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THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO MY STORY "TIME"!!! READ THAT FIRST!!!!!!!! It had been twenty years since Bella was changed. She adopted twins-boy and girl- with Edward and made them vampires at the age of fifteen. One day, she goes to visit Jacob, and he imprints.................on a very unexpected person. How will Bella cope? And how will Edward react??? PLEASE READ AND REVIEW!!!!!!!!!! CHAPTER 5 IS FINALLY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the last chapter plus it had an epilogue included. But stay tuned for my other stories I think you'll like!

Thanks so much to the people who favorited me: cwooley11, phoenixdragonsphinx, NeedSpaceHeater910, SlientHeart0331, FalloutGirl458, BettingAgainstAlice You guys rock!!!!

3. Chapter 3

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Bella Cullen's POV

"Oh, Lauren," I sighed as I gathered her into a hug. Sure, she had been bitchy in to me, but I hadn't seen her in twenty years! She was a memory of my former life. When I pulled away she turned into a mirror image of me. "Whoa," I breathed.

"Yeah. It's pretty sweet," she said offhandedly, eyes flashing. I noticed that they were a very dark red, almost black. Hopefully the Volturi would arrive soon. After all, we couldn't let her have human blood here. Not after all we've done to protect ourselves.

As if reading my mind, Alice announced, "They're here." And soon enough, the doorbell rang. Edward's arm wrapped firmly around my waist protectively. I glared at him reproachfully, but leaned up and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Jasper pulled the door open.

"Hello. I suppose you know why we're here," Aro said, visibly bored. He was very nonchalant, as if he was recruiting-no press ganging new member away from their families every day.

"Yes," Edward said, teeth visibly bared. A silence passed. Abruptly, I broke free of Edward's grasp and put an arm around Jasper's shoulders.

"You can't have him. But," I said, pausing dramatically, "You can have her," I finished, gesturing grandly to Lauren, managing to stay calm. Aro raised his eyebrows. He put an arm in front of Jane as she attempted to step forward.

"Wait, Jane. Let us see if she will be useful," Aro said softly. I held my breath as Lauren deftly transformed into a perfect Aro. His reaction was stone. I caught Edward' eye anxiously.

"Hmm," he murmured. "I am interested in her. But I do want your son there," he said, almost in an amused tone. My fingers dug into Jasper's palm. I heard him give a soft gasp as he looked up at me.

"Then you'll have to fight us," Edward snarled. I wasn't that surprised. The odds were good. The Volturi only had Aro, Caius, Marcus, Alec, and Jane. But I guess Jane counted for two. We had everyone except Carlisle and Esme. The odds were definately on our side.

"Now, now let's not resort to violence," Caius crooned seductively.

Jasper E. Cullen's POV

I then knew what I had to do. I had to give myself up. It was the only way to get the Volturi away. Even Lauren hadn't worked. Mom would be furious, of course, but I suddenly felt brave. I had to do this. IN the end, my family would have to respect my decision.

Before I had a chance to speak, I heard the roar of and old car pulling up in our driveway. I grimaced as I saw who got out of the car. It was that dog Jacob Black who had imprinted on Alice. Alice was at the door first. "I'll take care of it," she said in a strange voice. She bravely pushed pass the Volturi and disappeared. I had to speak now.

"I'll go. It's the only way," I blurted out, staring at the floor. No way was I going to see my mom's face for this. Everyone's thoughts came at me at once, causing my head to buzz furiously. Quiet! I thought angrily. The buzzing subsided. You guys know I love you all. But I have to do this. I don't want anyone getting hurt because of me, okay? So just-just, please, I broke off, overcome. Dry sobs racked through my chest. INvisible tears poured from my eyes, tears that would never come.

Then the reality set in. This would be hard. I would be separated from them, the people I love. But I had to be strong. I had to. I glimpsed out the window. Jacob Black was getting in his car. It was time.

"Really," Aro said. He walked over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. He stayed like that for a moment, then said to me, "Say your goodbyes."

Of course, I first turned to my mother. No conversation passed, no telepathy was shared. Just love. We hugged tightly, her hands cradling my head. I wanted to stay there forever. Mommy.

I turned to my father. he looked so.....hurt. It put a huge oain in my chest to see him like that. As he pulled me into his arms, he whispered, "Be safe." I shuddered, knowing what would happen if I didn't.

Alice. My only sister. God, I would miss her. "You be safe you," I murmured. She coughed sadly, and i could tell she knew everything.

I turned to my godfather, my namesake, Jasper. No conversations were passed. Nothing. We just looked at eachother. That was all. And I knew he understood.

"Oh, Jasper," Alice whispered as she hugged me tight. I clung to my aunt like a small child. BE strong, I told myself.

Emmet and Roslait both came at me at once. It was strange, Emmet being so big and Rosalie so petite. But I savored the final moments.

And I was gone. Whisked out the door without a final glimpse behind me at their depressed faces. Oh, God what have I done?

Jacob Black's POV

I waited for Alice in her room. Very cliche, I know. But i had to find out what was wrong. She had looked so frightened. I looked around her room.

The walls were light green with silver spirals here and there on the wall. Her bedspread was a combination of blue and dark blue checkerboard. There were no mirrors, and blue curtains were drawn over the windows I had just come through. There was a green rug on the floor that had to be at least two inches deep. It was also very clean. I guessed this room was her godmother's work.

The door burst open, revealing a very depressed looking Alice. She saw me and yelped, jumping high into the air.

I ran to her and put my hand over her mouth. "Shh," I whispered as I shut the door. But she wasn't screaming. She was hugging me.

"What happened?" I asked gently. We sat down on her bed together, and I held her close to me. She stayed quiet for a while, clutching herself to me.

"Jasper left with the Volturi. He gave himself up so there wouldn't be a war," she stuttered. I drew in my breath. She had lost her brother. Someone she loved.

Then I thought of something. "I'll get him back. I'll rescue him." It was too obvious. It hurt me to see Alice in so much pain.

"NO! Jake, it's too dangerous! And they'll be miles away by now! You can't! The Volturi are too powerful. Especially Jane.....," she said.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"My parents. They've had some-er, unpleasant experiences with the Volturi," she said. Of course.

"Well, the pack's huge. We can take them! We have eleven. And they have-what? 5 or 6?"

"I just don't want anyone to get hurt. I-I care about you too much Jake," she whispered, turning slowly around to facce me. Her eyes bore into mine intensely.

Carefully, gently, I bent my head toward hers. I hesitated for a second, then pressed my lips softly to hers. I heard her gasp softly. Reluctantly, I pulled away. "If you don't want to...."

"Oh, shut up Jake," she said, and flung herself at me. I smiled inwardly. We were locked in a fierce embrace, pressing ourselves together so tightly we could have been one person. Her hands were wound tightly in my hair, and my hands rested at her waist. This was pure bliss.

Then the worst happened. The door flew open. "Jacob Black!? What are you doing here?!" It was Bella.

Bella Cullen's POV

I felt my heart break when I saw Alice and Jacob together. Well, not my literal heart, but my spiritual heart. It was too much to take in at once. Jacob.

"Bella?! Crap crap crap!!" He said, getting off the bed. Alice jumped up next to him, looking like she was high on crack or something. God, she loves him a lot.

"Mom, listen to me. The pack's gonna bring back Jasper! But they have to leave now. You can yell at Jacob later!" Alice said, her voice high and airy. And Jacob vanished out the window.

"Alice," I whispered. I need to get over this! You are being pathetic! I told myself, and it was true.

"They'll be okay mom," Alice said firmly, and hugged me. I clutched my daughter to me, silently praying for the pack and Jasper. I trusted Jacob. He would do it. He had to.

Jane's POV

All in all, the day had been successful. We had a new member, and had not met any attempts to take in back. Jasper Emmet Cullen would be an interesting new member. We were walking now, and were nearing Oregon. We were heading for an airport.

The boy, Jasper, remained silent. I didn't expect this kind of behavior from a Cullen. I even sort of admired how he had given himself up. But not really.

Aro suddenly stopped in front of us. He was tasting the air. I looked around, smelling as well. I gasped as I picked up a disgusting scent. No! It couldn't be!

I turned aoound sharply and found myself face to face with a huge pack of enormous werewolves.