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Endless Destiny

This is what I think Jacob would feel if he had imprinted on Bella and she still left with Edward.


1. Endless Destiny

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Endless destiny

Together an eternity

Loves magic touch

Life stops in the rush

All you see is your love

Standing there

Nothing else but them

Life has lost all other meaning

All you see is destiny unfold

All the glory is told

You have to understand

You have lost all control

Sure it seems small

Like nothing at all

But you will never understand

Until it happens

You look and see

The one you were meant to be

Nothing else matters

You would do anything in your powers

To make your love happy

Sadly you can’t

They have someone else

Too happy to care

Don’t see you stand there

Life has lost it all

You want to curl into a ball

And cry

I want to die without you

You end up some where else

Misery your only company

And you have learned

To live and let live

There are more people out there

You have family, friends

At least you used to

They have all gone away

To see you never again

They left you

They had no choice

They have lives as well

And even if they still love you

They went to be happy

They went so you could be alone

They went, many years ago

How long have you been here?

Why did you never leave?

Will you ever get a life?

Will you ever get out of here?

Do you even care?