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Alice and Jasper

Two sepearate poems from Alice and Jasper. The first is from Alice, the second Jasper.


2. Jasper

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What you were feeling

Had me confused

I’ve never had anyone feel like this before

I loved you when I saw you

You know that right?

I may be a man of few words

But you know what I feel

And I know what you feel

I love you for who you are

An angel who found me

Even when I slip up

Even when I mess up

You still love me for me

You love me for who I am

I know you hated the red eyes

I’ve gotten them to gold

It’s hard for me

But I’d do anything for you

I’d change my world

I’d buy you the moon

I’ll do anything to see you smile

Anything to feel your happiness

Anything for you

I’ll do anything for you