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Edward's Misery

A shortish poem from the time when Edward left Bella.

I don't own the characters I just write poems based on them. Stephenie Meyer owns them.

1. Edward's Poem

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The blur of my vision looms like fog

The tearless sobs racket through my body

I miss you truly I do

I want to go back to hold you again

But you’re better off without me

I miss your warmth

The smell of your skin

Don’t you see

The trouble I’m in?

I still love you

Nothing can change that

I want to go back, to love you

But you’re better off without me

If you found someone new

I understand

Don’t hold back for me

I want you happy

I want you to live a normal life

Even if it kills me

Even if I die again

I will always love you

I hope you love me too