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My Beautiful Rescue

Bella is the new girl in Forks. When a scare alerts her to some unexplainable activities, she doesn't know what to do. She soon finds herself in love with somebody who isn't exactly supposed to love her back. Bella/Carlisle

This is Bella/Carlisle m'dears. Just throwing that out there. If you don't like it DO NOT read it. Really. I don't want one star reviews shouting "THIS IS GROSS"... and if I get them, I may be forced to throw on of my knight friends at your face. :D

7. Superpowers

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The doorbell rang at exactly noon the next day. I had been antsy all morning. I was sure I had repacked my small bag at least three times.

“Hi, Bella!” Alice chirped after I opened the front door. She was smiling hugely.

“Hi, Alice,” I replied. My bag was already over my shoulder, so I didn't have to go inside to grab it. I called a goodbye to Charlie and followed Alice to the car. Rosalie was in the front seat. Edward wasn't in the car at all.

The rain had stopped, and it looked like the sun might actually peek out through the clouds. I smiled. I really did miss the sun. Everything about it screamed home. The sun was much friendlier than the depressing clouds.

Alice opened the back door for me and I climbed in.

“Where is everyone?” I asked. I thought a lot more of us were going, not just Alice and Rosalie. A girls' trip would be nice, though.

“We're picking them up,” answered Alice. I didn't understand why they didn't go with us in the first place. “Are you excited?”

“Not exactly. I'm not the best dancer in the world,” I sighed. Dancing and I didn't mix.

“I could tell just by the way you walk,” murmured Rosalie.

“Rosalie,” sighed Alice. Rosalie was always making snide comments. I'd grown used to it.

It was quiet as Alice turned onto a heavily forested lane. I had no idea how she found the turn-off through the wall of trees. As the trees started to thin, a large white house came into view.

It looked like it was very old, but it was extremely well kept. Somebody had taken great care of the house.

Alice pulled to a stop out front. We all got out and entered the house through the large front door. The front room was huge. It must have been more than one room originally. It was furnished in a contemporary style.

“Like it?” Alice asked.

“It's amazing,” I replied.

As I spoke, Carlisle and another woman entered the room. I assumed that she was Esme. I knew that they were having problems, but you could really tell when you looked at how they were standing next to each other. Carlisle looked like he was trying to be nice, but Esme wasn't having any of it. Something had thrown a wrench into their relationship.

“Welcome, Bella,” said Carlisle, greeting me warmly. “This is Esme.” He gestured to her.

“Hello,” I smiled. I was determined to be as polite as possible.

“Hi,” she said. It sounded like she was holding something back. I got the feeling she didn't like me very much at all. It looked like she had to make an effort to be civil.

Edward and Emmett walked down the stairs, each of them carrying an overnight bag.

“Where's Jasper?” I asked. I was under the impression that he would be joining us on the trip.

“Oh, he has a huge project due Monday. He wanted to get a head start on it,” explained Alice. It sounded like a good enough reason to me.

The five of us fit in the Volvo perfectly. Emmett and Rosalie sat up front, Rosalie drove. Alice, Edward, and I squeezed in back. I was squished into the middle.

“I'm so excited!” squealed Alice. It hurt my ears. I wasn't prepared for when she stopped mid-squeal, her face blank.

“Alice?” I asked. I'd only seen her like that once before, the first day I got to Forks.

“We need to turn around,” she said. Her mood had changed from happy to somber, all in a few seconds. I was severely confused.

“What's going on?” I asked.

The entire car looked at me, but remained silent. They weren't going to answer me.

“What?” I asked again. I began to feel uncomfortable under their intense scrutiny.

“Tell her,” sighed Alice. My stomach knotted.

“Bella... have you noticed that we aren't like other people?” asked Edward. He chose his words carefully.

I had noticed it. They were so different from the rest of the people I knew. There was something... alien about them. I couldn't figure out what it was. I had been going over the possible choices in my head. “Yes,” I replied.

“Any theories?”

“Superhero?” I crossed my fingers.

“No,” he said, frowning.

“Will you tell me?” I asked.

He took a deep breath and looked to the rest of the family for assurance. They all nodded. Well, all of them except for Rosalie.

“Vampires,” he breathed.

My heart sped into overdrive. I was in a car full of vampires. My palms felt sweaty... I was nauseous.

“We don't eat people though. We get our nourishment from animals. You have nothing to be afraid of, I promise you,” explained Edward, speaking quickly.

My hands were still shaking.

“Bella, you can trust us. You're alive, aren't you?” Edward said, trying to calm me down.

After another minute, my heart slowed to normal. “How are you out in the day time?”

“The sun doesn't hurt us,” said Alice. She took my hands in hers. “Please don't be afraid, Bella.”

I looked at her and she seemed sincere. “Why do we have to turn around?”

“Alice saw some others coming,” answered Edward.

Saw? What was saw? “What?” I asked.

“Alice can see the future,” clarified Edward.

“It's not always set in stone, but it's pretty useful,” said Alice.

“Vampires have superpowers?” It all seemed ridiculous.

“Not exactly. We'll have Carlisle explain it all to you when we get home. You might want to consider staying at our house tonight. I don't think you'd want Charlie to ask questions,” said Edward. “You can go home if you really want to, but I would advise you otherwise.”

“I'll stay at your house,” I said.

The rest of the drive home was silent. I wasn't surprised that they weren't human, I just wasn't expecting vampire. There had always been something slightly off about the Cullens.

When Rosalie pulled up, we all got out of the car. Carlisle appeared at the door a few seconds later.

“What is it?” he asked. There was something different about his voice. He sounded... worried.

“Alice saw others coming. I think we should all go investigate while you explain some things to Bella,” said Edward.

“Explain what?”

“She knows,” was all Edward said.

Esme slid past Edward and joined the group next to the Volvo.

“Bella, if you go with Carlisle he'll explain everything,” said Alice.

I nodded and made my way to the porch.

“We'll be back later,” said Edward. In the blink of an eye they were gone.