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My Beautiful Rescue

Bella is the new girl in Forks. When a scare alerts her to some unexplainable activities, she doesn't know what to do. She soon finds herself in love with somebody who isn't exactly supposed to love her back. Bella/Carlisle

This is Bella/Carlisle m'dears. Just throwing that out there. If you don't like it DO NOT read it. Really. I don't want one star reviews shouting "THIS IS GROSS"... and if I get them, I may be forced to throw on of my knight friends at your face. :D

3. Crazy

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Alice led me to a bench outside. The rain had let up for the time being, but the clouds didn't look like the could contain the drops for long. The bench seat was damp.

“Uhm... what do you need?” I asked. I had no clue why Alice Cullen would want to talk to me.

“I need you to... to try and keep away from Carlisle,” she sighed, cutting straight to the point.

Why?” If anything, I should get closer to Carlisle. He was a doctor, after all, and I needed to go to the doctor a lot. Having one as a friend would just be a plus.

“Well, he's having some... problems. Just please, Bella,” she begged. It was certainly strange. Alice, a girl who I had barely met, was begging me to stay away from her father.

“What if I need to go to the hospital? I get hurt a lot.”

She sighed. “I trust you, Bella.” I had no idea what that had to do with anything. She said it like she knew me, like she had known me my whole life.

“Okay...” I said. I still didn't know what she was getting at.

“Carlisle and Esme, my mom, are not having the best time getting along lately. That's why I need you to stay away from Carlisle,” she said, speaking so fast I could hardly catch the words.

“I still don't get it,” I admitted. I didn't know what I had to do with Carlisle's marriage issues.

“Bella,” she started, obviously irritated by my lack of understanding. The bell rang, cutting her off. “Just remember what I said,” she sighed, standing up and rushing to her next class.

I was confused. What did I have to do with anything? I went to the hospital and now I can't talk to Carlisle? For a second, the thought of talking to him, just to spite Alice, popped into my mind. I buried it deep, not wanting to get on the bad side of Alice. She seemed a lot more intimidating once you were close to her.

I shuffled to my next class. Once I sat down, I let my thoughts wander. If Alice didn't want me to see Carlisle because of marriage problems....

I gasped, interrupting the teachers lecture. He glared at me, then continued. If I had to stay away... maybe Carlisle.... No, I refused to believe that he would feel anything for me, especially anything romantic. It must have just been a precautionary measure. I felt silly for even thinking it.

When the bell rang, I didn't remember a single thing that had happened in the class. I couldn't even remember what the class was.

After my next two classes, I rushed to my car. I didn't want to be stopped by any of the Cullens again. I flung my books on the seat next to me and leaned my head back against the seat. There was something very, very strange about the Cullen family... something that I desperately wanted to know about.

I started the car and drove home. I didn't know how I made it once I was inside the house, I wasn't focusing on the road at all. The things that Alice said were really bugging me. Did she really think that I would be able to steal Carlisle away from his wife? I was only seventeen, after all. Sure, Carlisle looked young, but he was a doctor. That must have meant he was older than he looked. It took a while to get through medical school.

I pulled out my math homework and began to slowly meander my way through the problems. If there was one thing that I had some issues with, it was math.

After I decided I'd let enough time pass, I started making Charlie's dinner. I figured if he was letting me live with him, I might as well cook.

Charlie lumbered in the door just as I was pulling the steak out of the oven.

“Hey, Bells,” he called. He insisted on using my nickname from when I was a kid.

“Hi, dad. Dinner's ready,” I replied.

He came into the kitchen and took a hearty sniff of the air. “Smells good,” he commented.

I set his plate of food down in front of him. “Looks good too.”

I smiled. My mom couldn't cook, so I had to learn. Someone had to feed the family, after all.

I sat down with my own plate and for the first few minutes we ate in silence. “How was school?” asked Charlie.

“It was... interesting.” I couldn't think of a way to bring up the Cullens without sounding too eager. “I noticed that Dr. Cullen's kids went there.”

“Yeah, it's hard not to notice them,” replied Charlie.

“It seemed like... like they didn't quite fit in,” I noted.

“People in this town,” grunted Charlie. He looked so angry all of a sudden that I didn't want to push the issue any further. If Charlie got to riled up, he'd probably yell. Yelling was something I wanted to avoid at all costs.

When dinner was done I did the dishes by hand. I missed the dishwasher back home.

When I finally retired to my room, I was exhausted. The day really had drained it out of me, and it was almost as terrible as I thought it would be. The conversation with Alice was still swimming around in my head. It wasn't going to leave soon either.

It took me ages to fall asleep. It would be forever before I would get used to the sound of the rain on the windows.

Once I finally slipped into a slumber, I dreamed.

I was at school, but there was nobody outside. I got out of my car and walked to my first class. The entire classroom was dark, but there were students sitting at the chairs. I looked to the very back of the class, Edward was sitting there, staring at me hungrily. He got up and stalked towards me.

I was about to scream when I heard a voice behind me.

“Edward,” scolded the voice.

I spun around, it was Carlisle.

Edward growled, and kept walking towards me. He looked more animal than man. He glared at me. I could see the hate in his eyes.

“Edward, stop right now,” said Carlisle, his voice more firm.

Edward lunged towards me.

I shot straight up in my bed, my heart beating a thousand miles an hour. I needed to know what was going on with the Cullen family, and I needed to know it soon.