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What if...

Will Bella finally get her wish of becoming a vampire??? FIND OUT!!! READ!!! REVIEW!!!!


2. Chapter 2

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What if... Chapter 2

I feel water leaving my sides. I feel a hard ground pushing up against my back. I feel something padding my legs, and my head. It's cool and wet. I hear nothing but Charlie every once in a while asking my name. I try to open my eyes and Charlie sees this.

"Bella?!" His voice is a mixture of fear, worry and hope. I groan as I try to move my head.

"Shhh, stop. Don't move." He holds my head back where it was.

I look into his eyes. They are full of fear. His facial expression is calm, but I also see fear in it. The way his jaw is clenched, the way he eyes me suspiciously. They all tell me he is afraid.

My eyes close before I can stop them.

Something cold and hard gently holds my hand. My eyes pop open. Edward? Is he here? I look to see Edward Cullen leaning over me, sobbing dry tears. I open my mouth to tell him to stop but I fid that I can't talk, my throat is too dry. I try to move my hand to signal him that I'm awake, and alive. I move my hand ever so slightly and Edward looks up.

He looks into my eyes. I look into his. They're filled with pain, fear, and the tiniest touch of hope.

"Edward?" I try to croak. My voice cracks and even gives out a little. My throat is drier than sandpaper. He hears this and puts a water bottle up to my mouth.

"Yes?" He says, while he does this. He's calm and cool, but I know he's panicking inside.

"How...are you...here?" The question is out before I can realize that that's the question I wanted to ask.

"Alice had a vision. She saw you fall." His musical voice says.

Alice. Of course.

"Weren't you hunting? How'd you get here so fast?" Talking becomes easier and easier.

"I was but when Alice saw the vision I came back." He looks at me. He lightly pushes a strand of hair out of my eyes. It tingles where he touched.

"So are you thirsty?" I shift to see most of my blood laid out over my stuff , my clothes, and even him.

"Yes, very, but I can control it." I sit and think about this for a couple minutes.

The ambulance shows up on the street. I see the flashing lights through the trees. People shout and come running. I look to Edward who scoops me up. It's painful, but his hard cold skin numbs me.

"What are they going to do to me?" I ask like a three year old kid.

"Don't worry." He whispers. I give him a questioning look. "We have a plan." He winks and hands me to the Paramedics. They put a mask over my head and I breathe deep. I pass out in seconds, with Edward still holding my hand.

I feel wheels rolling under me. I see white tiles rushing past my eyes. I taste the coppery tat of blood. I hear people yelling and shouting. I smell the medicated smell of a hospital.

I look around to see Charlie running along with the doctors. The push me through a little doorway and place me on a different bed. Doctors immediately stitch me up. I've seen vampires battle, I've seen Edward cut off a woman's head, but nothing has been as disgusting as watching them stitch up my leg. Once I'm done they all scatter. Many still remain around my bed. Carlisle walks in and I look for Edward with him, but he never comes.

Carlisle whispers in almost all of the doctors ears. They all leave, except for a few. He gets them to place me on a cart again. HE wheels me out you a cute semi-crowded courtyard that's made for patients who need some fresh air. He acts very normal until everyone has cleared. He then leans down and whispers in my ear.

"Bella, we need your help. We need you to throw a fit. Demand your doctor. Demand that you be transported to your hospital. We need you to do this. We'll explain later." He stands up, not allowing me to ask questions as he wheels me back inside.

We go back into the room I originally was in. He places me on the bed I was in before. He takes some steps back. He looks at me. He wants me to start. HE nods, pushing me along.

I see a nurse walk by and call to her.

"Yes?" She asks too cheery for my taste.

"I need to go home. I need my doctor. I don't trust them." I try to sneer, but my throbbing head rejects.
"That's OK. You're in good hands here. There's no need to worry." She says.

"No!" I say trying to seem more upset than I am. "I need my own doctors. I need to go home! I need my own hospital!" I try to get up to threaten my leaving. She stops me.

"Miss, you need to stay here. Doctors need to look at you. You are in no position to leave." She glances around for a doctor. She just happens to pick Carlisle who is lingering near the bed.

"Sir?!" She calls to him. He looks up and comes over.

"Yes?" He asks. Glancing from me to the nurse.

"This patient says she needs to go home. She demands her own doctors." She says, glancing at me." Will you please tell her that she is in no position for traveling?"

"Well..." Carlisle says looking through the papers on his clipboard. She looks at him with wide eyes as he continues. "I think if she had a doctor escort, she would be fine."

Her jaw drops for a split second before she storms off to arrange it.

"I'd be happy to go with you." Carlisle says this just loud enough for her to hear.

Eventually they transfer me (again) to a little cart. They wheel me out to the parking lot. They put me in a ambulance, and we take off. Carlisle is in the back with me. Once we start moving I ask him the questions that's been burning inside of me.

"What the hell are we doing?"

A chuckles comes from the front. Edward turns to look at me. He's wearing a paramedics' uniform. He answers me.

"Plan B."