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What if...

Will Bella finally get her wish of becoming a vampire??? FIND OUT!!! READ!!! REVIEW!!!!


3. Chapter 3

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"Plan B?" I ask.

"Yes." Edward says taking a hard left, throwing me right into the wall.

"What is Plan B?!" I yell.

"Bella," Carlisle chimes in, "Calm down a little, we don't want your blood pressure too high."

"OK." I whisper taking a couple deep breaths as I listen to Edward chuckling.

"What is Plan B?" I say calmer this time, "And if you say Plan B is the backup plan I swear I'll rip out the IV."

Edward just chuckles in response. A few minutes pass in silence, then Edward finally answers me.

"Plan B is Alaska."

"Alaska?" I ask surprised, not that I was expecting anything in particular.

'Yes." Edward says and when he does I detect...reluctance and anger over something.

"What's going on?" I ask.

Edward doesn't respond. I look to Carlisle for help, he says to Edward,

"You should tell her."

Then he turns away and looks at something involving his clipboard.

"What is it?!" I ask with much more panic in my voice now. What's going on?

"We're going to..." He doesn't finish. I look to Carlisle again. He looks at me and nods. He confirms my hope and my fears all at the same time.

I'm going to be a vampire.

We drive a few hours in silence, but I don't care I just think of all the things that are about to happen to me. I'm about to become a blood thirsty vampire. For some reason it sounds incerdibly scary right now.

I think it's because I've had no time to prepare for it. This morning i didn't think to myself 'This''ll be the last time I'm waking up in my room'. It's weird to think of it as so soon, I'm used to it being far into the future.

At one point I'm so lost in my thought that I don't noticeCarlisle sticking my in the arm with what looks like a shot.

"What is that?!" I ask confused and a little frightened about the needle.

"Don't worry," Carlisle cooes, "it'll just help you sleep."

As soon as he says it I notice my eyelids droop involuntarily. My small, puny muscles suddenly become very tired. Suddenly I drift asleep.

The next thing I know it's morning and the ambulance has stopped. I look around to see that Edward and Carlisle are outside the ambulance talking in hushed tones. I strain my ears to hear them.

"Is she ready?" Asks a musical voice. Edward.

"Just as soon as we get her inside." Answers Carlisle.

There's a sigh and then I manage to see Edward nod. Then they both come back to the doors and open them. As soon as I see Edward I smile. So does he, but I can tell he's not as happy as he pretends to be.

They take me out of the ambulance and that's when I get my first look at my home for a little while. it's a small little cabin, probably one roomed. It's made of pure wood that's old. It looks very inviting and comforting, like someone's grandma's house or something.

They wheel me inside and push me over into a quite little corner, near a window. I can see the scenery of the outside. I almost wish I could have stayed out there, but i know that I can't , not with all the animals and stuff, not until I'm ready.

Edward and Carlisle get situated as I look out the window, as soon as I look back though I see that they're both standing above me. They both have a look of sorrow in their eyes, but Edward's eyes are dead. They have no life, none of the kindness and happiness I've become used to. No, they are dead, nothing that even resembles life, or existence.

"You ready?" Carlisle asks, his voice monotone.

Edward sighs and then takes a step closer to me. I try not to flinch. Carlisle takes his position on my other side Edward cradles my face with his strong, cold hands he examines my face almost, looking into it deeply. I almost melt. Then he kisses me gently on the lips, brushing his lips with mine. His hands then slide down from my face to my shoulder, and then down my arms. The takes both hands in his. He kisses them both and then puts one of them down. Carlsile takes a hold of it. Edward on the other hand holds my hand up to his cheeks,. By now I can't breathe. Then he turns his face and kisses my hand one more time before turning it over. He kisses my wrist and then whispers something I'll never forget.

"Good Bye.......Bella Swan......I love you....I''m sorry."

Then he leans down and sinks his teeth in.