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Edward's Misery

A shortish poem from the time when Edward left Bella.

I don't own the characters I just write poems based on them. Stephenie Meyer owns them.

2. No Lies

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Look at my face

Can't you see my eyes hold no lies?

Don't you trust me?

If you don't

It will be my demise

What can I do?

To show you I can only

Love you

Time should show

You the truth

Cut down the walls

Built around us

Make us one again

Put the past behind us

Look into the future

I made a big mistake

And I ruined that future

Yet you take me back

But it's not the same

Do you love me still?

Do you want me there?

Can you trust me again?

I'll never leave you

My mistakes ruined us

We crumbled and yet

Here you are again

You seem the same

Yet different

Did I drive you away?

I'll let you go if I did

It might kill me

But if you're happy

That's all I care about