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Great News

What if... never mind read to find out. By the way this is from Edward's point of view.


1. Chapter 1

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The sun was so warm on my cold skin. I loved being out here with my Bella.

Today was different though. Three weeks after we came home from our honeymoon, she started acting really weird. She wasn’t herself.

I heard her moan and I sat up fast, too fast for her eyes to notice my sudden motion. I saw because she was startled by me reaction.

“Sorry.” I leaned over to kiss her warm cheek. I heard her heart accelerate and felt her blood rush up to her cheeks.

I sat back and smiled her favorite smile. She looked and me and smiled then quickly turned her head to look into the trees.

I sat starring at her. I wish I could read her mind. I could read everybody’s mind except hers.

“Edward,” she wasn’t looking at me. She was still looking at the tress. “You will love me no matter what right?” She looked at me with her soft brown eyes. I could see she looked scared.

I pulled her to my chest and kissed the top of her head. I loved the smell of her of her hair, strawberries.

“Yes I will love you forever.” I was kind of guessing that she wanted to become immortal.

I wanted to be with her dearly but I didn’t want her to be cursed to this…this life of darkness! She faints at the sight and smell of blood enough as it is. Just think about hunting. She would freak!

“Do you want this now?” I whispered in her ear.

She looked up confused. Then cleared her face and smiled. “Oh I wasn’t talking about thet, but yes I want that soon. No I was meaning something else.” She looked down at our hands.

What else could she mean? “I don’t understand. Did you do something bad?”

“No…well kind of…I don’t know!” She began crying.

I took her face into my hands. “Bella, whatever it is we will get through it.” I kissed her on the lips.

She startled me by pulling away. “No Edward…I’m pregnant!”

At first I didn’t believe her. Then I looked at her face and could tell she was telling the truth.

“Bella,” I was confused how could this be? “how?”

“I don’t know Edward. I don’t know.” She buried her face in her hands and wept bitterly.

I rocked her quietly for about five minutes.

“Bella, come on. Lets go talk to Carlisle.” She stopped crying and looked up at me scared. “It will be ok Bella. Carlisle can make sure and we can find out exactly… well whose it is and if you are really going to have a child.” I picked her and placed her on my back. She felt like I was picking up a pillow.

I ran her to my house and up to my room. Alice quickly came in and stood next to me.

She looked at me with questions in her eyes.

“Bella, you can tell Alice ok. I am going to go find Carlisle.” I quickly left the room and ran to Carlisle’s study. He was sitting there reading.

“Carlisle, we need some help.”

He closed the book and looked up. What’s the matter?”

“Bella thinks she is pregnant. Come talk to her.” We both ran back to my room.

Alice was sitting next to Bella stroking her arm. Bella was telling her the story.

“Alice I don’t know how it happened. I feel so ashamed.” I ran to her to comfort her.

I don’t know how either because I have been with her ever since we got married. I would only leave her for seconds sometimes then come right back.

Carlisle’s voice popped into my head. Edward we will have to give it a few more weeks to see.

He spoke gently to her. “Bella dear, give it a few more weeks and then we will test to make sure.” He then left the room.

Alice sat on Bella’s other side and held her hand.

“Bella, it will be ok…” She then suddenly spaced out. She was having another one of her visions. I waited for a minute staring at her.

She suddenly came back and looked at me.

“Bella is going to have a child and it is going to be a boy.” We both looked at Bella to see her expression.

She was stunned but not crying anymore.

“Alice do you know who’s child it is?” She shook her head and quickly left the room.

Bella sighed and got up from the couch and started pacing.

“How is this possible? I mean I’m almost nineteen; I’m married to a vampire… I thought vampires couldn’t really have children.” She stopped and stared at me.

I drew my face into a hard line. Me either.

v v v v v v v

“Bella, It’s a boy!” she took the crying child from my arms and smiled at me.

I had to hurry and leave the room. Before I left I heard her call out the child’s name and start to sing. He stopped crying. We decided on naming him Kaden.

“Edward, we found out who the father is.” Carlisle told me in a low voice so we didn’t attract any attention.

I stiffened as a reply to show I was listening.

“Edward, you’re the father.” I raised an eyebrow and clutched my fists.

“What so you mean I’m the father? How can I be?” I needed to sit down before I exploded.

“I don’t know how or why but I guess like all humans.” He raised his eyebrows at me. Did you?

I blew up. “Of course we did! We did what ever newlyweds would have done on their honeymoon!” Nurses and patients looked at me. I was a little louder than I intended to be.

“So that’s how. Well congratulations, you’re a father now.” He walked away looking at his papers.

Well now I have to tell her parents and I guess we have a new child in the family. I was planning on changing Bella but now we have a child and Kaden needs a human mother to look after him.

I went back into her room to find them asleep. One of the nurses had put Kaden back into his bed. The child was so beautiful, just like his mother. He had ivory skin just like her and short, thin brown hair. I touched his cheek; he was really warm.

He awoke and looked at me with topaz eyes; y eyes. He smiled and sheepishly yawned. I saw two tiny fangs. Oh great. He was a tiny vampire…or maybe it’s just from my genes and genetically got them.

He turned over and fell back asleep.

“Edward,” I looked over to see Bella smiling at me. “Do we know who the father is?”

I bit my lip. “Yes.” Her eyes brightened up. “It’s my child.” I went over to sit in the chair beside her and lightly kissed her smooth cheek.

“How?” I took her hand and looked into her chocolate eyes. I smiled her crooked smile and began to chuckle. Her heartbeat sped up and she blushed.

“Funny. Well Carlisle said like any other humans.”

She looked at me horrified. “You told him?!”

I laughed. “I kind of had to Bella.” I kissed her lips. “You need your rest now.”

“You won’t leave me.” There was sadness in her tone.

I was hurt. “Why would I leave my beloved wife and child?”

I smiled and kissed her lips again. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Kaden stirred and I looked up to see him looking at me. He started to whine so I picked I went over and picked him up.

I sat back down and started to rock him. I sang the song that I wrote just for him and both my angels were fast asleep.