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THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO MY STORY "TIME"!!! READ THAT FIRST!!!!!!!! It had been twenty years since Bella was changed. She adopted twins-boy and girl- with Edward and made them vampires at the age of fifteen. One day, she goes to visit Jacob, and he imprints.................on a very unexpected person. How will Bella cope? And how will Edward react??? PLEASE READ AND REVIEW!!!!!!!!!! CHAPTER 5 IS FINALLY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the last chapter plus it had an epilogue included. But stay tuned for my other stories I think you'll like!

Thanks so much to the people who favorited me: cwooley11, phoenixdragonsphinx, NeedSpaceHeater910, SlientHeart0331, FalloutGirl458, BettingAgainstAlice You guys rock!!!!

1. Chapter 1

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Bella Cullen's POV

"Jasper! Alice! Come here!" I called. My two children, both eternally fifteen, were playing upstairs. They came running down, their golden eyes shinning.I had been married to Edward for nineteen years. Then we adopted twins. Jasper Emmet Cullen and Alice Rosalie Cullen. They meant the world to Edward and me.

"What mom?" Alice asked. It still gave me chills to hear her call me that.

"We're going to visit Jacob Black," I announced. Once I had been made a vampire, we had moved just outside the city, where we wouldn't be breaking the treaty, but could still keep an eye on the town.

They both gaped. "But he's a dog," Jasper whined. I silenced him with a glare.

"He was my best friend, okay? Daddy's out hunting, and I am taking you," I said.

"Aunt Alice let you?" Alice said doubtfully. I nodded. Alice knew I was capable of protecting myself and my children. I was so excited. I hadn't seen Jake in.....forever. But I knew he was still in LaPush. I had called Billy to make sure, and asked him to tell Jake to come to the city line, where we wouldn't be breaking the treaty.

As I drove to the border in my old truck, the butterflies came to me. This was dangerous, I knew, but I needed to see Jake. Now.

Jacob Black's POV

As I drove to the Forks city line, I puzzled over why I was going. All Billy said was that I needed to be here, and he convinced me to go. Then I saw a truck stop at the side of the road. I nearly fainted when I saw who it was. Bella. And boy, did she reek. She was a bloodsucker now.

The strange thing was, she didn't look mad at me, and I didn't feel the urge to kill her. Just Cullen. Always Cullen.

There were two beautiful children that stumbled out of the truck and looked around. I didn't really pay attention to them. All I cared about was Bella. I ran out of the car and faced Bella."Bella!" I yelled happily.

"Oh, Jake," she said as she hugged me. She was so solid, so.....marble. She wasn't as fragile. "These are my adopted children, Jasper Emmet Cullen and Alice Rosalie Cullen. Kids, this is Jacob Black."

I blinked as I looked at the boy. He looked very disinterested, if not very displeased to be here. Then I looked at the girl. My heart caught in my throat. So this is it.

I think I just imprinted. On a vampire. Wonderful. I wanted to hug her, kiss her, and be with her forever. My past didn't matter. Only my future with this girl....Alice.

"Bella, can we talk privately?" I asked.

"Sure Jake," she said, confused.

Alice R. Cullen's POV

I watched my mother walk far away with Jacob. It was no good. She knew I could read minds.

I must say that Jacob seems quite taken with me. The whole time he stared at me. My mother was furiously dividing fractions in her head. My ability would not work on Jacob.

Now that I had met Jacob Black, I realized he was not as bad as I thought. Probably because he focused on me the whole time.

We were fairly well trained for five year old vampires. We had stopped aging, and that was fine with me. Carlisle said I wouldn't be able to go to school for another year; we were home schooled for now.

Jasper, I thought, have you ever heard of imprinting? I had caught a flicker of her thoughts suddenly.

Alice, mom gave up. It'll tell you everything, he thought, and I turned my thoughts toward mom......can't believe he imprinted on my daughter! And how can he? She's a vampire for God's sake!

"Jasper! What is imprinting?!" I said, scared now.

He sighed as he turned to face me. "It means basically that he fell in love with you. But more powerful. You're soul mates."

I felt like a train had hit me, knocking the breath out of me, but leaving me standing.

"What?" I whispered, and then angrily pushed into mom's mind.

"Did anyone ever tell you...Have you ever heard of imprinting?" Jacob asked.

"No. What is it?" she replied.

"We don't exactly know why...we find our mates that way. Our soul mates." I realized that he had loved my mother. I shuddered and concentrated on the memory.

"What way? Love at first sight?" She laughed.

Jacob wasn't smiling. He was angry at her reaction. "It's a little bit more powerful than that."

"Love at first sight? But more powerful?"

"It's not easy to explain. Quil imprinted on Claire."

"Wait- doesn't Claire have a choice?"

"Well, why wouldn't she choose him in the end?" I watched my mother contemplate that.I pulled out of the memory.

Jacob Black, werewolf, had imprinted on me. Alice Cullen. Vampire. It was unreal! The rest of my existence was planned, it seemed. Jasper snickered.

"Can I be the best man?" He teased. I sighed. What was going to happen now? Would I even like Jacob? I didn't even know him!

Bella Cullen's POV

"Jake are you sure?" I asked for the millionth time. I just couldn't come to terms with the fact that he had imprinted on my daughter, the vampire.

"Bella, I'm positive. I'm sorry. I don't know how I could imprint on one of you, but it just happened," he said.

I sighed. "I'm sorry we couldn't have a better reunion, but my daughter and son will know all about this by now. They can read minds, and I can only distract them for so long."

"You're so....unbreakable. I miss what you were," Jake said absentmindedly.I didn't answer for a while.

"So, what now?" I asked, glimpsing Alice's confused expression.

"Well, you could actually let me talk to her," he said eagerly. I led him away from where we were standing to Alice and Jasper. Jake resumed staring at her, looking at her like she was the only being in existence.

"Uh, hi Jacob," Alice said awkwardly. I could tell, for her sanity, she was trying not to attempt reading his mind. I knew she could not.

"Hello Alice," Jake said lovingly. He really loved her. This was too much.

"Well, we'll leave you guys alone. Jacob, you can drive her back to our house in a few hours. She knows the way. Come on Jasper," I babbled. Jasper followed me into the car, bewildered. I quickly drove away.

"Mom, you loved Jacob Black," Jasper said. It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"It wasn't good enough," I whispered. The rest of the ride home was very quiet. When I got there, Edward was back. I greeted him with a kiss. Jasper ran upstairs, probably for another arm wrestle with Emmet.

"Where were you," he murmured, arms wrapped around me.

"Er-I met Jacob at the city line," I said. Edward sighed.

"Love, you seem unsettled. What happened?"

I cringed. "Jake imprinted."

"That's-er-good. On who?"

"Alice." Was all I said, and Edward immediately headed for the door. "Wait-Edward," I said, and he froze. "She can handle this. And if she loves him that's a good thing!"

"But how-on Alice-vampire!" he fumed. "The rest of our child's future will be gone!"

"I know Edward. But we have to let them do what they want. It's not Jacob's fault he imprinted. There’s nothing we can do until Alice comes back. Just trust her on this," I said, and Edward was visibly calming down.

"Fine. But if she looks upset or gets hurt-"

"Do you really think that's likely? Besides, Jacob wasn't even shaking as he hugged me!"

"Okay love," he said.

Alice R. Cullen's POV

Jacob was turning out to be great. He was funny, nice, and perfect. We were perfectly matched for each other. He had many stories of him and Bella and the pack.

"So she actually broke her hand?" I said.

"Yeah. Punched me right in the chest," Jacob replied. He was telling me about their disastrous first 'kiss.'I laughed. I probably could learn to love this guy.

All I worried as he drove me home was how my father would react. He tended to be very...protective.

As we approached the door to my house, Jacob stooped down and kissed my cheek. I smiled.

"We can do this," he whispered. He knew I was worried.Jacob squeezed my hand as I rang the doorbell.The door swung open.

"Hello dog," my father sneered.