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How to Save a Life

Bella and her mother move from Volterra to Forks after a horrible thing happens to Bella.

I don't own Twilight. I wish I did. This is my first story written for Twilight. This story is an AU/AR version of Twilight. The song was playing through my head was The Fray's How to Save a Life. Who knows maybe the song will make an appearance.

1. New Beginnings and a Surprise

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 2512   Review this Chapter


Alice Cullen’s body went rigid as she saw the vision of brown headed girl with chocolate brown eyes. ‘A perfect match for Edward,’ her mind whispered. She watched in terror as the girl was chased down an alley and thrown against the stone wall. Horrified all she could see was the man’s red eyes filled with lust as he plunged unkindly into the girl. He raised a hand and slapped her across the face. ‘Oh no, god please, no’ Alice’s mind screamed. ‘Not him, please, not him.’

The man threw the girl on the dirty road and called over his friend. Alice saw the two of them use the girl’s body until all tears had been shed. There was none left. All the while a female with brilliant orange hair made sure no one notice what was occurring in the alley as the two men took their pleasure. Two rare crimson tears slipped down her face and her family’s gasps of shock brought her out of the vision. She looked at all of them; her body began to shake as dry heaving cries forced their way out of her. Alice took a good look at her family and fled the need to be alone overwhelming.

Months passed and Alice never saw the brown headed girl again.


“Isabella, hurry up.” Renee shouted up the stairs to her daughter. It had been many months since that horrid day. She shivered at the thought of almost losing her baby girl. Charlie never understood why they needed to provide their daughter with comfort. Eventually his lack of support tore the family apart. If it weren’t for Jane, she had no clue how Isabella would survive. A mother could only do so much; Aro had told her when she brokenly told him of the discretion of her marriage and her will to bring her daughter back from the edge of darkness. But Aro had said that Bella needed to move on, move to a place where there held no memories. So they were moving to a small town that felt like the middle of nowhere.

“I’m gonna miss Italy,” Bella sighed as she came down the stairs. “Are you sure we have to move mom?”

“Yes, dear. I could use a change of scenery.” She lied.

“Don’t you mean that I need to move someplace where I won’t have nightmares?” At her mother’s look she continued. “Mom, I’m fine, it’s forgotten.” Bella lied in return.

“We’ll your father is trying to claim our villa dear. Even Aro’s lawyers say that it is likely he will get it, since I have custody of you darling.”

“Okay mom, if you believe this is for the best, I’ll stop arguing.” Bella sighed. For months Bella was trying to convince her mother that there was nothing wrong with staying in Italy. They could always find someplace else in Volterra to live. They had the money. Aro had graciously offered to provide them with a place to live. But her mother refused. She wanted to move away from the city that gave her daughter nightmares. ‘Why does this always happen?’ Bella thought to herself. Her mother worried incessantly, the nightmares had become few and far between. ‘I rarely have them anymore.’

“Darling, make sure you say goodbye to Aro, Caius, and Marcus. And sweetheart I know you don’t like her but please try to be polite to Gianna, she may not be here the next time we visit.” Renee shivered. That was one thing she never understood. Sure she and Bella spent a lot of time with vampires, but she couldn’t imagine living with them or becoming one. Together they walked into their back yard and headed for the ‘family crypt’. As the doors opened lights came to life, leading them down a winding tunnel to below the city. At the bottom of the stairs two twelve foot oak doors stood. The doors had intricate carvings of random violent scenes. Bella loved looking at the carvings that were so well detailed. They fascinated her, she looked at them for one last time and her heart clenched. It felt as if she would never return to this place she called home.

Once the passed the doors the temperature began to drop with each step the two of them took. After what seemed and eternity they reached Aro’s personal chambers. Renee reached up to knock, but the door swung open before her curled hand could make contact with the wood. There stood Gianna. Bella rolled her eyes at the look on the woman’s face. “Come in,” she greeted in a sickenly sweet voice. Bella always knew when the woman was being false. Gianna moved to the side to let them pass into the chamber. There in the center of the room leaning over a map stood the three men who became surrogate fathers to her, in Bella’s eyes tears began to form.

“Bella, darling, we’ll see each other again.” Aro turned around and promised. “You’ll go to school in the states and then you can come and live here. How does that sound?” He smiled at the look of joy on Bella’s face.

“I’m gonna miss you guys.” She whispered. They spent a few hours together saying their goodbyes. Just as Bella and her mother were about to leave Marcus decided to give a last bit of advice.

“Bella, when you move to Forks, you need to be wary of the Quileute tribe.”

“Why?” She asked in wonder.

“Because they are werewolves.” He earned glares from the two older vampires.

“Marcus that is not our place.” Caius chastised. “Bella pay him no mind. Werewolves have long been extinct.” Bella looked slightly worried. But, she pushed it to the back of her mind, dismissing it. With one last hug to each of them. Bella and her mother made their way back up the stair and out of the crypt. With one last look at the stone monument they turned to go into the house gather the last of their bags. The two females got into the town car provided by Aro, and made their way to the airport. They didn’t speak much to each other. Both too caught up in their thoughts.

“Now boarding Flight 433 Florence to New York.” A voice over an intercom announced. Bella and Renee boarded their plane. After lift off Bella drifted into a sleep filled with red eyes staring into her own as she felt her violation all over again. The same dream she had been having for months made its appearance. A sudden jolt woke from sleep. The seat belt sign was lit up. The plane landed smoothly into JFK airport. Mother and Daughter stopped into the food court to grab some dinner, before they caught their next flight to Phoenix. From there they flew to Seattle, then they spent and hour on a small plane to Port Angeles. Waiting for them at the small airport was another town car provided by Aro. They drove to a small two story house. Aro had wanted to provide them with a much larger house, but Renee refused saying that he had did more than enough for them.

The sides of the house were painted in white with black trimmings. Two cars were parked in the curved drive. One was a black Avalon limited, and the other red Yaris sedan. When she saw the two cars, Renee sighed. Sometimes she wished could just strangle Aro. “Bella which car do you want?”

“Mom, what do you think? Of course I’m gonna take the red one. Red is one of my favorite colors, you shouldn‘t even have to ask.” She rolled her eyes. “Do you think Aro had the movers unpack for us?”


“What do you mean there were other vampires here?” Carlisle looked at Edward.

“I heard them say they had to unpack, but besides that, that is all I heard. But Carlisle I was able to get a look at them and I think we have something to fear.”

“What could be worse than others settling down here?” Rosalie asked.

“I didn’t say they were settling down, I said they thought they had to unpack. But their eyes were red.” Esme gasped.

“Alice, sweetheart, how could you not see this.” Esme asked softly.

“I don’t know.” If the pixie like girl could cry, she would.

“What do you think the wolves will do?” Jasper hesitantly asked.

“They’ll kill them if they hunt a human. Then we’ll probably get blamed.” Emmett pouted.

“Well they strange thing was I went back to the house and there was no one there. All the stuff was unpacked but no one was there.”

“Well we’ll look for new people at school tomorrow.” Alice reasoned. All the vampires in the living room had worried looks on their faces.


“We must make sure these new vampires don’t attack anyone. You said they were different from the Cullens?” Billy addressed Sam.

“Yeah, their eyes were different. Instead of the black or even gold, like the Cullen’s, their eyes were crimson.”

“Contact the blood-suckers and get them to agree to try to prevent one of these new ones from attacking humans. They will have one chance to prove they can maintain their hunger.” Billy ruled. “It’s a good thing I had you guys enrolled in school this year. Look around tomorrow and see if there are any new students and report back to me. If they are vampires don’t try to approach them.” The pack boys nodded in agreement.


“Bella you take the room upstairs and I’ll take the one downstairs. It was so kind, but annoying of Aro to unpack for us.”

“Mom, he’s just trying to be kind. Besides Gianna and their food, we’re really the only human contact he has. His family died out a long time ago. I’m sure when they were alive he doted on them. I’m going to bed. I have school tomorrow. Ugh.” Bella groaned.

She went upstairs to her new room, changed into her pajamas and slid beneath the covers. Instantly she was back in the alleys of Volterra pinned against the stone wall being raped. She tossed and turned all through the night.

Grey light streamed through the curtains when Bella’s alarm went off. She shot out of bed, her body covered in a sheen of sweat. She threw the cover off her body and went to her closet. Quietly she open the door began to get ready for school. After she was dressed in black and white stripped hoodie, with a pair of jeans. She slipped on a pair of white flats with little red skulls on them. Instead of pulling her hair up in a ponytail, she decided to wave it, so she would have something to hide behind, if she became uncomfortable. She ran down the stair hoping her mom wasn’t up. It wasn’t all that comfortable to face her anymore. Her mother was always asking how she was. It annoyed Bella. She quickly ate a bowl of cereal and brushed her teeth.

Bella went to her new car and smiled. Aro was always promising her a new car. Her car started without a problem. She plugged in her ipod and selected Aiden’s album Conviction. As she drove to Forks High, she sang along to the music. She pulled into the brick building labeled Main Office. She went inside.

“Hello, I’m Isabella Swan, I’m new…”

“Oh you’re the new girl. Here’s your schedule and a map of the school. Oh you’ll also need to have your teachers sign this paper and bring it back here after the day. Have a good day sweetie.”

“Uh, thanks.” Bella said. She turned out of the office and back to her car. The first class she had was History. She sat by herself in the class, the teacher started to hand out the syllabus; she looked over what they would be doing and sighed most of this stuff she already knew. Next they went around saying their names. All the students knew each other, but she had to endure introducing herself and the countless questions that came with being new. She let out a breath of relief when the bell rang. She moved on to her next class. Biology was so much better. There weren’t any introductions, the teacher just went straight to reviewing the syllabus and they took a quiz over what they knew. The test lasted for the entire period.

“Hi, I’m Jessica.” The girl sitting next to her introduced herself.


“Bella would you like to join me and my friends for lunch?” Bella just nodded.

Together they walked to the cafeteria. For her lunch Bella selected juice and a slice of pizza. They walked over and sat down at a table packed with people. She looked up a noticed five beautifully pale people. The only people she had seen that beautiful were vampires. Her breath caught; automatically she knew what they were. “Oh, I see you noticed the Cullens.” Jessica remarked. Talk at the table stopped as people threw careless glances at them. “They always sit by themselves.”

“They’re also dating each other.” Lauren bitterly stated. “Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen. Edward doesn’t date, trust me we all tried. Hey Jake.” She said to a new comer. Jessica noticed Bella’s confused look.

“Emmett, Alice, and Edward are adopted by Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme. Jasper and Rosalie are twins; Esme has had them since they were eight. She’s their Aunt.” Jessica explained.

“I thought we agreed we weren’t going to talk about the Cullens.” A new voice complained.

“Sam, Bella was interested. What else were we suppose to do?” They all saw Alice’s mouth move, and her siblings look at her with confused looks.


“It’s her.” Alice whispered. Her family looked at her confused.

“Who is she Alice?” Edward asked.

“Oh, umm….she’s the new girl.” Alice became flustered.

“Alice sweetheart are you okay? You look paler than normal.” Jasper asked worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Excuse me.” She moved fluidly from her seat to the garbage can and dumped her tray. Her family went back to talking to each other so they never noticed.

Alice walked over to where Bella was sitting, the cafeteria became silent. Shock was plastered on everyone’s face. She walked right up to Bella and surprised everyone even more. She hugged the girl. Only the wolves and her family heard what she whispered to Bella. “Don’t worry. They’ll die soon. I promise they will never hurt us again.” She looked into the girl’s eyes. Bella knew automatically what she was talking about. Tears formed in her eyes.

Alice wrapped her arms around the crying girl murmuring words of comfort. The cafeteria remained silent, as she gathered the girl up and escorted her out of the room. Her family got up to follow their crazy sister.