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What if...

Will Bella finally get her wish of becoming a vampire??? FIND OUT!!! READ!!! REVIEW!!!!


1. Chapter 1

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"Hey Bella!"Charlie calls. "Get over here! I want to show you something!" HE waves his hands to let me know where he is. I wave back.

"Just a second!" I call back.

I examine the rocky river at my feet. I wonder how I got roped into fishing with Charlie. my fiance. He talked me into bonding with Charlie while he went hunting.I agreed to bonding but did I have to agree to fishing? No! So why did I? I had to do something Charlie liked. Charlie likes watching TV, right? why didn't I do that?

I stop yelling at myself long enough to take a tiny little step on to the slippery rock in front of me. I wobble a little but catch my balance.

"Be careful!" Charlie yells.

"I will be!" I yell back.

I look for my next rock to step on. I see no rock. What I do see I don't like. I see the river is getting deeper towards the middle. I also see that it's getting stronger. The water pushes up against my shins. I spot a suitable rock and carefully place my foot there. I wobble under the pressure of the water on my one leg. I swiftly get to the rock. The pressure on my shins, and now, knees is huge. I struggle not to fall. I look for another rock and jump to it. I make it, not very gracefully , but I make it all the same.

I'm nearing the other side. I step on another rock only this time the rock moves. I loose my balance. I topple over. Water splashes everywhere. I manage to grab a rock and hold myself there. I come up to the surface gasping for air. My grip loosens and I hear Charlie screaming my name.

I concentrate on my hands. They hold onto the sharp rock with all their might. My grip slowly loosens. One finger slips off the rock. Another. Another. My entire left hand gives out. I hold with my one hand to the rock. The current pulls and pushes my body, slowly loosening my grip. The next thing I know there's no rock under my hand. The current pushes my forward. Rocks hit my hands and my back, knocking the air out of my lungs. I can't breathe. Air. I need air. I need...Edward. Air and Edward, that's all I need in life.

The water pushes my into a deeper area and a more rocky area. I hear Charlie yelling my name. I remember the time that I went cliff diving. When Jacob was screaming my name at the shore and Edward was yelling at me in my mind. I remember the similar sensation of not being able to breathe but being able to think of Edward and Jacob. I remember Jacob saving me. Only this time no one's going to save me.

More rocks bash my legs. I manage to gasp for air above the water before I'm pulled under deep.

The rocks bash into my legs and shoulder. One rock hit my in the head. Hard. I notice the water turns red around me. Everything is red and the water is thicker. Suddenly I can't breathe. Then everything turns from red to black. Pitch black.