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The Secret Life of Jared

Jared, Kim and his annoying little sister! Hooray! Submitted for the contest about Jared.

Submitted for the contest about Jared

1. The Secret LIfe of Jared

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After patrolling the Quileutte border, I decided I wanted to spend more time with Kim. I called her cell phone and waited. She answered after four rings.

“Hey Jarebear,” she said cheerfully. I smiled at the wonderful sound of her voice.

“Hello Kim,” I replied happily. “I was wondering if you wanted to come over.” That way, I wouldn't have to play Gamecube with my sister Katie all night.

“Sure. I’ll be right over.”

“I’ll be waiting,” I promised. “I love you, Kim.”

“I love you too,” she said. “Bye.”

“Bye,” I replied, then hung up.

I had to hurry home to wait for Kim, since I knew she hated when she had to wait for me at my own house, no matter how cute she thought my little sister was.

I quickly phased back into a wolf and took off running towards my house. Being a wolf isn’t something you just get used to. Every time you start running, you get this amazing feeling and don’t want to stop. It is absolutely thrilling.

Jared! Jacob thought. We ran into Victoria! Help us catch her!

Where do you need me? I asked in my thoughts.

Head towards the beach, Sam instructed. Block her path. We can’t let her go again.

I turned and ran west, forcing myself to run faster. I could be a hero. They would be proud that I killed that stupid leech.

Don’t try to kill her on your own, Sam warned.

Dang it! I would have to be more careful with my thoughts.

In a few minutes, I had reached the beach. I could smell that leech, but couldn’t see her.

Jared! Paul thought. Turn around!

I turned around to see Victoria about 25 yards away, on the periphery of the woods. Behind her and on both sides, members of the pack were sneaking up.

Suddenly, she ran. My reflexes kicked in, but I was too late. I snapped at her right after she passed, my jaws only met air. Victoria ran straight into the water and started swimming away quickly.

Leave her, Sam commanded. She's heading away from Forks. She might loop around the reservation, so Jacob and I will try to follow her scent as soon as she gets out of the water. Jared and Paul, go get some rest.

I want to come! Paul thought angrily. Sam ignored him.

Thanks, I thought gratefully and ran in the general direction of my home. I tried to shut out the rest of the pack’s thoughts, though I heard an occasional obscenity from the angered Paul.

In the woods outside of my house, I phased back to my human form and got dressed. When I finally reached my house, I noticed an extra car in the driveway. Kim! I hurried inside, only to be greeted by my mom.

“Jarebear! Where were you?” she cried in a very mom-like way, “I was worried sick! I didn’t know if you would ever make it home! Kim has been waiting!”

“Mom,” I complained. “Victoria came back! We almost caught her!”

“It’s okay Jarebear,” She said, trying to comfort me. It only annoyed me more.

“Don’t call me that!” I shouted, “It’s embarrassing!”

“Am I allowed to call you Jarebear?” Kim asked, joining us in the small kitchen.

“You can call me that,” I told her. “But my mom can’t.” I cast a meaningful glance in her direction, and then returned my gaze to Kim. She smiled.

“Let’s go,” I said, wrapping my arm around her and leading her to my bedroom. She sat down on my unmade bed and gazed at me with her beautiful eyes. Right as I sat down, my sister came running into my room. I jumped up in surprise.

“Carebear, I’m bored!” Katie whined.

“Go play with your Barbie dolls or something,” I told her angrily. “And don’t call me Carebear. My name is Jared.” I could never be alone, thanks to her.

“I’m thirteen,” she informed me, glaring. “Girls stop playing with Barbie dolls after like second grade!”

“Katie,” I said calmly, then raised me voice. “Get out!”

Kim got off of my bed, stood between us, and placed a hand on my chest. Only then did I realize I was quivering, on the verge of phasing. Katie left my room, fuming under her breath as Kim led me to my bed.

“Sit,” she commanded. I obeyed.

“Breathe,” she reminded me. I focused on calming down and keeping my breathing even. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. I stared at her lovely face as I calmed down. She was staring at me anxiously, knowing the dangers of me losing control.

I heard a knock on my door and went to open it. On the floor was a box of Frosted Flakes. A sticky note on the front read To Carebear, From Katie.

“Katie,” I called down the hall. “These are cornflakes. I’m allergic to corn, remember?”

“Yeah,” came a muffled response from her room. “That’s why I gave them to you.”

I rolled my eyes and turned around, running into Kim. She gently held my face in her hands and kissed me. All of the day’s annoyances went away. I forgot about Victoria, Katie, and my mom, only thinking about my true love.