I noticed a fire going. Telling the girls to look, we watched as the flames crackled higher and closer to the reservation.

“Let’s go, the fire looks warm and I’m starting to get cold,” I suggested, feeling the Goosebumps rise on my arms.

“Why not?” Abby said, getting up and picking up her bag. I was mesmerized by the soft crashing sounds the beach waves made when they hit the sand. It sounded…like music. I told the girls this and they giggled, nodding agreeably.

I had originally thought that the fire had belonged to some family’s that lived on the reservation or something, but as we got closer, all I could see were three amazingly hot boys sitting on the benches. Kati and I both stepped back a bit, letting Abby step further.

“Sorry for intruding, but my friends and I were on the beach down a ways and saw your fire. You guys wouldn't mind sharing the warmth would you?” Abby asked, not scared in the least. I raised my eyebrow lightly when I saw the shorter one check her out.

I always knew that Abby was the boldest out of the three of us, let’s face it---she’s the oldest and she has the physique. I felt scared for her sometimes, she was so vivacious, she could seriously get herself into trouble one of these days!

"Sure." The tallest of the boys replied. "I'm Jake and this is Paul and Embry." He pointed to his friends as he said their names. I knew instantly the one that I liked the best…Embry. He was the best looking, in my opinion. Tall, slender, dark hair and dark mysterious eyes.

“Thanks, I’m Abby,” she said. She pointed to us and told them our names also. “This is Mashaal, and Kati.”

We sat down across from the boys, huddled together and staring at the hot boys. The one named Embry smiled a little smile at me and I couldn’t help but smile back. An awkward silence hung in the air around the fire, and I almost heard my heartbeat---I hated awkward silences more than anything.

“Are you all from the rez?” I asked, unable to think of something more interesting. They nodded their heads in reply.

“Yeah, where are you girls from?” The one named Paul asked. I remembered that he was the one that checked out Abby.

“Well, I’m from Texas,” I said. “But I’m not a hick,” I told them laughing, mainly because that assumption made my skin crawl. The awkwardness seemed to decrease a bit then…

“Jersey girl breed and true.” Abby said, making me smile.

“Forks, my friends were visiting so we decided to spend v-day at the beach.” Kati said, her soft voice explaining why we were all here.

“So, Mashaal,” Embry said softly over the crackling fire. His voice made me melt inside and I smiled and looked up at him…he was so tall.

“Where do you live in Texas?” He asked, brushing a hand through his hair. I really liked the way it curled just below his ears.

“Dallas…how long have you lived in the resveration?”

“My whole life,” he laughed. I liked the sound of his husky laugh.

We talked more, and more…and then some more. We talked about everything…our favorites, our pasts, our presents, our families and our common interest: music. We had so much in common, it was almost hard to believe he was real. At one point, the wind picked up a bit more and caused me to shiver.

“You have goosebumps…you scared?” He teased.

“Nope, just cold.” I laughed, shivering again. He hesitated, then rose an eyebrow.

“That can be easily fixed…” he whispered, leaning closer to me and putting his arm around me. I grinned at the enticing heat his body gave off, and cuddled closer. His other arm came around and sat on my waist.

After a few more moments of delicious talking, I started to trace shapes into his arms…little symbols and hearts. I didn’t even notice I was doing it--but he did.

“Do you like to draw?” He asked. I shook my head lightly, smiling.

“Not really…I’m more of a writer,” I replied, ducking my head down. I didn’t like to admit this to guys in case they thought it was dorky.

“Really? What do you write?” He asked, surprising me with his tone of interest.

“Um…I’m the editor of my school newspaper…and I write some short stories sometimes.” I looked up, seeing his gorgeous smile.

“That’s awesome…I write poetry sometimes. Don’t tell anyone though,” he grinned. I blinked and grinned back.

“Really? That’s amazing. I couldn’t have guessed you were a closet poet…”

“Ah, that is the number one rule of closet poetry,” he chuckled.

“Hmm, I would have thought the number one rule was to turn on the light when your in the closet,” I said. We both laughed together and he pulled me even closer. I turned a little to the side in order to get more comfortable into his hard-fit chest and noticed that two people were missing. Abby and Paul! Oooh, she was going to be in trouble later!

I didn’t even notice the time fly by, but soon the moonlight shone upon Embry’s tan skin and it made our conversation fall into hush whispers as we noticed that Jake and Kati both fell asleep awkwardly on the wood, mouths open. I didn’t even have the energy to worry about where Abby had gone, because Embry’s chest started to tremble slightly. I looked up to see his eyes drifting close and a small smile on his face.

I couldn’t help it---I leaned up and kissed his warm chin. I smiled and laid against him, draping my arm across his perfect body. He is so perfect… was my last thought as I fell asleep peacefully.


I blinked my eyes open to a beautiful sunrise that just broke across the ocean’s horizon like a masterpiece. Sighing, I twisted my neck uncomfortably, feeling a crick because of my sleep position. I smiled as I looked up and saw that Embry was still snoring and I reached up, kissing his chin just as I had done last night.

“I hope I’ll see you again sometime…you are so perfect,” I whispered to the sleeping boy, getting up and stretching out my body like a cat. I looked around, thanking the heavens when I saw that Abby was back and safe, curled up into Paul’s side.

I first crossed over to where Kati was using the wood as her pillow and winced when I thought of how uncomfortable that must have been. Pulling her red hair away from her face, I leaned down and whispered for her to wake up.

While she got our bag ready, I leaned over Paul and tried to shake Abby awake. This one would be a challenge, as it always was.

“Abby? Wake up,” I whispered so I wouldn’t wake up anyone else. She moaned and cuddled closer the sleeping Paul.

“Go away,” she growled lightly. I chuckled and shook my head, same old Abby.

“Abby, it’s time to leave,” I insisted, shaking her arm harder.

“I don't want to get up,” she whimpered.

“Flight 08768 is now leaving for LaGuardia.” I said in a mock announcer’s voice. She scrambled up and looked around frantically. When she noticed that we weren’t at the airport, she glared at me.

“You fight dirty,” she accused me.

“I know.” I smirked.

We got up and watched the boys sleep for a couple moments before we all realized simultaneously that we didn’t want to leave without a trace for the boys to detect…Kati was the genius in this situation.

She pulled her pink permanent marker out of her pocket and gently wrote her name and number across Jake's palm before tossing the writing utensil to me. I lifted up Embry’s soft hand and wrote my own name and number, along with a heart for him to remember me by.

While Abby did the same for Paul, I thought of how unlikely it was for Embry to call me. I mean, even if he did like me after all the talk last night, he’ll probably think that Texas is too far away for anything interesting to happen. All the same, I could hope.

I couldn’t believe time had passed so quickly! We had only arrived in Forks a week ago, and we were now heading back already! We had tearful goodbyes and promises of reunion, and then Abby left to go to New Jersey, and I was headed back to Texas.

I loved being on vacation, mainly because I could get away from parents, school, and whatever, but also because I could actually feel less stressed out. I always had this ‘motherly’ affection thing about me, and that’s why my friends loved me, but sometimes it was all too hard to handle: worrying about everyone else before me was not doing good for the pores.

While I waited for my parents in DFW airport, I felt something vibrate in my pocket. I pulled out my cell phone and frowned. A text from an unknown number? Oh, wait…oh my gosh! I flipped open the cell quickly and opened the message up.

Hope you had a good trip…I’m missing you---Embry had sent. My heart swelled and I grinned, quickly texting him back. I did, thnx. I miss you too ;) I had sent.

For the next month, my phone was my lifeline. Embry and I texted during school and talked all night over the phone. My mom nearly had a heart attack when she saw the phone bill, so now I was grounded. Embry felt bad for getting me grounded, but I told him not to worry about it---for his voice over the phone, I would take any punishment in the world.