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What Bella might have said when James was hunting her.


1. Hunter

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I open my eyes to find

A demon staring back at me

I screamed in despair

Where was my angel?

This was not him

Even with a voice like honey

A smell that beats sugar

This was a cold blooded killer

I ran to the door

But he beat me

I try to get away

But he was faster

There was no escape

The eyes of my killer

Were blacker than night

I had no chance

He wanted me dead

I had done nothing to him

He saw me, he knew

I was to be dead

But in reality,

He’s just so sadistic

He lives for the hunt

And today, I’m the prey

It doesn’t matter what I say

I’ll die here

Tell my love that I’m sorry

I don’t want him to seek revenge

Just let me die peacefully

I want you to live

Don’t go kill yourself

Live and be happy

I know it will be hard

But I know you can

Find someone new to love

But don’t go for revenge

That’s what he wants

Don’t you see?

Just remember this

I love you no matter what happens

I’ll always love you